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Noonbory and the Super 7 (anime style) is an anime version of the childish show Noonbory and the Super 7 (cartoon version formerly aired on Cookie Jar Kids Network and Cookie Jar TV/KEWLopolis. Future airs in Nick Jr.) The anime version currently airs on Right Stuf Network..

Noonbory and the Super 7 (anime style)
Format Anime series
Created by Minosuki
Writer(s) Minosuki

MaeManuel1 (in middle of Season 1)

Director(s) Minosuki

MaeManuel1 (in middle of Season 1)

No. of episodes 39
Run time 15
English Network Right Stuf Network

Main Characters[]

Noonbory: Noonbory is the titular character, and is the leader of the Super 7. When there is problems, his Common Sense can bring out the solutions. He has a grandfather named Hanubi and a sidekick (pet?) named Mamby. He has a catchphrase called "Lets make super sense of this!". He may have strong feelings for Jetybory. His sense is Common Sense.

Jetybory: Jetybory is the smallest Superbory. She is able to lose her temper at times, and is the most sensitive of all the Superborys. She is sometimes a tomboy and is able to hear things with her ear-like ponytails.She sometimes hang out with Noonbory and it hints that she may have a crush on him and so may he. Her sense is Sound.

Lunabory: Lunabory is able to see things far away, even invisibility, such as Dozegury's invisible form.She also has a catchphrase named "Seeing is Believing!" then activating her supersight. Lunabory used to have a crush on Totobory when she was 10 years old, but she decided to break up with him and since she turned 12, she has a crush on Lukybory. Her sense is Sight, and her symbol is a yellow heart.

Cozybory: "Cozybory sure is cozy!" Cozybory is the least sensitive of all superborys, and loves small things such as the Kidborys. She is able to feel even from far away. She may be in love with Pongdybory and so may he. Her sense is Touch.

Totobory: Totobory is Noonbory's right-hand Superbory, because he stays with him on missions sometimes. Totobory apparently dislikes bitter tree bark and loves honey, yet he doesn't eat so much as that could be....well, too much! He is able to taste things with his tentacle-like leaves without digesting them. He once had a crush on Lunabory, but since then, he decided to break up with her and now he has a crush on the new bory, Pink-Aru. His sense is Taste, and his symbol is four orange circles. Totobory is a fine and brave and hungry bory.

Pongdybory: Pongdybory is the semi-last lineup of the Superborys. He is able to smell things from even far away, but is allergic to flowers, especially Tooba-Achooba flowers.His secret crush is Cozybory and dreams that they would both go on a date together. His sense is Smell. Pondgybory is allergic of sniffly flowers.

Mamby: Mamby is Noonbory's sidekick, he can turn into things like route directors and a food container. He can also stretch into a trampoline. Mamby Can Whistle and Not Speak.

Pink-Aru: A cute little bory who may be Noonbory's little sister, and Totobory's crush. Her head is egg-shaped and she has discovered she has a superpower, which is something she progressively learns about. Her sense is unknown as of yet. Her symbol is a yellow swirl.

Lukybory: Lukybory is a fast-ahead bory, who wishes to be part of the Superbory team. Yet, Noonbory says he is part of the superbory team as well. He actually has a sense, called Nonsense, which, as a result of this, causes quite many problems. Lukybory may be in love with Lunabory, because of her big heart and her beautiful sharp eyes but Lukybory is too shy to admit it to her.

Major Characters[]

Kikibory: Kikibory is Lukybory's sister, who, unlike Lukybory, actually has a super power, which is a super shriek. However, she once abused it for the fun of it. It appears that she has no sense. Her close friend is Roseygury.

Beebees: The Beebees are just like a bee, except, unlike other bees,they never sting. They live in a beehive and sometimes deliver food to the Borys. Wangury, in the animated cartoon version, took advantage of them for honey due to Lukybory accidentally revealing where the honey is.

Bakerbory: He is usually the one who makes all the food all over Toobalooba. His food is almost always taken by villains, mainly Wangury.

Dotoris: The Dotoris are small creatures similar to acorns. They love to play,and their acorn hats come in different colors. But they can be a little mischievous, sometimes.They are as small as Mamby.

Hanubi: Hanubi is Noonbory's grandfather. He has many spells to use. He got a magic staff from the magic tree outside of his workshop guarding the entrance. He can make mistakes with the spells, however.

More to come soon!

Minor characters[]

Cabbagebory - Cabbagebory is a small bory, named after the vegetable Cabbage. Due to this,it appears that he can be mistaken for food (he says he's not food.) such as the six little Wangurys.

Farmerbory - Farmerbory is the farmer of Toobalooba, and as such owns a farm, where he plants vegetables and fruits such as pumpkins. He pulls out weeds from the farm daily.It appears Cabbagebory lives in Farmerbory's farm.

Doctorbory - Doctorbory is Toobalooba's doctor. She is the only one who is respected by Wangury. Toobalooba has its own diseases, such as Singeritis first coming from Coldygury, which then spread to Lukybory, Wangury, and Cozybory.

Breadbory - Breadbory is often not in many episodes. Hence his name,he resembles a piece of bread,strangely with a chopped carrot for his nose.It appears that Breadbory lives with Bakerbory and he is a close friend to Lunabory when he was helping her find Coco-Looba Nuts in the Looba-Rainforest. Like Lukybory, it hints that he may have a crush on Lunabory, as well.


Wangury - Wangury is an evil mastermind of pirates with his minions Taegury and Mungury. He has plans to conquer Toobalooba and is the main villain in the series. He caught a case of Love Sickness once and fell in love with Cozybory.

Coldygury - Coldygury does not act like a villain,however,thanks to his ability, (can throw snowballs out of his hat until it runs out) he is known as another villain in the series. Coldygury will melt if he isn't in Winter.

Rosygury - She also doesn't act like a villain, however, since her plants are quite easy to run down, she attacks "anybory or anygury" with vines if they are responsible. She is also quite bossy and wants to play and do everything quick, but deep down inside of her, she is very nice, sweet and very senstive. She even confused a Dotori for a flower face. She may have a huge crush on Noonbory like Jetybory.

Dozegury - Unlike Coldygury and Rosygury, Dozegury is another evil villain in the series.A flying dragon that can turn invisible and even turn something like a stone into something else like a Noonbory double (as seen in Double Trouble in the cartoon series) using a rhyme (similar to Hanubi). However his invisibility is no match for Lunabory.


Character Japanese Voice Actor English Voice Actor
Noonbory Yuichi Nakamura  
Jetybory Yukari Tamura  
Lunabory Mamiko Noto  
Cozybory Yui Horie  
Totobory Ikue Ohtani  
Pongdybory Yosuke Hanamura