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This is a list of movie ideas based on the anime series Ojamajo Doremi


  1. Ojamajo Doremi: The Movie - This movie follows Doremi Harukaze and her friends as they embark on an extraordinary magical adventure. Facing a new threat to the magical world, the girls must use their powers, friendship, and determination to save the day. With high stakes and unexpected challenges, they discover the true meaning of magic and the strength that lies within them.
  2. Ojamajo Doremi: The Enchanted Chronicles - Doremi and her friends find themselves facing a new magical threat that puts both the human and magical worlds in peril. With their bond stronger than ever, they must unlock the secrets of an ancient prophecy and embark on an epic quest to save everything they hold dear.
  3. The Adventures of Ojamajo Doremi - A collection of episodic adventures featuring the main Witchlings, providing a broader look at their magical journeys.
  4. Ojamajo Doremi: Dance Revolution
  5. Ojamajo Doremi: Symphony Forever - The Witchlings embark on an adventure where they participate in a musical competition.
  6. Ojamajo Doremi and the Princess of Music - The Witchlings discover a magical realm where music holds great power, which is ruled by a princess who is able to cast magic by making music.
  7. Ojamajo Doremi: Life of the Seven Seas - The Witchlings embark on a nautical adventure, where they explore different seas and encounter new magical challenges.
  8. Ojamajo Doremi: Witchlings of the World
  9. Ojamajo Doremi: The Final Chapter

Crossover Movies[]

  1. Ojamajo Doremi: Lost in Wonderland (crossover with Alice in Wonderland) - Doremi and her friends are transported to Wonderland via a magic mirror and must find a way to get back home.
  2. Ojamajo Doremi and the Rescue of the Enchanted Princess (crossover with The Secret of NIMH and Dark Parables) - With the assistance of a new Witchling named Dominique Wallace, Doremi and her friends help Timmy Brisby rescue a magical princess and stop an evil queen who has been interfering with various fairy tales.
  3. Ojamajo Doremi and the Runaway Koopaling (crossover with Super Mario Bros) - Doremi and her friends find themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom, where they're informed that Ludwig Von Koopa, one of Bowser's mischievous children, has gone missing. So, the Witchlings embark on a mission to find him.
  4. Ojamajo Doremi: World of 1940's Animation - Doremi and her friends travel through time and find themselves transported to the 1940s, where they encounter animated characters from that era.