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My Lack Of Education
Format Slice Of Life
Director(s) Yutaka Yamamoto
No. of episodes 13
Run time 22 min.
Rated TV-14
Animation Studio Studio Deen
Network Tokyo MX

My Lack Of Education is a slice of life anime series made by Studio Deen.


A high school boy name Tamaki enters into high school with his childhood friend Hana. But the problem is that Tamaki lacks the talent of learning, due to that he often didn't attend elementary school for too long as a kid. After failing an exam, he meets another girl Kanon, who at first didn't want to help him, but decides to do so after she realized he lacks learning. She then becomes Tamaki's tutor to teach him how to get better at homework and more in high school. However, Hana is more jealous at Kanon, since she fears that Kanon is harassing Tamaki very badly.


  • Tamaki: A boy who lacks education, and has a child like personality. He cries when someone harasses or yells at him. But he does get help from Kanon to learn stuff about high school.
  • Hana-Chan: Tamaki's childhood friend who protects him from danger or anyone trying to hurt him. She's a more kind girl who takes care of her friend. She only acts jealous to Kanon, when she harasses Tamaki.
  • Kanon: A girl who has a Tsundere personality, and is Tamaki's tutor who teaches him about homework and more.
  • Kaito: One of Kanon's friends, who is a moronic girl making fun of Tamaki's lack of education.
  • Yōkina: One of Kanon's friends, a very talented girl who gets a very high grade.
  • Cristal: Tamaki and Hana's only other friend from their childhood. She's a more cuter student who loves to smell flowers, and give Tamaki luck on his grades.
  • Principal Luna: The female principal of the high school.