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. This is my Originals OC

Angelo Andaluz


Johann, Jack, Angelo





Date of Birth

May 21, 2001


Parañaque City, moved to London


Enhanced physical attributes connected to emotions, Potential empathetic energy projection



Angelo is short, and abit toned boy with black or brown eyes. He only has smooth black hair, which he side combs alot, but he sometimes uses gel to make it have a good messy look. Since he's 14 he has slight facial hair, basically a small stache, small, non noticeable stache, You can identify him, being the shortest. At the height of 5'3.1/2", Angelo is short and can easily be mistaken for a grade schooler. Clothing-wise, usually wears a Naruto Shippuden jacket, a white Avengers: Age of Ultron t-shirt, with black medium sleeves, darkish blue Jagger pants and white umbros shoes. he also has a bit of tanned skin.


Angelo in a short description: He is shy, imaginative, smart, smart mouthed sometimes, short-tempered, depending on how day went and what happened, sensitive, protective, friendly, unnervingly generous, funny and loner. His imagination stems from nearly anything a 14-year old could think of. His smartness comes from seeing how fictional chracters react, adapting it and boredom. His short-temper comes from the fact he feels resented, becuase he's not good at speaking his native language, Filipino, also homework, friends who don't know how to lay off, shit he has to hear everyday and the fact it feels like he can't get a girl to like him. His sensitivity came from his self consciousness and after being made fun of by an entire classroom, causing him to be easily offended. His protective side came from his entire family on how they're willing to protect him, he defends other people, especially for things they did not do. His friendly side came from not wanting to be alone anymore, giving advice to others, no matter how bad they treated him. His generosity came from the fact he always has people borrowing stuff from him and his beliefs as a Catholic. The funny side came from many influences. His loner side came from feeling many hints of betrayal and resent, as he feels guilty after a big incident happened. He can hide all the negative aspects of him. He is also extremely self conscious. He is also thankful for what he has.


Born to a middle class Filipino family, he lived a decent life, good grades, good family. Until puberty hit him. After failing his final tests at fifth grade, he wanted to redeem himself by taking a summer bridging course, but left behind his friends and a girl he liked. When he entered highschool early he became extremely nervous, but it wasn't all bad, grade seven wasn't hell. But as the eighth grade struck it hit him hard like a brick, but he had many figures of influence to guide him. Now here we are Nineth grade, a grade where being the generous man behind the scenes was hard, but prosperous, even though he's uncredited for most things, he was still happy as he finally socialized with others. Videogames and Skype were his mines of gold, but once as one of his friends, who no matter he couldn't hurt back, finally did, he did it so hard, it felt good, but like every fight he started he felt guilty afterwards. After focusing his anger he made his own fighting style and is now a force to be reckoned with.



*Enhanced physical attributes: His powers caused him to be like fiction's most powerful super humans, and not super powers, like having the strength speed, that stuff, combine him with all of them and you get that.

*Momentume increase: He's simply unstoppable, not unkillable or immortal, unstoppable.

*Empathetic Thermoregulation: The angrier he gets the hotter he becomes, the much more cocky he gets the colder it becomes.

*Potential Empathetic Energy: He has a reddish energy, that surrounds him when he gets really angry, making his strength comapreable to a monster, thinking about it makes him more angry, as he hates being called a beast. He can shoot energy, or sustain temporary flight, the possibilities are endless.


*Very creative: He can get pretty creative with what he can do, extending from using the force of his strength to punch to make bridges, catapult himself into the air by punching the ground or thinking Gta 5 style.

*Can not be easily noticed: He can't be noticed that much.