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My Big Fat Warrior Wedding, Part 2 (Inuyumi knows! Rescue the real bride!) is an upcoming episode of the Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation series.


Following from the previous episode, Everyone gets upset with Inuyumi after she tries to tell the truth about Hitomi's true side which backfires and leaving Inuyumi rebuked. However, when Hitomi appears in front Inuyumi, while she was alone, Hitomi attacks her, which does actually turns out to be the fake one, and seals her underneath the castle in the Neverknown dungeon (Azure Dungeon in english dub). Inuyumi gets trapped and attacks nonstop, until she spots the real bride. They race to escape from the dungeon in order to stop the wedding, when they stopped the false wedding, the real Hitomi reveals that the fake one is acually a warrior in disguise. This warrior reveals that she wants to destroy the kingdom (In english dub, she wants to take over the kingdom) and the only way to defeat her is to create The Legend's Circle (The Power of One in english dub.)



Songs Featured in episode[]


The Rebel Rockers Terry, Mia & Antonio sing "Everyday Fun"

Song ft. Skylar, Falcon and Inuyumi in dub

Featured Warriors[]

  • Hydreigona
  • Alomomolalla (Hitomi's)