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Persona Dance Crew is the series created by Kyledude788. This show combines anime with american music and dancing.


An international pop star, Shin, met the dance crew, Persona. Surprisely, Shin is the former member of Persona. He and the crew are going to be rivals including the leader and Shin's former best friend, Kura Haiten.


Latch - Disclosure ft. Sam Smith


Main Characters[]

Persona Dance Crew[]

World Dance Academy[]


  • The charaters will revealed their stat pages when each chapter appears.
  • When each chapters are updated and one of the characters have their stats, I'll add them to their stats


No. Title Plot Summary
Chapter 1 Shin's family leaving Japan without him as his mother will dropped him to a dance academy to become the best dancer in the world.
Chapter 2 After Shin's first day in the academy, he met some bullies who are picking on him. Later on, found one boy that saved him and surprised him.
Chapter 3 Mr. Armstrong brought Kura to train Shin his social skills. Then, he saw something that connects to his dream.
Chapter 4 Kura invited Shin to his secret hangout. In there, Kura introduced him to his friends. How can Shin interact with them and do they like him?
Chapter 5 Shin saw the girls' dorm which appeared to be on fire. Suddenly when he heard that Kura was in there, he freaked out and entered the burning building. Can he have the chance to save him?