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Story so Far......[]

King Aster and Yuko arrive at Emperion then without saying a word, the king leads the young boy through the thick forest then they arrive at what looks to be village. "This Way" said Aster as he walks by until they a large castle comes into veiw. They go inside.

Talk Mode[]

King Aster: Welcome to my hope Yuko, this place will also be your home at lest until I say otherwise.

Yuko: I'm sorry I'm so confused, who are you?

King Aster: *laughs* Where are my manners, I'm Aster the king of this world.

Yuko: I see. How did you know about me?

King Aster: I received a message from the keydareins asking me to take you in, basicly I'm here to train you and prepare you for the Mutant world.

Yuko: The mutant world?

King Aster: Why yes, humans and mutants have lived together for years. However mutants tend to live in their own worlds rather than in the real world for you see, humans fear mutants and see them as weapons of death rather than people.

Yuko: *amazed* OH! So that's why I can't go back to my old home!

King Aster: That's right it's sad I know *smiles* but don't worry, a bright and shining future awaits you and it's up to me to get you ready for it.

Yuko: *smiles* King Aster first I would like to thank you for taking me under your wing, you just gave me a great idea.

King Aster: Oh? What's this idea of yours?

Yuko: I am now a hero or soon to be a hero, so I'm going to create an organization dedicated to fighting evil, keeping the peace between worlds and most importantly ensure a great future for all.

King Aster: *laughs* Amazing! I've never thought of such a thing! However what would it be called? Do you have a name?

Yuko: I do it shall be named the Guardians of the Mysitcal World!

RPG Mode[]

And so with this new idea and a great teacher to help him out, Yuko readys himself for his training and soon very soon, this idea will become a reality.