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Neptunia English Logo
English Logo
Format Action, Comedy, Magical Girl, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Music Masahiro Andoh

Isamu Ohira

Run time 24 min.
Rated TV-Y7 (Cut Toonami version)



Animation Studio Xebec
Network TV Tokyo
English Network Anime Network


First aired November 17, 1996
Last aired June 21, 1998

Neptunia is a 90's anime series based on the "Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation" made by Xebec that lasted from 1996-1998.

Neptunia Japanese Logo

Japanese Logo




  • Neptune/Purple Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Luci Christian
  • Noire/Black Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Monica Rial
  • Blanc/White Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Wendee Lee
  • Gris/Gold Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Lara Jill Miller
  • Nepgear/Purple Sister
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Rachael Lillis
  • Rommy/White Sister
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Jessica Boone
  • Peashy/Yellow Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Sandy Fox
  • Plutia/Iris Heart
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Tiffany Grant
  • K-Sha
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Kira Vincent-Davis
  • C-Sha
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Christine Auten
  • S-Sha
Japanese: (TBA)
English: Philece Sampler


  • Originally Pioneer/Geneon USA was going to produce the English dubbing, but it was decided to be dubbed by ADV Films instead.
  • Some certain characters were replaced by new characters due to the consoles or video game companies they are based on didn't exist until years later.
  • Some of the songs are reused from Masahiro Andoh's 1996 solo album "Andy's".

TV Airings[]

Unlike the Anime Network airings where it's uncensored, Toonami airings censor scenes featuring nudity and some of the swearing.