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Osomatsu San ⭐️ Amazing Adventures is a series made by Last Queen Of Venus.
The story tells Septuplet brothers, Osomatsu, Komatsu, Jyushimatsu, Choromatsu, Karamatsu, Shichimatsu and Ichimatsu as they go through their daily lives as 20 year old virgin losers.


Osomatsu Matsuno (松野おそ松) is the eldest of the Septuplets. He is the brother whose interests are sex and money. He loves alcohol and women as well. He can be a jerk at times. His theme color is red. He gets along with Choromatsu because these two have red and green as their theme colors are red and green.
Komatsu Matsuno (松野小松) is the second oldest of the septuplets. His interest are video games and anime. He's either screaming at the tv all day or having his eyes glued to his iPhone. His theme color is orange. He gets along with Karamatsu because their colors are blue and orange.
Jyushimatsu Matsuno (松野十四松) is the third oldest of the septuplets. He is the happiest of the brothers. He enjoys playing baseball. Jyushimatsu can get to crazy. His theme color is yellow. He gets along with Ichimatsu because their theme colors are yellow and purple.
Choromatsu Matsuno (松野チョロ松) is the fourth oldest of the septuplets. He loves idols and reading manga. He's also the most responsible. His theme color is green.
Karamatsu Matsuno (松野カラ松) is the fifth oldest brother of the septuplets. He is a ladies man. He respects women a lot. It's to bad they all find him to be a creep. He's considered painful among others. He's the nicest of the brothers too. His theme color is blue.
Shichimatsu Matsuno (松野七松)is the sixth oldest of the septuplets. His interests are unicorns and sweets. He's as well a satanist. He really hates Komatsu with all his passion. Who knows why. Whatsoever the two absolutely hate eachother. His theme color is indigo.
Ichimatsu Matsuno (松野一松) is the youngest of the septuplet brothers. His interests are cats. This purple bean is depressed and is usually moody. He hates Karamatsu so much. His theme color is purple

Other Characters[]

Himeko Youseiko (養成校姫子) is a idol. She acts bitchy. All the boys treat her like a princess.
Totoko Yowai (弱いトト子) is a fish themed idol. She has a strong jealousy of Nyaa-chan as well as Himeko.
Nyaa Hashimoto (橋下ニャア) is a cat themed idol Choro is obsessed with.
Ikkakujuu Kagayaki (輝き一角獣) is a unicorn themed idol.
Iyami: (イヤミ) is a sales man with ugly ass teeth.
Chibita (チビ太) is a bald dude who serves alcohol to the brothers.
Kin (昨日) is a guy who hates the brothers.
Gin: (銀) is another guy who hates the septuplets.
Seidou: (聖堂) is another guy who hates the Septuplets.


(ジェム松) are seven girls who're named after gemstones and are friends.
Ruby: (ルビー) she's a girly girl who loves glitter and rainbows.
Amber: (アンバー) She's a skater girl.
Topaz: (トパーズ) She's a fashionable gyaru.
Emerald: (エメラルド) She's a shy girl that loves animals and flowers.
Sapphire: (サファイア) She's a fashionista who loves makeup and taking selfies.
Lapis Lazuli: (ラピスラズリ)She's a business woman who never smiles.
Amethytst: (アメジスト) She loves unicorns and sweets.

Episode List[]

Episode 1: Osomatsu San ⭐️ Amazing Adventures Appears: The boys here there're gonna air so they become idols to impress their audience

Episode 2: Loser heroes/Matsu Milk: The boys become Sendai heroes. The idol Matsunos have a swimming competition.

Episode 3: The despondency of Osomatsu San ⭐️ Amazing Adventures/We're gonna get jobs: Osomatsu tries to take interest in his brothers only for them to find him annoying. The boys try to find jobs only to be tricked into working as slaves.

Episode 4: Colorful Collection A series of random shorts and parodies. A girlfriend quiz is held in the Matsu's house. Kin, Gin and Seidou become heroes. Karamatsu has trouble getting some sleep. A certain scary dude keeps calling and asking the Matsu's their favorite scary movie.

Episode 5: This is our Princess Himeko/We'll become independent.