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Kingsly Shacklebolt is the now the Minister of Magic, taking after Fudge's death. The ever-going battle between the Dark Arts and the Wizardkind struggles onward, affecting not only the Wizarding world, but the -entire- world as well. The story features Francsico Domingo de Polonia, a Hit Wizard working for the ministry sent to capture the former Death Eater Saleos Tsar Heins.

Falmouth, Cornwall[]

Saleos Heins is seen walking through an alley of houses, carefully analysing the houses, looking into the windows. Some people who see him from inside their old, dark houses, instantly close their curtains.

Saleos: Slightly breaking singing voice Itsy bitsy spider...climbs up the water spout...down came the rain and washed the spider- he stops walking and stops infront of a small broken house -out... *got you...*

Saleos walks to the door with a faster pase and flicks his hand, wandlessly casting Alohomora to unlock the door. He pushes it open with his left forearm and stops inside at the doorstep. The house is dark with only the dim sunlight piercing through the cloudy sky from outside allowing itself in. Saleos reaches for his trouser pocket, and takes out an 8" handle of a wand. He holds it up as if he was about to duel, then a black wooden wand quickly extends from the handle like a switchblade. The tip of the now 14" wand starts to conjure a bright green orb of light that illuminates his surroundings, which is an old house filled with paintings hugging the walls and a burnt out chandelier dangling from above. He looks around and hears a creak from another room, he smiles and slowly begins to walk there, casting Incendio to light up the chandelier. In the other room he sees a rocking chair, and in it an aged man, in his late sixties, holding his hand up to cover his eyes from the light. He appears shocked when he sees Saleos.

Man: God is that you? How did you escape Azkaban?

Saleos: Things came up. It truly warms my heart that you remember me William Hurse. Took me a while to find you. Fleeing to the ends of England? Great way to hide yourself. But here's a tip, if you used to be a Death Eater, you might want to keep your wand on you at all times.

William: What do you mean? Why are you here?

Saleos: I'm here to show you that everyone will eventually get what they deserve.

William: Are you-wait, no, I'm sorry, please, I had to, he insisted that you lived, you never gave in, we only did it because your family loved you.

Saleos: All that pain you caused me. Now I only want to give it back.

William: No! Stop!

Saleos' wand light turns off, then he points his wand at William's face

Saleos: Slowly, with pain Avada Kedavera! A green light lights up the entire room as William's eyes close. Everything turns black...

At the Ministry of Magic[]

Ramon de Polonia, Arnold Peasegood and Alastor Gumboil were discussing the murders in several wizarding villages, the last attack was in Falmouth, pure-blood William Hurse and his family were killed, the bodies were untouched and unharmed, yet lifeless, there's only one explanation, the Killing Curse was used.

Arnold: It's unusual for pure-bloods to be targeted and killed, I'm sure this isn't the work of Death Eaters, perhaps a muggle-born who wants revenge?

Ramon: Arnie, Voldemort is dead, I think every muggle and muggle-born got their redemption, this is something else. I say it's a Death Eater, but I'm not sure why he is killing these people.

Alastor: Instead of wasting time we can go investigate instead. This game of guessing won't get us anywhere.

Ramon: raises his hand.

Ramon: I volunteer, leave this to me.

Alastor: de Polonia, if you find the assailant, please, no games.

Ramon disapparates out of the room.

An old pub in Knockturn Alley[]

Saleos, looking pale as ever, was sitting by the bar chugging down on what seems to be a cracked glass of green slime. The characters in the pub were dodgy-looking and mysterious, Saleos could've sworn he saw a man talking to his teapot, and if his ears didn't decieve him, it talked back. Outside the pub, two men in trench coats passed, both with their wands out, one entered the pub, while the other continued to walk past the door. The one who came in sat at the bar yet didn't order anything. He placed his wand on the bar and reached into his pocket, searching for something, most likely money for a drink. When the people in the pub saw his wand, they assumed he was dangerous, Saleos took this as a threat to tell everyone to back off. A shady man wearing a towel around his shoulder came in through the bathroom door behind the bar, he nodded at the bartender and smiled at the man who came in with his wand out. He then proceeded to walk up some stairs disappearing out of sight. This was the man Saleos hoped would be here.

Saleos: *Him and his boyfriend here seem to be the only owners of the pub. That's perfect.* Excuse me, refill everyone in here, on me, I just recenty got engaged. He smiles

Bartender: Right away, sir, right away!

Everyone holds their glasses up and grunts in a thankful manner towards Saleos. The bartender rushes to the back as if he would be paid a million galleons for this order. Saleos takes this time to walk behind the bar and up the stairs. The man in the trench coat watches him, but continues his drink. Upstairs, Saleos looks around and sees a slightly open door, and through the crack, a ray of light insinuating that the second owner was in there. Saleos walked up to the door, pulled out his wand, extended it, then slowly pushed open the door. The owner was looking in a mirror, and saw Saleos, he immediatly grew a face of horror, and turned to face him.

Owner: Heins!

Saleos: Working in The Creeping Caster? Hahaha! You'd think the stench of crushed caterpillar juice would cover your scent from the Ministry but no, there's always a way to track down an ex-Death Eater, no matter hard it is.

The man looks to the bed next to him, where his wand lies, he whips his hand to it but Saleos puts on an expression of hate and flicks his arm up, his wand aimed at him, he quickly whispers "Avada Kedavera" in a sinister voice, and a slit of green light causes a loud thump, as the owner's lifeless body hits the ground.

Saleos: Walks over to the body Goodbye my old friend.

Behind Saleos, the trench coat man rushed up the stairs, skidding to look through the open door. He sees Saleos standing next to the body and runs to the door frame. He appears shocked as he has his wand ready.

Trench Coat Man: Stop! By the Ministry of Magic you are under arrest!

Saleos: Oh no, Aurors.

The Auror lifts his wand, but before he could do anything, Saleos casts "Expelliarmus" and the Auror's wand whisks into the air, Saleos then says "Accio" and the wand flies into Saleos' free left hand. Saleos looks at the Auror's wand and smiles.

Saleos: On patrol? Interesting, what do you ex- Saleos is interrupted by the second Auror from before, who appeared at the doorway

Second Auror: Freeze! He aims his wand Confringo!

Saleos: Protego! The small fireball of Confringo is deflected by a white barrier in front of Saleos, then redirected to the wall, an explosion sends dust everywhere, and Saleos uses this to his advantage. Saleos holds the first Auror's wand at him, and his own wand at the second Auror Avada Kedavra! He shouts, as two induvidual beams of green light hit both the Aurors, dropping them both to the ground. Saleos had just performed two Killing Curses at once. He puffs with fatigue then apparates away.

Investigations at the Creeping Caster[]

The air shrieks, followed by a faint POP sound as a portal manifests itself in the empty space between the walls of Knockturn Alley and the Creeping Caster. The dark wizards and witches were apparently waiting for Aurors, but knowing the danger and complexity of the situation the ministry decided to send its best, Hit Wizards.

Ramon: Prior Incantato! Without issuing a warning, the wizard in the military-like robes casts a Reverse-spell Effect to relieve the situation that happened early this same morning.

A bright deep gold beam surged from his wand and into the ceiling, encircling the pub like a cobweb. Faded images of the few past events started to sequence in a manner similar to an old movie tape.

Ramon: This is it.

The next event was of a wizard starting a barfight, in the next few minutes heated spell casting takes place which ended up in the hooded felon using a forbidden curse and killing one of the bartenders.

Ramon: *Lifetime in Azkaban. Just wait until I get my hands one you.*

Ramon: Peasegood, we need to start getting wanted posters issued for this criminal immediately, no-one is safe if such a skilled murderer is on the loose. We start serious investigations soon after.