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Ninja Saga
Created by Pandora (alias)
Writer(s) Pandora (alias)
Director(s) Pandora (alias)
No. of episodes 25 (first Season)
Run time 30 min. an episode
Rated TV-13
English Network G4, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim
First aired October 20th, 1999

Ninja Saga is a popular anime based on the manga of the same name by the mysterious artist/animator Pandora . It follows the events in the life of Kasuki Roko, a young ninja in a odd, steampunk based enviroment. Ninja Saga had two movies, Ninja Saga: For Answer, and Ninja Saga: Wrath of the Jinn, along with a TV special, Ninja Saga: The First Shinobi. In 2012 the series's first three seasons will be remastered in Ninja Saga Origins. Ninja Saga ran on multiple networks before being canceled after the sixth season. The other three will be remastered in DVD and Blue-Ray form.


Kasuki Roko was always the oddball, always the one left out. Even when his poor family finally wins the chance to send him off to the Shinobi Academy, he is still different. It's only when he meets Joy, a fellow student, and Cade, does he learn that something is wrong with the world.

Searching the library, he discovers the Dragon Blade, a weapon of ancient power locked away. However, the current Warlord Tsu is searching for it, and when he discovers Kasuki and his friends have it, things quickly leap out of control...

Jinn Tien[]

Following the original story arc (Seasons 1-3), Ninja Saga follows a new adult Kasuki, who is a full ninja and protects the land. However, an ancient spell comes into affect, releasing a dark wizard Risto, and allowing him to summon the being known as Jinn Tien, the most powerful being in the universe.

Now, Kasuki, along with some old (and new) friends, he confronts Jinn Tien, who proves to be every bit as deadly as Risto claims. Now, Kasuki must embark on a journey to increase his powers further.

The Jinn Tien story arc lasted for three more seasons before the show was canceled in 2004. It was remastered and released on DVD in 2007, and in 2009, the final movie, Wrath of the Jinn, was released.