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Vincent Huynh


Vinh, Vince, Pyro, Hunter





Date of Birth

April 7, 2002







This is my OC for TheSuperiorOne's RP Series: Originals.



Vincent is tall, somewhat toned boy with brown eyes. His black hair is curly and is usually kept combed to his right, but he sometimes slicks over to the left and alternates between the two sides for no real reason. Since he's only 13, he's got no facial hair, and wears a set of black, thick-rimmed glasses with red sides. You can always identify him by his red hooded jacket that he always wears, no one knows why, not even Vincent himself. At the height of 5'8", Vinh is a very tall, and can be easily mistaken for an adult. Clothing-wise, he wears that above mentioned red hoodie, with a t-shirt, skinny jeans, and a set of high-top sneakers with some red coloring to them.


Vincent in a nutshell: Shy, creative, smart/smart-mouthed, rebellious, and short-tempered. Vinh has always been a shy person, one to follow and not lead. His creativity stems from spending lots of time on the internet or just observing stuff in life. Not exactly a an idiot, Vince is a smart guy, able to learn geometry with relative ease while still in the Eighth grade. However, sometimes this high intellect leads him to smart-mouth other people and piss off people. Rebellious and short-tempered, Vincent picked up these traits as he was growing up with lots on his plate: a father who had a stroke, bullies, homework, a stressed mother, and little to none time for personal enjoyment. He had to help out as much as he could around the house, and had hours of homework every night. School didn't help much, harsh teachers, annoying and weird classmates, rejection from crushes, and unbearable bullies. As a means of escape, he chose to draw, listen to music, and go to the internet where he assumed an entirely different persona who was a badass that had no fears. Part of the reason Vincent's powers were fire-based was because of his fiery personality. He is a friendly person once you get past the harsh exterior though, with a kind and caring side.


Born to a Vietnamese family, Vincent lived a decent life, good grades, good family. It wasn't until he entered middle school that life went downhill. About halfway through his Sixth Grade year, his father had a stroke, and he lived in the hospital for Thanksgiving break. His grandmother had to live with him until his father was deemed okay of being discharged from the hospital, and his mother stayed with his father in there so they could understand what he was saying, or at least attempt to. Seventh Grade wasn't much better. At least his mom and dad could live in their home, but the homework just kept piling on and on. His smarts had gotten him accelerated classes, which had more homework. Puberty was causing him to have all sorts of awkward changes, including a plethora of crushes. Dead serious, at least five or six girls. He admitted to one over the summer via text, and they stayed friends for awhile. While he was on some errands, the crush rejected him and they stopped being friends, which caused him to make sure that he would get a girlfriend when he had a stable job and a car.

So here he is, Eighth grade and prepared for loads of unbearably painful amounts of homework, rejection from more crushes, and a bunch of other depressing things. But, it wouldn't be all that bad, with his powers. He had always been fond of fire, and during a cold Christmas morning when Vince was 9-years old, he managed to manipulate the fire in the fireplace into a bigger flame, then shrinking it back down. At first, he thought it was his imagination, and simply went back to watching the movie that was on at the moment. During his Fifth grade year while he was being bullied, he got so mad that he let out a burst of fire at the bullies, burning their clothes to nothing but ash before breaking down and crying. When he realized what he did, he began training this power in secret by learning of ways to control and maintain this power. After taking inspiration from several video games, he created his signature fighting style that involved constructs and projectiles.

Powers/Abilities []


  • Fire/Thermal Energy Manipulation: Vinh absolutely enjoys using his ability to manipulate fire and create constructs. In addition to this, he can manipulate thermal energy to a certain extent, and uses this ability to heat up his punches and kicks. This ability allows Vincent to generate, manipulate, and absorb fire or thermal energy in order to do what he does. When creating constructs, they normally weigh nothing to him, and bend to his will in order to allow him to pull off his stylish, improvised combat style. His favorites to use are a longsword and a pair of pistols, but he can create others; for the reason he has guns, it's for easier aiming with small projectile attacks. Normally an attack-oriented power, Vincent can use it for defensive purposes or as a form of enhanced mobility. For enhanced mobility, Vinh changes into a swirling mass of fire and propels himself forward a certain distance, or can use the thermal energy to increase his movement to speeds that seem as though he teleported; these only last up to 3 meters of distance, and is great for running from bullies.
  • Fire/Thermal Constructs: Vinh has trained enough with his powers to create constructs that they could be classified as their own power. Vincent's fighting style involves using wide, sweeping arcs with his sword in order to catch multiple enemies in one strike, and it's heavily based on the fighting style of the Devil May Cry franchise. Using his longsword and guns constructs, he is able to cover quite a bit of ground in a fight. Some reports of Vincent's constructs have been show that he uses gauntlet constructs, despite the fact that he can already heat up his punches with thermal energy. Other reports say something about shuriken constructs, scythes, battle-axes, even a giant flaming hand. His constructs face a few limits: the limit of Vince's imagination and how much stamina he has at the moment. There are others I don't really feel like mentioning right now.
  • Smoke Manipulation: Though this power is limited, Vince has been known to use this ability to create smoke bomb distractions on his enemies, or use it to temporarily become smoke to dash out of the way of danger. Vince has also been known to use Smoke in his projectile attacks to increase its potency, and usually adds a non-lethal dose of it, only enough to cause someone to pass out.


  • High Amounts of Creativity: Vincent is a creative fellow, and tends to release this in the form of art sketches, or, if he's in combat, weapon constructs adapted to a certain situation.
  • Tendency to ALWAYS Wear Red: Not exactly a power, it's just a really peculiar ability of his. Somehow, no matter what he does, he is always able to wear some type of red clothing, regardless of what's happening.
  • Technology Proficiency: Not exactly a superpower or super-special ability, it's just a few things he picked up while accessing the internet on various devices. He's good with computers and such, but not too good.
  • Constant smart-mouthing: Doesn't really matter who it is, male or female, he will always manage to come up with some smart-mouthed remark for it. Usually for bullies, but sometimes directed to friends unintentionally. This ability tends to annoy girls and lead them off, which is fine since Vincent isn't planning on getting a girlfriend anytime soon.