Nintama Rantarō the Movie: Wrong Dimension (劇場版 忍たま乱太郎 間違った寸法の段 Gekijō-ban Nintama Rantarō Machigatta sunpō no dan?) is a 2015 Japanese animated adventure comedy war drama film directed by Hideo Kurosawa, produced by Michiyo Yamada, Yoshiaki Yanagida, Kunio Yamada and Yoshihisa Yamashita and written by Satoshi Suzuki. It was produced by NHK and Ajia-do Animation Works and distributed by Warner Bros. Japan.

The film premiered in Tokyo on September 7, 2015 and was released by Warner Bros. Japan on September 10, 2015 to mixed to positive reviews.


In 1942, it was business as usual in the Ninjutsu Academy as our heroes wade through their adventures, activities, money, food or playing.

Meanwhile in the previous year on December 7, the Imperial Japanese Navy begins its attack on Pearl Harbor. The US Pacific Fleet suffers severe damage in the surprise attack, and most of the defending airfields are obliterated before they are able to launch fighters to defend the harbor. US Army soldiers David Fox, Kevin Fox and William Fox manage to take off in P-40 fighter planes, and are able to shoot down several of the attacking planes. They later assist in the rescue of the crew of the capsized USS Oklahoma, but are too late to save the crew of the sinking USS Arizona.

The next morning, drill instructor Tommy Stone informed the three Foxes and their fellow soldiers about the Ninjutsu Academy, an academy that was founded by the headmaster Heiji Uzumasa Ookawa and is still active since near the end of the Muromachi period.

The next year, back in 1942, as Hemu-Hemu rings the school bell in alert and an air raid siren occurs, the United States Army show up raiding and destroying the Ninjutsu Academy with their specially modified B-25 Mitchell bombers in a surprise attack, shocking everyone inside it and making them storm out of the academy in panic.

With the Ninjutsu Academy gone, it's up to Rantarō, Kirimaru and Shinbei to escape the clutches from the dreaded United States Army and their bombers to get the academy back, with the help of Yuki, Tomomi, Shige and Hemu-Hemu. Former L.A. jazz singers Alina Sims, Erin Lewis and Heather Cunningham serve as their assistants, too.


First Year Ha Class

Original characters

  • Josh Keller as First Lieutenant David Fox, whose goal is to make the Ninjutsu Academy speak English or surrender to them.
  • Howard Colefield as First Lieutenant Kevin Fox, brother of David Fox and a US Army soldier.
  • Laurier Tiernan as First Lieutenant William Fox, half-brother of David Fox and Kevin Fox.
  • Maxwell Powers as Second Lieutenant Arnold Campbell, a US Army soldier.
  • Jeff Manning as Second Lieutenant Owen Rogers, a US Army soldier.
  • Bill Sullivan as Second Lieutenant Dave Stewart, a WWII soldier. While Stewart holds Rantaro and Kirimaru at gunpoint, he was killed by Hemu-Hemu via a shuriken.
  • Misty Lee as Abby Stewart, daughter of Dave Stewart.
  • Mark Hamill as Kai Thomas, a US Army soldier.
  • Harrison Ford as Andrew Dean, a US Army soldier.
  • Rumiko Varnes as Alina Sims
  • Bianca Allen as Erin Lewis
  • Christelle Ciari as Heather Cunningham
  • Peter von Gomm as Tommy Stone, a Houston-born US Army drill instructor.
  • Harrison Ford as Liam Sawyer, a US Army soldier.
  • Barry Gjerde as Thomas Sawyer, father of Liam Sawyer and a US Army soldier.
  • Kelvin Barnes as Stanley Ross, an Australian-born US Army soldier.
  • Eric Kelso as Eric Oates
  • Eric Kelso as Jack Kelso
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