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Phantasy Movie: The Red Generation
Release Date: December 31st, 2010
Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Writer(s): Akiba Numashi- Head Supervisor
Natsuko Takahashi- Main writer
Director(s): Hiroyuki Imaishi
Storyboards: Natsuko Takahashi
Storyboard Artist(s): Akiba Numashi
Music: Jitterbug

Phantasy Movie: The Red Generation (パンテーシ ス ピルム: ス レド ジエネラシーオン, Panteisi Su Pirumu: Su Redo Jenerasiion) is the first animated film adaptation of the anime and manga series Phantasy by Numashi Akiba. The film was directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi and written by both Numashi and Natsuko Takahashi, and was released on December 31st, 2010. The DVD was released in Japan on March 3rd, 2011. The film was promoted via an interactive ARG game at, which allowed visitors to read the lab notes of an unnamed scientest, set 1 year and 12 weeks before the beginning of the movie. The movie's theme music was "Ellegarden" by Jitterbug (which would later be used for an opening in the actual series). FUNimation liscensed the movie and has announced plans to release an enlgish dubbed version on Adult Swim on January 15th, 2014, with a limited theatricial releases in the state of California. The movie was released with English subtitles in the UK on October 3rd, 2011.The plot focuses around a group of former mercenary fairies who were used as test subjects for the new "corrupted" Red Stark. After killing their captors, they seek to spread the Red Stark across Utherworld. They begin to hunt down a teenage girl, who has the ability to purify Red Stark, only for Team Gecko to discover her, and begin to combat the Red Stark users. 


In an opening scene, several former Utherworld mercenaries are captured. Several scientists request to use them to test out a new aritificial Stark they have created, dubbing it "Red Stark." The experiment goes badly, with the mercenaries becoming stronger and killing all of the scientists. As the lab burns down, their leader vows to spread the pain of the Red Stark across Utherworld.

One year later, Team Gecko is celebrating their 3 year anniversary as a team. In the midst of the celebration, Tsubaki announces she plans to temporarily return to Earth in order to meet her old friends and celebrate her parents' own anniversary. She also manages to convince Knave go with her, stating that they are his friends as well. Shortly after they leave, a teenage girl named Shiori arrives at Team Gecko's base, pleading for help. She explains that for the past 3 years she has been running from a group calling themselves the "Red Generation" who use a corrupted form of Stark, the Red Stark. Due to her being born with the ability to purify Stark, the group perceives her a threat to their powers and their goal to spread the Red Stark across Utherworld. As she explains, one of the Red Generation arrives on Earth, where he approaches Tsubaki, then attempts to kill her, since she also has Stark-manipulation abilities. Knave intervenes, and they fight.

Impressed by the strength of the opponent, Knave activates his Kenshi, only for the Red Generation member to seal it using the Red Stark. Unable to use his maximum strength and incredibly surprised, Knave is beaten down and left unconscious in an alleyway. Before the mercenary (who reveals his name to be Tryant) can take Tsubaki, he is interrupted by Akane, an old friend who helped in the battle with Prince. Before conting to attack, however, Tryant receives word that the Red Generation has found Shiori, and departs for Utherworld. Knave and Tsubaki, along with Akane, follow him.

Back in Utherworld, Cross and Hart, two other Red Generation members, attack Team Gecko's clubhouse, kidnaping Shiori and subduing Sid and Sirius. Risa attempts to follow, but the group escape with Shiori. Meanwhile, Knave, Tsubaki, and Akane return to Utherworld, nearby Murtaugh's house. After warning him of the threat, they return to the Clubhouse, where they find Sid and Sirius breaking free of the Red Stark. Risa picks up the Red Generation's altered Stark and Team Gecko prepares to launch an assault on their hideout.

Meanwhile, the Red Generation (consisting of Tryant, Cross, Hart, and Valentine) gathers over the capital, where they summon a spire that lands in the center of the city. The spire then begins dispensing Red Stark, corruping some fairies and a large amount of nearby wildlife. As the city falls into chaos, Team Gecko arrives, along with some old allies (such as Roland, who faught Knave at the tournament, and Akane). They each split up to destroy the specific dispenser points on the spire, with Knave going right after Tryant, who is revealed to be the leader. Sid battles Hart, while Sirius encounters Cross. Roland and Akane fight Valentine, the only female member, while Murtaugh disposes of the infected animals below.

Knave and Tryant battle for quite a bit, seeming to be evenly matched (including having similar signature techniques). When Tryant inquires why Knave is suddenly stronger, Knave replies that he fought at a lower key on Earth to prevent destroying any buildings or hurting people. With only the Spire and the Red Generation around him, Knave can go all out. Their battle continues.

Sid continues to fight Hart, who has Shiori held captive in the center of the spire. Sid seems to be barely winning. Sirius is completely equal to Cross in every way, while Akane has already been beaten by Valentine, with Roland heavily injured. Murtaugh encounters a massive bear-like creature that is heavily satured with the Red Stark, and it begins to injure him.

Knave and Tryant continue to fight, with a desperate Tryant unveiling his trump card: a second spire emerges from the ground, trapping Knave in the center and sealing his Stark completely. The second spire then emits tendrils, devouring the first spire and both the Red Generation and Team Gecko alike. Tryant reveals his real intention was to use the Red Generation and anyone else who opposed them as sacrifice to remove the Red Stark from his own body, so he can return to a normal life. Shiori, however, has managed to escape, and succesfully breaks Knave out, before removing the Red Stark from his body that is sealing his Stark and Kenshi. Angered, Tryant decides to follow their original goal, and kills Shiori.

Enraged, Knave finally activates his Kenshi, and successfully repels Tryant's second attempt to seal it. Heavily beating him, Knave finishes the barrage by supposedly disenagrating Tryant with an energy burst. Following this, the second spire begins to crumble, and all the people absorbed are freed. The Red Stark even begins to disperse. 

Unfortunatley, it appears that Tryant has formed a form of psychic link with the Red Stark due to the large amount of time he has spent with it in his body, and has called all Red Stark in existence to him. Tryant mutates into a giant monster that effortley defeats Knave, even in Kenshi. Team Gecko, including Murtaugh, Roland, and Akane, arrive to assit Knave. After a drawn out fight in which they manage to open up part of the creature's skin, Knave enters, encountering Tryant's true body. They engage in one last fight, with Knave using the last of Shiori's Stark still floating in the air to erase all the Red Stark around Tryant. Reactiving his Kenshi, Knave then tackles Tryant and flies them both at rapid speeds to the moon, where he smashes Tryant into it. Tryant, in a last desperate manuever, attempts to corrupt Knave with the Red Stark. Knave, however, seems to absorb it and then use it's powers, destroying Tryant once and for all.

With Tryant's death, the Red Stark around Utherworld begins to disperse, and Knave is purfified along with it. Falling back towards the ground, Knave is caught by the Red Generation, who set him down in front of Team Gecko before disenagrating themselves, stating that they too had become inegrated with the Red Stark, and when it was taken from them, they began dying. As they vanish, Sid gives them a final salute.

Two weeks later, a recovered Knave visits their graves, before tossing a boquet of flowers on their tombstones. Knave then walks away, where he meets up with Tsubaki and Akane, as they agree to go back to Earth for a short period, this time without any interuptions. The movie closes as they enter the portal to the sound of their old friends welcoming them back.

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  • This is one of the two Phantasy films Akiba Numashi has worked on with the animation studio, the other being the third film, Attack on Netherworld.