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Rinka and The Bullies (大ピンチ! 鈴花Vs.鈴花いじめっ子部!!, Dai Pinchi! Rinka tai Rinka Ijime-kko bu!, Big Trouble! Rinka vs. The Rinka Bully Club!!) is the 17th episode of the Pop'n Music Lapistoria Anime Series.

Series Name
Season 1, Episode 18
Written by Tomoe
Directed by Tomoe
Episode Guide
Worrysome Quartz
Rinka and The Allies

This episode's main character is centered on Rinka, as she and Tsugidoka have to fight the Rinka Bully Club.


After Rinka and her friends grab some Ice cream, she hears someone familiar...Its Hakume Busujima! And Hakume has some dangerous company too! What can Rinka do? Will she give in Defeat?! Will Tsugidoka win!?


The episode starts off with Tsugidoka getting ice cream from the ice cream polar, with Akane, Lapis, and Quartz. Manatsu thanks Retsu and Akane for a sweet treat, after Retsu has finished some training and Quartz's tasks. Retsu is exhausted from walking. and he sits on a bench.

When Rinka was walking down the streets with Hiumi, she heard a familiar voice which reminded her of a specific classmate. Rinka turns around and finds out that Hakume was with some 'new friends'. Hakume says that they are her friends, and they are not allowed to friend people who have 'worthless powers' (which relates to Rinka having florakinesis abilities). The Tsugidoka! group is pulled into this, when Manatsu seeks Rinka with a blond-haired girl. Manatsu inspects the girl, but its paused when she is shocked by Tae.

Hakume and her team challenges Rinka. If Hakume wins, she would bully Rinka until she couldn't take it anymore, but if Rinka wins, Rinka will force Hakume to regret her actions and reform the Rinka Bully Club into the Blossoming Friend Club. The battle commences, and Hiumi makes the first move. She uses her Cyrokinesis powers to create some icicles, and it aims at Hakume. Hakume jumps and dodges it, and Tae attacks Hiumi from behind. Manatsu creates a ball of light and kicks it to Hakume, as Hakume is hit.

Rein decides to use his purification spell, Soundful Delusion. The attack takes down Retsu, and Akane decides to take over for him. Fuga then attacks Rein head-on, but Ibara is behind him and Rein moves out of the way. Fuga uses Hurricane to attack Ibara, and it is successful. Ibara is hit by the attack, and then she kicks Akane with her knee, as Akane blocks the attack and uses her Cyrokinesis powers on Ibara. Rinka uses some of her florakinesis abilities, but she is hit by Ibara's vine attack, and the vines trap her. Retsu then tries to burn the vines as it works successfully, and Ibara is defeated.


Voice Cast[]


  • Retsu (CV: Shugo Nakamura)
  • Fuga (CV: Kent Itō)
  • Rinka (CV: Misaki Kuno)
  • Hiumi (CV: Saki Fujita)
  • Mimi (CV: Rie Murakawa)
  • Nyami (CV: Marina Goto)
  • Manatsu (CV: Eri Kitamura)
  • Hakume (CV: Natsume)
  • Akane (CV: Hinaki Yano)
  • Tae (CV: Mitsuki Saiga)
  • Rein (CV: Kazuki Yao)
  • Ibara (CV: Ikue Ōtani)


  • Retsu (CV: Chris Patton)
  • Fuga (CV: Johnny Yong Bosch)
  • Rinka (CV: Laura Faye Smith)
  • Hiumi (CV: Erica Mendez)
  • Mimi (CV: Tomomi Shimada)
  • Nyami (CV: Diana Garnet)
  • Manatsu (CV: Lily Ki)
  • Hakume (CV: Kayli Mills)
  • Akane (CV: Yu Haul)
  • Tae (CV: Kira Buckland)
  • Rein (CV: Lucien Dodge)
  • Ibara (CV: Wendee Lee)