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My Parents are Spies?! (私の両親はスパイです?!, watashi no ryochika wa spi desu ? !) is an anime rated for tweens & teens. It is created Katie Glight, and is due to air by February 2022.



Matsumoto Asahi (まつもと あさひ)[]

The main protagonist of the series, is a caring boy who loves food (specifically pork dumplings). He has a happy-go-lucky attitude, but is nosy and doesn't know what someone means if they want to be left alone. He hates when people keep secrets from him though, as he guesses that they think he's not trustworthy.

Matsumoto Jomei (まつもと じょうめい)[]

Asahi's dad, a kind man who is protective of those he cares about. He covers his job as a spy as being a chef, and works part-time at a restaurant named 'Cute Dumplings'. He works full-time, usually, as a spy for The Secret Agency.