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Phantasy Fairy Gakuen

Phantasy: Fairy Gakuen (パンテーシ:妖精学園, Panteisi: Yōsei Gakuen) is a school/dating sim developed by Dimps, and released for Japanese arcades on January 31st, 2009. Inspired by the Phantasy anime/manga, the game allows the player to name their character, then interact with or romance the various characters from the series that appear in the game. The players control their character either through text conversations in which they choose the appropriate response, or through a series of minigames which are available (usually in the form of sports simulations and fake tests and quizzes). As the title implies, the primary setting for the game is an alternate reality of the main series taking place in a prestigious academy for future Z-Class Fairies. The player can navigate the school via an interactive minimap that covers the school grounds and the character's various apartments. 

The game uses a unique payment system, in which the player must pay to create an account (character) in the game, then must pay a certain amount every time they access the account, rather than playing the game itself, as there is a free "trial" account available which only covers the opening covnersations of the story. Fans have responded postively about the system.

The game quickly became the most played arcade title in Japan for 3 weeks straight, breaking all expectations for the game. So much money was spent on the game it actually was enough to pay for a full-fledged sequel (though the developers instead distributed the money among their employees and various charities. The game became so popular that a sequel, Phantasy: Fairy Gakuen 2, was greenlit and released within a year of the first. Sold in arcades with the game are special memory cards, which can store one account's worth of data like a credit card. The player can use this to save their data and bring it over to the sequel. 

Fairy Gakuen was one of the two Phantasy Gakuen titles to be ported to consoles in the game Phantasy: Fairy Gakuen GOLD.