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Ohka Hideyoshi
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Birth Date

February 2






5 ft. 8 in.


120 ibs.



Blood type



School of Mountains


White Belt

Shomei Kinou (Signature Ability)

Gravitational Manipulation


Budou - Episode 1

Ohka Hideyoshi is a fellow student and rival of Ichiro Kojiro at the School of Mountains. Ohka is shown to be very skilled for somebody at the rank of white belt, a prodigy to say the least. Ohka can easily learn strong techniques with very few lessons because he is keen and highly perceptive.


Ohka appears to be an older teenage boy of average height with a slightly lean build. He is much like Ichiro Kojiro in his appearance safe for the fact that he has light brown hair and light blue eyes while Ichiro has dark brown hair and darker blue eyes. Ohka like the other students at the School of Mountains wears a traditional karate gi on a regular basis.


Ohka is described to a very snobbish boy. He is said to be full of pride and believes himself to be on top while everybody is on the bottom. Ohka isn't afraid to disrespect a higher-ranking fighter and isn't afraid to put his money where his mouth is either. Ohka loves making jokes and insults at the expense of others and be rather scornful at times.


Not much is really known about Ohka's history but it said that he too is an orphan like the other white belts at the School of Mountain. When asked about his past, Ohka refuses to talk about it and will often shake off the question. Grandmaster Sekine comments that when they found Ohka he was already very skilled at using his abilites as a fighter.

Plot Involvement[]

Powers & Abilites[]

Strong Shiki: Like Ichiro, Ohka is said to have strong levels of energy. Unlike Ichiro however Ohka has already gained control over most of his energy and can use it fluently in combat.

Speed: Ohka is the fastest of all white belts in the School of Mountains and can quickly overwhelm any of his weaker opponents with his speed.

Gravitational Manipulation: Ichiro's signature ability is manipulate and control gravity. Upon finding Ohka, Grandmaster Sekine stated that he was already very experienced at using his ability and already had control over it. Ohka can use his skills at gravity manipulation to repulse enemies and even make himself lighter. Ohka can also use many techniques that go along with his gravity manipulation ability.