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Welcome to the Phenomena RolePlay! This will be the opening into the RP series, so yeah. Here, we'll meet the young badass Sera Parks, the other young badass, Takashi Fiamma, and the not-so-badass Katie Harper. The following fonts will be used:

  • Regular font for dialogue.
  • Regular font in *asterisks* for a thought process.
  • Italicized font for characters with alternate personalities or when talking through some form of long-distance communication.
  • Bolded and Italicized font for actions characters make.

So, this RP will begin with our three Mystic Carriers meeting each other outside of school in a... uh... more casual place to meet. Like a diner. Yeah. A diner. Anyway, let's start!

At the Local Diner[]

Sera walks in and sits down while clutching necklace made by her father. She spots another kid from her school walk in as well.

Takashi is sitting in a corner near Sera, eating a pizza with extra bacon and olives with a caramel sundae next to it.

Sera gets up and goes to talk to him after finding out his name.

Sera: Sup Takashi? Remember me?

Takashi: Yeah. How have you been Sera? Finishes a slice, then adjusts the ring on his finger, then goes to eat another slice

Sera: She sits down and leans on the table looking tired Fineeee, I feel craap right now.

Takashi: What's wrong? Finishes the slice, which was the last piece, so he eats his caramel sundae

Sera: My crush just got a girlfriend... It sucks...

Takashi: Oh. I'm so sorry for your loss. Want a bite? Offers Sera a bit of the sundae with a spare, clean spoon

Sera: Yes! She grabs the spoon and takes a bite You act like I just lost a family member haha. Be right back. She gets up and walks to the bathroom passing a brown haired girl coming into the diner.

Girl: H-hey. She blushes as she kinda likes her

Sera: Oh hey! *Wow... She's really cute...* You look familiar, what's your name?

Girl: Katie. She says this as she curls her hair around her finger Katie Harper. I don't think I've met you before. What's your name? *God, she's cute*

Sera: U-Uh, Sera Parks... She smiles slightly and checks her out S-So wanna eat?

Katie: Y-yeah. She walks to a table while commanding Astaroth to fly out of her necklace and check out Sera through Demon Eye

Sera goes to Takashi.

Sera: Hey, I gotta eat with a friend... Sorry... She then goes to sit with Katie.

Katie: Oh where you eating with him? He can join us if he wants.

Sera: Nah, it's fi- Suddenly a huge explosion is heard outside and the shockwave blows in the windows. Sera forces a force field to block protect everyone from the debris. Oh my....

Takashi: Holy shit. Leaves money for the bill, then puts on some gloves, which transform into armored gloves, plugs in three little rings into each gloves, which causes a small little explosion of fire around the gloves, which also makes his eyes turn different colors and a flame to appear on his forehead

Katie: Holy fuck... She looks at her necklace and holds it as it glows red Let's do this Astaroth.

Sera: She flies out the window as her eyes are glowing white and looks around to see a huge building on fire and multiple buildings surrounding it on fire. And then she sees more than 10 people flee the scene. *shit.. I gotta put out the buildings first..*

Takashi: Communicates with Sera telepathically *Yo, I'll help you out. Tell me what to do.* Flies to where Sera is with his Vento flames, appearing next to her suddenly with a green-tinted flame on his forehead What do we need to do?

Sera: You need to get everyone cleared as far as possible because of what I'm about to do. She flies to the beach.

Takashi: *Got it.* Activates the Vento and Roccia flames, tinting the green flame a bit brown-yellow, then uses them to evacuate all the trapped civilians and bring them to a safe location *We're good here. Good luck. And stay safe.*

Sera: *Thanks... You too...* She lands on the beach and holds out her fist. The ring glows white then purple and then makes a giant firefighter construct with a giant hose in his hand. The hose starts to pump water from the ocean and the firefighter sprays water all over that area putting out the fire. *Good...*

Katie flies near Takashi with big bat wings

Katie: What's going on?

Takashi: Nothing. Sera just put out a fire while I evacuated these civilians. Gestures to the civilians behind him, then the flame on his forehead becomes a regular flame, switching to his original Ring formation What's with your wings? Is it the necklace you have on?

Katie: Yeah. His name is Astaroth. He's a demon that my grandfather killed. The Necklace has a part of him in there. The Necklace was passed down to me. Me and Astaroth sorta bonded. Better than my grandfather and father ever did.

A faint whisper of an unknown demonic language is heard from the necklace

Katie: What's that Astaroth? He senses danger.

Suddenly the construct disappears and Sera flies to everyone.

Sera: Hey... We need to catch those guys...

Villain #1: GET OVER HERE! Some guy tackles Sera into a building and a beam of white light shoots out and the guy.

Sera; Bitch... She cracks her neck and they charge at each other.

Takashi's flames tint to a dark red in the center with a pale grey/white outside as two claymores appear on his back, sheathed as two guns appear in his hands.

Takashi: Incoming? Someone tackles him through the building he's in Ow! *Definitely incoming!* Gets back up as the guy who tackled him gets up with a claymore as well

Villain #2: Time to die loser! Slashes at Takashi, launching a wave of water-like energy at Takashi

Takashi: *Change to Terra.* The outside of his flames turn to a dark grey, transforming his left claymore into a shield which he uses to block the attack *Right. Let's take this guy out.*

Katie: Astaroth, look around for anything important.

Astaroth: Looks around then returns to the necklace There's a man shooting lasers at people down there.

Katie: Thanks, now let's go kill that fucker! They fly down

Sera: Hm... What's your fetish? The man screams and then flies at Sera and then starts to swing some punches and kicks at Sera but she's easily parrying the attacks and then does a spinning kick to his jaw making him land on the ground.

Villain #1: You whore! He starts to bring in lots of smoke around his body and it starts to swirl.

Sera: Uh oh... The guys then releases the smoke into a giant blast in her direction that demolishes the whole building they were in but flies out

Villain 1: Hehe, got her. Too weak. Suddenly, giant white glowing knife constructs fly out the smoke and start to fly after and scratch him brutally and he lands on the ground.

Sera: Was that the best you got? She floats out of the smoke with a glowing white aura around her and smiles cutely. She lands in the ground then forms a giant white train construct out the ring and it hits him into the ground more making a giant crater.

Villain #1: O-Okay... I'm sorry...

Sera: What were your plans?! She flies up close to him angry

Villain #1: Right before he can say anything he passes out and grave injuries

Sera: Ugh. Geez... Wonder how they're doing...

Katie: Hey you!!

A man is shooting red lasers at innocents then stops and looks at her

Villain #3: Piss off bitch!!!

Katie: Nah.

Villain #3: I said...PISS. OF- He gets punched into the wall by Katie dashing at him. He recovers then fires a laser at her, knocking her into the opposite wall. She gets up

Katie: Oww... Astaroth, unleash Hell on this guy. Literally. The flame patterns on the necklace glow like real fire then Hell Fire starts shooting out of it like a flame thrower at the man, leaving a wall of fire between them

Villain #3: Arg!!! *I can feel the heat even though I'm a couple feet away!* You can't touch me!! He shoots two lasers at the ground, blasting him up through the roof, then back down through the roof landing infront of Katie

Villain #3: Now I'll burn you!! He charges a huge laser with his arms but before he fires it, both his arms get cut off but Katie's claws then she cuts his stomach half open and he screams in pain. He drops to his knees infront of Katie as his eyes turn completely black as he stares at Astaroth's Necklace

Katie: Astaroth. He's all yours... She walks out the building as screaming is heard from the man and violent slicing sounds are heard as if a chainsaw cut through someone. When she reaches Sera, Astaroth returns to the necklace

Katie: in a cute, innocent voice Hey Sera!!

Sera: O-Oh! Katie! Hey!

Katie: So I was thinking, maybe...She creates an Axe of darkness in her left hand and hits some random villain in the head then makes the axe dissappear We could go to dinner later, just us two...

Takashi fires special, non-lethal bullets at his enemy, distracting him. The flames then turn green in the center with a brown-yellow border as his gloves become gauntlets which he uses to beat the guy down.

Takashi: Good. Walks away as a wave of water hits him, making him fall to the ground *Shit, that hurts.* Gets back up as the flames become red in the center with a white border That hurt. But if that's all you've got, then you're a disappointment. Punches the attacker so hard, he goes unconscious Good bye. Flies away and meets up with everyone Oh, I think I interrupted something. I'll leave you two alone. See ya. His flames turn green as he flies to his house

Sera: Uh anyway, I would love to. She smiles at her See ya later!! She flies away blushing

Katie: Bye... *OH MY GOD!!!!* she blushes heavily

Astaroth: Why do humans feel love? It's disgusting.

Katie: Because...uh...I don't know actually... She flies off to her house

The Next Day At School[]

Takashi and Katie are walking during lunch break through a hallway

Katie: What was all that crap last night?

Takashi: The attacks? Because those were weird. Some evil Mystic Carriers have been showing up lately. Something's not right.

Katie: I'm just worried that really powerful Mystics are being found. Especially by evil people.

Takashi: I know. What happened after I left yesterday? Adjusts his Ogni Ring

Katie: Blushes Oh uh...Me and Sera went out to dinner. Alone. But uh...just as friends. We got to know each other a little more.

Sera walks up and pushes them both in a friendly way

Sera: Sup guys.

Katie: Heyy!!

Takashi: Hey. A flame appears suddenly from his main ring *What? What's wrong?* He shakes his hand to extinguish the flame What's wrong, Ogni?

Katie: Wha? Anyway, yesterday on the news, a guy found some Mystic that was a whole set of knight armor. He flew off with it and blasted a building apart. It was fucking awesome. But 6 people died so that sucks I guess.

Sera: Whoa that's crazy... Shit I gotta go to gym. Gonna practice my powers for a little bit. See y'all! She walks to gym

Takashi: I should go to the gym too. I need to see what's wrong with Ogni. Goes to the Gym too

Astaroth: If you want to use my powers better, I suggest you go train.

Katie: Good idea. Heads to the gym

At the giant gym[]

Sera arrives and goes into the locker room. She changes into a sports bra with yoga pants and ties her hair up into a bun. She exits and then forms target constructs

Sera: Okay so... That's when another dude comes up

Mark: I'm Mark! How ya doin?

Sera: Hi! I'm Sera. They handshake

Mark: That's a neat power you got there. Wanna train with me instead of training by yourself?

Sera: Oh... Uh sure! They begin to stand apart from each other and look at each other in a readied stance

Mark: Rah! He charges at her with a bracelet that starts to glow. He then jumps, does a front flip and throws a punch that shoots out ice.

Sera: Whoa!!! She holds out her ring in front of her and it forms a white glowing shield that blocks the spew of ice. The ice then redirects in all other directions.

Mark: Hey you still there? I mean, uh, not frozen?

Suddenly multiple chains cut through all the ice and start flying everywhere. Sera is revealed to be okay.

Sera: You're pretty fast...

Mark: That's not the only thing in fast with! He starts to chuckle when a truck forms in front of him head on and makes him crash into a brick wall she also made behind him.

Sera: You got a sick mind... That's when ice spikes shatter the truck construct and fly to Sera but she makes a long sword and uses the flat part to block the ice shards coming at her.

Mark: Watch your back... Suddenly he appears behind her and shoots an ice arrow at her back. She turns around and swings the sword construct with the flat side to block the arrow but there's multiple arrows. She throws the sword and starts to run away from the arrows as an ice trap on the ground that Mark set beforehand explodes on the ground. The explosion causes snow to to everywhere obstructing his view.

Mark: You're good... I'll admit. But you still need more training.

That's when a drill breaks through the ice and Sera crawls out the ice in a glowing yellow armor. The armor is intricate and has a lot of details.

Sera: My god... I thought I didn't make it in time... The armor fades and she falls on her knees

Mark: Whoa you managed to block all that? And why was your constructs yellow this time?

Sera: Oh, uh, fear. The emotion. If an emotion is significantly higher than the rest, the ring shows it. Anyway, I'm glad to have made the construct in time. She gets up

Mark: Haha yup. Here. He tosses her a water bottle

Sera: Thanks! She catches the water bottle and they sit on a nearby bench and start to talk.

Katie walks in and waves to Sera while walking over to a punching bag

Katie: *Alright, Astaroth, don't interfere, I want to test MY strength, not yours.*

Astaroth: Fine.

Katie begins punching the bag like a regular human for a bit until darkness comes out of her fists and the punching bag gets pushed with great force between each strike

Katie: *Astaroth stop.*

Astaroth: I can't help it, this is boring.

Katie: *Fine, use darkness. There's multiple punching bags. Go crazy.*

Katie's eyes turn completely black and darkness pours out her mouth, eyes and body. She creates a blade of Darkness that slices the punching bag clean in half then disappears as soon as the attack stops. She then turns around to the next bag and a darkness exoskeleton of her that is 10 feet tall forms around her and slices the bag in half and disappears right after the attack. She does this attack to all the punching bags then stops as she returns to her normal state

Katie: Woah! What's was that? A new move?

Astaroth: Yes. I'm getting stronger. That or we are bonding more.

Katie: I think we are bonding because you took control over me for the first time.

Astaroth: You allowed me too.

Katie: I think I should do that more.

Astaroth: You should also talk in your head. People think you're talking to yourself.

Katie looks around and sees some people staring confused because she was talking to herself

Katie: *Whoops* Blushes with embarrassment

Takashi enters at the same time as Katie, and walks to an empty place in the gym. He then puts on his gloves, inserts the rings, then activates them, igniting a regular-colored flame on his forehead.

Takashi: *Right, Genso-en, engaged.* He closes his eyes, then opens them again as they change to orange irises with red-orange pupils *I need to get Hyper Genso-en, ASAP. So let's bust my ass off training.* The gloves ignite with fire as he starts practicing various fighting techniques and styles. As he does this the flames appear to change different colors and take on strange elemental properties as well as forming weapons Takashi dual-wields *Good, but no good enough. The change is still too slow, and the weapons are lagging in their form time. If I want to go Hyper Genso-en, I need to work harder and fight faster. Weapons need to form faster too. Maybe...* Stop practicing for a moment *Maybe the problem doesn't lie within me. Maybe I need to have some external release mechanism of some sort. But what?* The flames and weapons all disappear as he puts the other six rings in his pockets, takes his gloves off, and puts those in his pockets as he walks back to his room, thinking

Mark: Haha you're really funny! So, you uh, got a boyfriend or something?

Sera: *Oh fuck...* Ah, no... I mean I'm goin out with someone tonight so... Sorry...

Mark: Awww, well that's too bad... Well, it wasn't gonna work out anyway. He presses something on his wrist and suddenly a loud frequency makes Sera scream and a lot of other students scream and hit the floor.

Sera: W-What the hell... She holds up her ring but then she gets kicked in the stomach and Mark takes the ring.

Mark: Sorry. This is really valuable. He creates a super frozen box that holds the ring. He then starts to talk into his ice bracelet and then the whole school starts to rumble.

Sera: THE HELL MARK? I thought- Her speech gets cut off by multiple people crashing through the walls and ceiling.

Mark: Operation Takeover has begun. He runs really fast toward the group of people as he makes an ice slide dodging attacks by the teachers and other students. The group of people start using Mystic items to counter and defend Mark and fight off EVERYONE.

Sera: MY RING!!!!

Katie: What's going on?!? Astaroth.

Astaroth: On it. Astaroth flies around to see what's happening and sees many people taking Mystics

Katie: Holy crap!! Astaroth, return here now! A man comes behind Katie and wraps a chain around her and grabs her necklace and runs off with it before Astaroth returns. Astaroth returns to the necklace but Katie isn't wearing it SHIT!! Sera! She runs to her They took Astaroth!!

Sera: They took my ring too... We gotta get them back!! A plasma blast hits near them. She runs past multiple incoming blasts then runs at someone and slides under them and jumps on their back taking a glowing headband off of them. KATIE!!! I'LL COVER YOU! She puts on the headband quickly and plasma starts shooting out of her hand uncontrollably. She starts to shoot multiple people

Katie runs towards a person who shoots water at her. She dodges right then runs across the wall on the left and jumps at the person and grabs their head and spins around them and twists their neck and slams them down. She takes their water rings and creates a whip and blasts a person who was taking a student's Mystic

Katie: Where are these guys coming from?!?

Sera: Don't know but! She jumps up and lands on the ground, slamming her two fists on the ground which create a plasmic shockwave to blow everyone away from around her. Fuck Mark is getting away!! She creates a giant beam to blast at the people leaving the wall after they've taken some items and she's chases after them. Katie come out! They're getting away!!

Katie: Shit. She follows them while using the water whip to knock over some bad guys How are we gonna catch them?!?

Sera looks around anxiously and spots a convertible car on a curb then blast jumps her way to it.

Sera: Over here!! She hops in and starts to hotwire the car

Katies pulls herself to the car via a water tether and sits in the passenger seat

Katie: Where did you learn to hotwire a car?

Sera: My ring did it before... Showed me step by step... Come on... The car roars to a start that's what I'm talking about!!! She hits the gas and the car starts to go forward at a very fast speed and she turns the corner. She sees lots of cars, trucks going down the road almost killing some civilians. Sera drives past lots of cars. Hey Katie!! You know what to do!

Katie shoots pressurised water at the tires of one of the trucks then uses a whip to pull the driver out. She rips the top off the back of the truck and looks at the stolen Mystics

Katie: Nope. Non of those are ours!

Sera: Fuck! She drives around the truck and speeds up to another one when the car almost spins out of control The hell? She looks to see a speedster with a headband running beside them. He rams the car a couple of times and Sera throws plasmic grenades but he slows down to dodge it then speeds up.

Katie: Piss off!! She opens the door and stand ontop of the car balancing. She blasts water at him but he dodges. She sprays water on the floor and he slips and they go out of his sight.

Katie: Finally. She's about to get back in but he drops down from above infront of the car running backwards and then jumps at Katie and kicks her in the face then runs beside the car. Katie falls off but grabs the spoiler and climbs back into the car

Katie: Ow. That was the most insane thing I've ever done.

Sera: Katie you okay?!

Katie: Yeah. She aims her fist at the speedster but no water comes out Fuck. I dropped the ring when he kicked me in the face!

Sera: Ugh! This dude is so fuckin' annoying! She drives faster to catch up to the truck but the speedster catches up Fuck you!! She throws a couple of grenades in the street and they explode as the speedster runs up the side of a skyscraper Kate! Take the wheel! She gets up then jumps out of the car then uses a plasma jump to launch at the building and collides with the speedster punching him into the building with a big shockwave. A few seconds later you see Sera jump out the building into another then into another then jumps out onto the street an catches up to the car running.

Sera: Hey! Look what I got! She has another headband on her head and her legs look engines. She takes off the plasma headband and places it on Katie's lap. K. Now we gotta catch up to the trucks, wait where did they go?!

Katie: They seem to be heading towards the airport! Puts the plasma headband on

Sera: Follow me Kate! She runs and heads to the airport the short way and sees them taking off in a large cargo plane. Fuck, how they get all the cargo on that huge plane already?! She runs as the huge cargo plane is starting to take off

Katie arrives as the cargo plane is driving on the runway really fast

Katie: SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! She drives close SERA!! Hurry!! She's just a few meters away from the plane

Sera catches up to the wheels and dust from the wheel lifting gets into her eyes. She stumbles a bit but catches jumps onto the wheel.

Sera: Shit!!! Kate you there?! My eyes!! Her grips starts loosening

Katie drives really close as the plane starts flying a bit. She gets out the car and stands on the hood trying to reach the wheel. She jumps but misses by an inch. Sera grabs her hand and lifts her up

On the Cargo Plane[]

Katie: Thanks...

Sera: No problem... The plane starts lifting up and the wheel starts coming off the ground You good?

Katie: Breathing heavily Y-yeah... Please tell me you can sense the ring on this plane...

Sera: I can... It''s close... She gets up tired and walks past a lot of things can you sense your necklace? We gotta sneak into the cargo area to get our stuff out.

Katie: I can't sense my necklace like that. But...I can hear Astaroth whispering. In his demonic language. I can't understand it without the necklace to translate but I know a few words...He's saying...oh...he's calling us...he's in a separate box to your ring...

Sera: Hehe fuck yes... Let's get our weapons... She gets up and crawls through a vent with Katie following and finds the open cargo area and drops down Hey Kate I think it's sa- She gets hit in the head with the butt of a gun and falls to the floor. Her headband gets taken and she tries to get it back. FUCK!!

Katie drops down and blasts the guy away. She takes his gun but he already hid the headband

Katie: Helps her up Here. gives her the gun Let's find the crates with our Mystics before more people come

Sera: Thanks... She takes the gun and sneaks behind some crates as more people are coming. One person passes the crate and Sera pulls him in and gets up with him as a hostage. Anyone wanna object? Give us our shit back. Now... Suddenly people start pouring in and a gunfight starts.

Katie: FUCK!! She runs behind a crate for cover then throws a plasma grenade and blasts some guys off their feet. She rolls towards a downed guard and takes his gun during the roll. She stands up and plasma jumps to the vent they entered from and hangs on there with one arm while firing at enemies and creating a plasma shield to block bullets

Katie: SERA!! I'm outta bullets! If I drop the shield I'm dead!

Sera: I got chu! I think! She throws a dead body forward and uses that as cover to grab an AA-12 shotgun with grip and throws it at Kate. There! She looks up and she aims her Desert Eagle at one of their knees and shoots it off. She shoots two other people in the head then her gun clicks. SHIT! IM OUT!

Kate drops the shield, shoots a chain attached to the roof then grabs the end and swings across the room while shooting the AA-12 and killing a few people before landing next to Sera

Katie: She pulls her behind an open door I got 2 bullets left in this magazine. Take it and get a Mystic. I'll use the headband to keep them on me. Hands over the shotgun

Sera: Okay... Be safe... She kisses Kate on the lips and blushes. She runs out and starts blasting away enemies hoping to find a mystic

Katie: *SHE KISSED ME!!!!* She blushes heavily then throws some plasma to distract the enemies. She throws a grenade at Sera which blows up a crate and loads of Mystics pour on her You're welcome.

Sera: Thanks!! She looks through to find a her ring but it isn't there. *Shit!* She picks up a random mystic and puts the necklace on her neck. She then starts to gather up strength and runs to punch someone near her and does that, but his body absorbs the punch and he picks her up and throws her against a wall. Then he holds her against the wall as she tries to muster strength to move him but can't. Suddenly Sera slams her fist against a button which opens up the cargo door hatch and and things starts to fly out of the plane into a dark storm with high waters.

Katie: A man comes towards her and steals her headband For fucks sake. She kicks him and he goes flying out the cargo plane. She take his gun off the ground and starts shooting people while running to Sera

Katie: We gotta get out of here!

Sera: Are you crazy?! We would die out there without our Mystics!!! She finally gets the guy off of her and swipes his leg making him fall. That's when ALL the crates start to fly out of the plane. SHIT!!! A grenade gets thrown at Sera but she grabs it in midair and throws it back. The side of the plane exploded and more people start getting sucked out of the plane. Sera tries to get to Kate but someone flies past Sera while grabbing her pants and they both fly out. KATE!!!!

Katie: No!! She jumps out and grabs onto a dead body flying out and takes his combat knife. She flies near Sera and cuts the guys arm off. She grabs her hand as they both fly around aimlessly into the storm


Sera: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! FUUCK!!! I NEED TO FIND MY RING!!! She holds out her fist and hopes to sense the ring which she does in a crate above them. KATE I'M ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING INSANE!!! She lets go of Kate's hand and glides to a bunch of falling guns and grabs a pistol. She turns on her back as rain is nearly blinding her vision but she shoots at the far away crate that contains her ring to hope and shoot the lock. FUCK THIS WILL NEVER WORK!!

Katie: ASTAROOOTH!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!? She hears faint whispering getting louder as she approaches a crate below them HE'S IN THIS!! I'M GOING TO DO SOMETHING CRAZIER!!! She grabs onto the crate with Astaroth inside and activates the parachute on it to slow the decent up

Katie: Woah!! She uses the knife the stab the crate open and looks inside for her necklace. She's about to reach for the necklace but she gets shot by an AK47 through the stomach then the guy who shot her lands on the crate and kicks her off. He takes the necklace and another Mystic and uses that Mystic to fly off


Sera: NOOO!! I'LL GET IT FOR YOU!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! She spreads herself out which slows her down a bit but for the crate to fall on her back. She turns around and grabs the net surrounding the crate. She crawls to see the lock and then shoots it a couple of times which breaks it open. She tries to punch the crate to crack it open but it won't. Suddenly a lightning bolt strikes the crate and sends Sera flying away from the crate with third degree burns AHHHHHH!!!! FUUUCK!!!

Katie: SHIIT!!! LOOK OUT!!!! The plane explodes and parts start raining down

Parts start falling as Sera is suffering from the burns. When Sera manages to open her eyes she sees the giant plane engine falling at her, about to suck her up and slice her into a billion bits

Sera: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! RING COME ON!!!!!! She holds out her hand in a random direction as she's about to hit the water and the engine about to fall on her. The ring comes flying through the wind and rain and slides onto Sera's finger. She then starts to glow white and flies straight out as she missed the water by a little bit and the engine falls into the water right after she pulls up out of the way. YESS!!!!! RINGGG!!! WAIT KATIE!!! She flies at high speeds an catches Kate from falling. Kate... You okay???! The ring also then starts to automatically heal Sera of her injuries

Katie: That dickhead took Astaroth! Where is he?!?

Sera: Not sure! Ring, locate Katie's Mystic Item.

Ring: Southwest. Go up as you do and you will find the Mystic Item, Astaroth.

Katie: There he is. She takes a fire bracelet from the water and blasts herself up to him and grabs him HEY DICK!! That's mine! She puts on the necklace then burns him alive and flies to Sera

Sera: Yes!!! She goes to hug Kate but then an ice glacier comes up between them Mark...

Mark: So you managed to get back your Mystic huh? He jumps on the ice glacier with a straight face, maybe looking bored Welp, I gotta kill you now, can't let you take this. I gotta get this to the master. He jumps onto the water and creates an ice floor to land on. He then forms an ice gauntlet on his left arm that takes the shape of his arm with some advanced features and forms an ice spear and throws it at Sera. He then jumps up and shoots thin sharp ice discs from the existing glacier at Kate in the air.

Sera: Shit!! She forms an exoskeleton around the right side of her body including a gauntlet around her right arm to support her strength. She uses this gauntlet arm to grab the spear before it hits her and the force of the spear pushes her back a bit. She then spins the spear around in the gauntlet arm and spins around and throws the spear back with greater force than how he threw it at her. KATE WATCH OUT!!

Katie: SHIT!!! She shoots a blast of Hell Fire directly out the necklace and in the direction of the discs, the discs melt even before touching the fire then the blast of Fire still travels in Mark's direction while the spear comes from the other

Mark: Tch... He manipulates the spear and spins it as he redirects it to the blast of fire. The spear spins so fast it pushes out air around it and when it gets to the fire it makes the fire circle around it making it push out in all different directions but still melting the spear. He then appears in the air way above her and forms hundreds of ice bullets in the atmosphere and makes it rain down at Kate. Die. This doesn't involve you...

Suddenly Sera appears next to Mark in a wound up kick stance and roundhouse kicks him into the water.

Sera: Like my invisibility? She then shoots a beam of white energy at the place Mark is in the water then goes into the water as well to try and drown him.

Katie: Sigh Sera. Was this the guy who was giving you trouble? I'm disappointed Sera. She creates a shield of darkness which shatters the bullets as they collide Now kill this guys so we can get outta here.

Sera is underwater punching Mark but he shoots ice to connect with her leg but she breaks it out and dodges a couple of other attacks. She then swims deep and grabs a shark by its tail and swings it with great force at Mark but he freezes the water in front of him and it i pales the shark and kills it. That's when she goes to Him and makes a giant torpedo to kill him and it explodes but he come in behind her and touches her back. Suddenly a giant glacier towering far above where the plane was rises out of the water with Sera in it. He then climbs out.

Mark: Good luck breaking out of that.

Katie: SERA!!! *I can't use Hell Fire, it'll kill her* Mark you asshole. Why don't you go suck a cock.

Mark: Hahahahahah!!!

WW Cv41

Sera's Rage Powered Armor

Suddenly the giant glacier starts cracking and red light starts shining out. That's when the glacier explodes with red light and Sera floats out with this armor you see but in all red around her and her eyes also red

Sera: MARK ILL KILL YOU! She flies at Mark with the blades coming out her wrist and she swings them with quick succession at Mark cutting him violently and deep.

Mark: *Shit... This time her energy constructs are red instead of white.... Maybe it's powered by... the emotion Rage...* He then freezes the wounds but gets punched in the stomach he vomits out blood and she grabs his face and throws him upward and shoots a giant red beam at him which severely injures him.

Sera: RAAAAHH!!!! She flies at him and tackles him and throws him down and constructs a deep blood red 747 plane construct to run into him into the ocean. That's when pirhana constructs form into the ocean and devour Mark and all you hear is screaming and bones rise out the water. The armor on Sera fades and she floats down to Katie. She talks really quietly while tearing up. Let's go home Kate...

Katie: Oh-uh...Okay. Hey..She puts her hand on her shoulder Are you okay?

Sera: U-Um... I guess... Yea... Hopefully. She looks up at Kate and slightly smiles. So uh, how are we gonna get back? We don't even know the way...

Katie: Looks down at the necklace Astaroth?

Suddenly the flame patterns on the necklace glow like it's about to release fire but it shoots out line beams at the sky, which create lines on the stars above revealing the way back to school, also lighting up some constellations between stars

Katie: Woah...Her eyes watch in amazement as the sky lights up with orange light projecting from the necklace So uh... Points at a pathway in the sky We just follow that.

Sera: Whoa... He can do that? That's pretty amazing... She looks up at the light and her eyes glow in wonder Let's go then... She starts to fly fast and when she flies a white light trail is left behind her

Katie follows her flying next to her

In the city again[]

Sera sees her house and is flying to it.

Sera: Well, see ya Kate...

Katie: Wait. Can I come overrr??

Sera: H-Huh?! She is caught off guard by this U-Um... Sure... *Oh my god...*

Katie: Yay. *HOLY SHIT!!* They both fly to the house

They enter the house as it's empty and Sera walks in and let's down her hair

Sera: You uh, want anything to eat or drink?

Katie: Uh no thanks. She checks her out again *Wow......*

Sera: *I think she's checking out my ass...* Oh a-alright... So what so you wanna.... You know... Do?

Katie walks closer and holds her hand

Katie: Well uh...I don't know.....

Sera is surprised and blushes heavily

Sera: U-Uh... Kate... I c-can't...

Katie: Come'll be fun. She walks to a bed while pulling her by the hand. Then she puts her arms around her neck

Sera: Alright... She starts to kiss Kate then tongue kisses her. She puts her arms around her waist as her breasts squish against Kate's chest.

Kate pushes her on the bed then gets on top of her and starts making out with her

Sera: Mhmmm... Suddenly pink constructs in the form of sex toys start forming around them on the bed. Sera stops making out with her and smirks

Katie: is gonna be fun...She carries on making out

They continue to make out and it leads to you know what. The setting is now the morning where Sera and Katie are sleeping in the same bed and Katie wakes up.

Katie: Wow...that was awesome. They are both naked and wet

Sera wakes up after Katie and sits up. The cover slides down her body and she doesn't even cover it up.

Sera: Morning Kate...

Kate sits up

Katie: Heyy... She looks down at her necklace but it's not there. She looks around and the necklace is hanging on a coat hook Heh... Wait. He wasn't watching us right?

Sera: O-Oh... I hope not... That's be embarrassing... She touches her ring and pink gas comes from it Wait, I used pink constructs right? Shit....

Katie: From what I remember. She puts her hand on Sera's thigh near her you-know-what

Sera blushes then kisses Katie. She gets up and puts on some panties then bra.

Sera: You want to go to school today?

Kate gets up and puts on her bra, panties then her tank top

Katie: I guess we should. We should check out what happened after the shit that went down yesterday.

Sera: Wait, it should be closed though... I think that we have a week before we come back...

Katie: Yeah you're right. Well I'm gonna go back to my place and change. I'm going jogging. Wanna come?

Sera: Sure, I got nothing else better to do. She gets up and starts getting ready Let's meet up by the lake.

Katie: Kk. She gets her things and quick kisses Sera on the lips then leaves to her house where she changes into a blue sports bra, yoga pants and running shoes then jogs to the lake and waits for Sera

Sera gets into the same thing but with black sports bra and grey yoga pants with black running shoes and flies to the lake

Sera: Alright let's go.

Katie: K. They start jogging, after a mile they see Takashi practicing with his gloves active

Takashi: Turns around and waves at them Hey! His gloves become normal as he jogs over to them Hey, how's it goin'?

Sera: We doin fine. And you?

Takashi: Good, I need to get some stuff though. Some pills for something. I got my Hyper mode too. So yeah! What happened with that little... incident?

Sera: Oh... Looks at Katie Shit went DOWN. And I kinda killed someone yesterday... It was... Crazy...

Katie: A whole bunch of Mystics were stolen. We know where. I'm gonna contact the Mystic Finding Group thing and tell them they're many of them there underwater. Even this Shows the fire bracelet

Sera: Whoa, don't you have Astaroth? It shoots Hell Fire already. Why do you need it?

Katie: I don't. What should I do with it?

Sera: Hmm... Throw it in the river, who cares about it.

Katie: And if someone else finds it and uses it for evil? I know. She holds the bracelet up in front of the necklace. She then releases a straight line of Hell Fire and then sucks it back in the necklace. The bracelet is no longer there even without a by-product Done.

Takashi: Cool. So... I'm gonna go get my pills. See ya. He puts on his gloves, activates them, then uses the Vento flames to fly to his house quickly, where he sees a package from his family That was quick. *I only ordered them yesterday. Thank you, Mom.* Takes the package into his house, where he opens them to reveal cases of pills resembling a Tic-Tac container, then takes one out of the few hundred cases Okay. What's in it? *Hm? A note....* Picks up the note, which reads: Takashi, thank you for deciding to talk with us about your Mystics and your progress. These pills you requested are the pinnacle of our research, allowing the user to release their hidden bond with their Mystic, and works with anyone. Not just you. But for you, this will allow you to engage your Genso-en. One pill allows for the normal Genso-en form. Hyper Genso-en will activate with two pills. If you unlock a higher form for your Genso-en beyond Hyper mode, that would be three pills. But unlock the evolved Hyper mode first so your body would become used to it. Good luck, and stay safe -Mom

Takashi: *Thanks Mom, have fun and good luck with your research.* Puts the case he took in his pocket as he flies back to the park next to Sera and Katie Did I miss anything?

Katie: I contacted the Mystics Finding Group about the missing Mystics. They will return them to the students in a few days. Come on Sera, let's carry on jogging. I bet I can make another mile before you.

Sera: Oh? Is that a challenge? It's ON. She puts on her earphones and starts to concentrate as she jogs in perfect condition in the trail next to Katie

Katie takes off Astaroth and puts it in her pocket

Katie: Is that the best you can do? She runs a few meters ahead

Sera starts to gradually speed up but stays at a steady pace of a jog.

Sera: *What is she doing... She's running not jogging...* Sera just stays in her position and shakes her head

Katie: *Urg...she's boring...* Carries on jogging a few meters ahead

Sera then sees her ring start to light up and she stops jogging. She sits on a nearby bench and starts talking to it.

Sera: Hey ring, what's going on?

Ring: You've been called to a meeting with your parents and another alien race.

Sera: What??? Why? It's my parent's meeting. I have no reason to be there.

Ring: No, your parents directly need you because of the offer that needs to be made.

Sera: Ugh... When is it...

Ring: In a week.

Sera: Fine, I'll be there. She gets up and rubs her forehead with annoyance. Whatever... She then continues to jog lightly thinking about the conversation.

Astaroth takes the form of a red orb that flies near Katie

Astaroth: Those constellations I lit up. Don't ignore them.

Katie: What do you mean?

Astaroth: Those Stars have planets with intelligent life thriving on them.

Katie: How do you know?

Astaroth: I used to live in Hell. I've seen most of the visible universe.

Katie: Awesome. By the way, what do you think Sera's meeting is about? Her eyes are yellow meaning she is seeing everything Astaroth sees which is a 360° view

Astaroth: It's best we ignore that.

Katie: Fine.

Sera calls her mom from her ring

Sera's mother: Hello? Sera?

Sera: Yea. Mom? What's this about a meeting?

Sera's mother: Oh, how'd you find out?

Sera: My ring told me. So what's it about? Why do you need me?

Sera's mother: Well it's about the aliens trying to take authority over Earth. I mean we can come to an agreement, but I need you. If we do we can possibly stop the invasion over Earth and come to an agreement.

Sera: Wow, what have you gone into now Mom... Alright I'll do it.

Sera's mother: Thanks sweetie. You can come anytime you like. See you soon. She hangs up and Sera sighs. She goes to catch up with Katie

Sera: Hey, where's Takashi?

Katie: He's back over there. Probably.

Takashi appears next to them, leaving behind a slight green flame.

Takashi: Sup? He adjusts a ring on his left index finger, the Vento ring I don't need the gloves to use my rings. I can try to use the rings directly, but it takes a lot of concentration. But I do meditate a lot, so I can use the rings fine.

Sera: Uh, cool? That was random. Anyway, stop disappearing, we're trying to have a nice jog and you keep leaving and coming back.

Takashi: It's not my fault you two are competitively jogging. I just used my rings to catch up. I guess I'll leave. I'll be at the diner from earlier this week. The Vento ring ignites its Vento flame, which causes him to disappear in a flash and appear at the door of the diner, where he goes in and orders the food he had last time

Sera: Weird... At least we're alone again.

Katie: Are you friends with that guy? He's weird as fuck.

Sera: Yea, he's chill when he's not always obsessing over his Mystics. So what do you wanna do? I feel like taking a little flight around town then going to eat. Then maybe catch a movie. Wanna come?

Katie: Yeah, that'll be fun.

Sera: Alright let's go! Sera takes off and starts flying high over the city.

Katie puts on Astaroth then creates new wings

Photo-20150602 203132

Katie: Woah. Pretty. She then dashes upwards to Sera and flies beside her, viewing the city

Sera looks at Katie come up beside her and smiles.

Sera: Wait, we need snacks! Sera flies down to a shop and buys a liter of Mountain Dew and a cup. She also buys Doritos Cool Ranch chips. She floats back to Katie and makes a lawn chair construct and sits in it. She makes a cup-holder and then makes a cup holder that holds the liter of Mountain Dew. She makes a pouch in her lap that holds the Cool Ranch chips and leans back in her chair.

Sera: This is the life! Want me to make you a chair too?

Katie: No thanks. I enjoy stretching my wings. So are you just a lesbian or do you like guys too?

Sera: Yep! I'm Bi. What about you? She pours a full cup of Mountain Dew and eats some chips.

Katie turns around and puts her arms behind her head and flies backwards

Katie: I'm bi as well. But, girls are better.

Sera: Eh, I wouldn't say that... I kinda like dicks better, because they feel soooo nice! She closes her eyes and smiles

Katie: Meh. I don't like to fuck guys. Just make out with them. Girls are where the fun is at.

Sera: To each it's own I guess. She drinks the Cup of Mountain Dew and lays back and closes her eyes as the breeze ensues.

Katie: Astaroth. You seem to become tense when around Takashi. Why is that.

Astaroth: The rings.

Katie: What about them?

Astaroth: They are related to my death.

Katie: How?

Astaroth: Your grandfather used them them to kill me. He borrowed them from Takashi's grandfather.

Katie: Really? Shit. Also quick question. Why don't you still have your demonic behaviour and alliance?

Astaroth: I stored my soul inside this necklace so I couldn't be controlled and have my freewill. No soul means it can't be ruled. It came with a catch, I was heavily weakened because my soul is 2/3 of my power. So I modified the necklace so I could draw power from my soul into me and I attacked Earth. I was free and had no humanity. I was defeated by your grandfather and he took the necklace, I lived on as a soul, trapped within the jewellery I forged. But the necklace allowed me to "draw" myself from it and because I was "dead", my soul was free too. But I cannot completely escape the necklace. I started regenerating, gaining more of my powers back one by one. By the time I was passed down to you, I had been able to escape the necklace in the orb form. But not completely. Eventually I will regenerate my full power, then nothing can stop us.

Katie: Damn. That's pretty cool.

Sera: Is Astaroth telling you his backstory about you granddaddy and Takashi's granddaddy? She then finishes her bag of chips and puts her ring to the empty bag. She also puts the empty liter bottle there and uses the ring to suck up the trash. Eh, I'll throw it away later...

Katie: Yeah. I didn't know that they were friends. And his rings could defeat a small part of Astaroth. Imagine the power of Astaroth when he fully regenerates...

Sera: Ohhhh, how strong will he be?

Katie: He's a prince of Hell. So I guess REALLY powerful.

Sera: Whoa that's cool! She finishes the last cup of soda and makes her ring absorb the cup. She starts to fly again What now?

Katie: We should go catch a movie or something.

Takashi calls Sera.

Takashi: Hey Sera. You there?

Sera starts talking to her ring

Sera: Yea? What's up?

Takashi: Someone's attacking the diner. Sera hears an explosion, then a fireball being launched as Takashi hits the guy attacking I'm gonna need some back up, ASAP. Bring your girl friend too. Ya know, uh... He dodges a projectile Katie. Yeah, bring Katie. Ends the call as he dodges another projectile and takes cover *Hurry up, Sera. Katie, I hope you can do something with your Mystic.*

Sera: Shit... Katie we have to go... More dumbass people are attacking Takashi... The chair dissolves and she wait's for Katie. You ready?

Katie: Yeah! Astaroth, channel full power into flight! Katie's wings glow really bright and she flies almost instantly to Takashi then the wings retract

Sera follows flying and lands when and a a sound wave comes from their blind side. Sera turns around quickly and creates a force field that blocks the sound wave

Sera: What are they after?! She punches the ground and spikes protrude from the ground in a wide spread

Takashi: My rings. Takashi takes out two Tic-Tac like objects from his pocket then ingests them, activating his Hyper Genso-en Mode and turning him into flames as the Sedici-Gloves appear with the rings attached I don't know why, maybe because they're original Mystics. Just subdue, no killing. The flames on his gloves and forehead change to Vento flames, using them to propel him to a random attacker, then pulls out a bow with the Acqua flames, uses that to subdue him Who's next?

Sera: K. Don't need to tell me that... She forms an attack helicopter above her and shoots at all the attackers injuring then At least your Mystic is from Earth. Mine is from deep within space. She forms a force field around them as more sound waves tries to hit them. She takes it down and shoots beams everywhere

Takashi: *What did she mean by "your Mystic is from Earth?" Is her's an alien object?* Transforms the bow into his dual Fiamma pistols and spam-fires at the attackers using special, non-lethal soft flame projectiles What do you guys want from me?

Attacker #1: Give us the damn rings already!! You don't deserve them!! Charges Takashi with a gauntlet that fires lightning beams

Takashi: *Simpleton.* The left pistol turns into a bladed shield which he uses to block the attack, changing the edges of his Central Flame to a dark grey You're gonna have to take them from me. He uses the shield's blunt side to hit the attacker in the face, then roundhouse kicks him out the window

Attacker #2: That's what we plan on doing!!

Attacker #3: And yours too!! Charges at Sera with a neon-infused chain, using it as a sword

(InFamous reference there^^)

Sera: K. Good luck with that. She makes a sword and easily breaks the chain and spins around with her left heel colliding with the attacker's jaw breaking it.

Katie: *Guess they don't need help. Oh well.*

Takashi: *Come on flames. It's hyper mode, what can you do?* Jumps and drop kicks an attacker, then sweep kicks another *Maybe I should try using the flames differently. I need some soft flames though. Wait, flame levels.* His rings project a holographic display which shows 14 different bars, two of the same colors. One pair is dark red, another pair is blue, another is green, so on, with dark brown-yellow, black, and white. The top two bars are regularly colored flames *Alright, Fiamma at 90%, Acqua at 75%, Vento at 95%, Roccia at 85%, Ghiccio still at 100%, Terra at 80%. Base flames are good. Shit, dodge!* Dodges an attack, then uppercuts him in the stomach *Try using flames as laser beams like repulsor beams.* Fires soft flames in a concentrated beam at another attacker, hitting them and knocking them out

Katie: Sigh Guess I should do something. She summons her wings and as they come out, they smack two guys running from behind Heh nice one Astaroth. She hovers up a couple meters, the feathers on the wings vibrating and the wings not flapping, then spreads her arms and releases lots of darkness balls that attach to people and drain their soul killing them

Sera gets caught in a full Nelson then does a backflip to get out of it and then breaks the guy's back. She then tries to form a giant mech but gets blasted then gets held in the air by a girl with telekinesis

Sera: What...The...Fuck... Her ring flies off of her finger to the attacker and then she falls to the ground. Shit no!

Attacker #4: Your Mystic is the most dangerous... We need it... She swings her arm in front of her which releases a telekinetic wave that pushes her far then more attackers run and fly to Sera to kill her.

Sera: No!! Ring! DO SOMETHING!!! Suddenly the ring starts to glow in the attacker's hands as she flies away and the white light starts to glow so bright everyone in the area around gets blinded including Takashi and Katie.

Attacker #4: What the hell!!!!! What IS THIS LIGHT?!?!

Sera then runs at the attacker, uppercuts her in the chin with her left fist, punches her in the stomach with her right fist and turns around left and kicks her with her left heel so hard she flies through a building, leaving the ring on the floor.

Sera: Ring, stop glowing. She grabs the ring and puts it on. I'm so tired of this shit....

Takashi: Ow. Shit. Covers his eyes to shield them from the light, then uses his gloves to propel him into an attacker, using them momentum to hit the guy in the face with his elbow, knocking him out Jeez. My rings don't torture people's eyes Sera. Chill the fuck out. And make it stop. Forms his Acqua bow and fires an arrow at another attacker quickly, draining his consciousness and converting it into flame energy for Hunter

The whole area drains of light, leaving it pitch black with no light source or light allowed to be created. Katie flies around pulling people up to the sky and then dropping them to their death. She then throws spears of darkness at some people'

Sera: Fuck this! She forms octopus tentacles out of the ring and they grab every attacker that are still alive and the dead bodies by their waist I'm ending this now... She flies so fast and gets to to the edge of the atmosphere flinging everyone with enough force to get them into space and die. She flies back down annoyed.

Takashi: Hey, I said no killing. Eh, fuck it. And Katie, turn the lights on. Damn girl.

She illuminates the area that was filled with darkness.

Sera: Where are these guys coming from?

Takashi: I don't know. Should we do some mind probing? But I do remember... they said something about a Mystic stealing company right? Maybe that's where they're coming from.

Sera: Yea. I mean if we can. She floats in the air and looks around. I don't think anyone else is coming to fight. Her clothes turn normal

Takashi: God, I hope not. I'm tired. He returns to normal as his gloves return to their cloth form We should take their Mystics and put them somewhere safe. He takes off his gloves, which show his rings on his fingers, Ogni, Fiamma, and Ghiccio on his right hand and the rest on his left hand, then stuffs his gloves in his jacket pocket

Katie: Yeah orrr we could destroy them. Less Mystics to be used for evil.

Takashi: You do have a point. Take them, and get some stuff for s'mores. We're having a bonfire. His Fiamma ring forms a fire over its ring face

Katie: Kk. Katie obliterates the Mystics Done.

Takashi: Should we investigate into these attacks? They've been popping up all over the place, and they're centered around us, somehow.

Katie: Just some assholes trying to take our Mystics. Well who wouldn't?

Sera: I know right! We're too special! She smacks Katie's ass then looks at her while biting her lip. I feel like going to visit my mom now. I don't know WHY she needs me, but I might as well go see her to find out more info. Who's coming?

Katie: I'll come. She walks past Sera and her hand "slips" in between her legs as she winks as her seductively then carries on walking

Sera: Good... Sera says this low while smirking at Katie then looks at Takashi. You comin' dude?

Takashi nods yes, then looks at them weird.

Takashi: Are you guys dating? Or am I just hallucinating? Prepares himself for high-speed movement

Sera: Figure it out hehe She winks at him then flies off to her apartment to get ready

Katie: Astaroth, yip yip! Grows wings and flies to the house

As Katie arrives, Sera is putting on a different panty and bra.

Sera: Oh hey. She blushes but keeps going You gonna change too?

Katie blushes as she checks her out

Katie: Y-yeah. Katie slowly takes off her bra and panties making sure Sera sees it then puts on new ones without putting on clothes after. She slowly walks over to Sera and places her hands on her shoulders from behind Takashi isn't here yet, wanna have a little fun before he gets here?

Takashi knocks on the door.

Takashi: Should I come in?

Sera: Ugh, what a fucking virgin... I swear... Puts on clothes and opens door Happy now? Geez...

Katie: *Fucking hell!* Astaroth quickly makes darkness engulf Katie then disappear making her clothes appear on her Thanks Astaroth.

Takashi: Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt your Yuri fun time. I'll be back. Teleports back to his house to get an extra case of his special pills and some more stuff

Katie facepalms

Katie: That kid is just weird. Well at least he's gone now.

Sera: Doesn't matter anymore.. Let's just go... She opens her window and flies off

Katie: *Awww...I wanted to do it with her was fun last time...*

Astaroth: I can murder Takashi for you if you want.

Katie: If you get the chance. Heh. Just kidding. And I mean it, I'm just KIDDING. Remember what you did to the guy who cheated on me? He was the reason I like girls more than guys. Partially because he cheated on me. Mostly because of what you did to him.

Astaroth: The guy slept with your cousin. He deserved it.

Katie: I guess so. She flies off after Sera

Sera is now flying at moderate speeds and waiting for Katie and Takashi

Sera: Ugh, where are they. They need to hurry up... Maybe I'm flying too fast... Sera slows down and looks behind her to see Katie catching up Hey.

Katie: Hey Sera! As Katie flies, a purple streak is left behind from her purple glowing wings So after this I'm gonna meet my father, get a few tips on how the necklace works so I can easily channel Astaroth and maybe give him a physical form. Because he's healing fast. Not so sentient anymore.

Sera: Hmm, cool! Hopefully we can finally meet him in person. If Takashi doesn't catch up in 5 minutes I'm going without him. She begins to fly faster

Katie flies backwards just flapping her wings but boosting herself at the same speed as Sera

Katie: How slow is that guy? Can he even fly?

Sera: Probably not! Ugh so annoying!

Takashi appears out of thin air next to them made out of fire.

Takashi: If you're wondering why I took so long, I was getting used to this Hyper mode. Anyway, let's go. His fire turns green as his gloves expand to cover up most of his forearms, like gauntlets Don't ask about my gloves, it's normal. I think. Where are we going? Space?

Katie: She's about to say something but doesn't Well okay then.

Sera: Finally! Dude took forever! Try to keep up guys! She then flies out of the atmosphere at mach 2 then speeds up to mach 10 in space. She leaves the Solar System as her ring guides her to a giant alien ship surrounded by little ships. She arrives at a docking area with alien scanners.

Alien Guard: Authorization?

Sera: I'm Michelle Park's daughter.

Alien Guard: Alright and this other human and life form?

Sera: That's Takashi and my HUMAN friend Katie.

Alien Guard: Alright, you may enter.

Sera: Under her breath Bitch... She heads inside and walks around and looks back at Takashi and Katie. You guys ready? That was a fun trip!

As Katie walks past the guard, he sees her necklace and gets scared as he sees Astaroth through it's reflection. Katie laughs then walks in

Katie: So this place is nice.

Takashi: This place sure is... interesting. His gloves return to their normal form

Sera: Ring, show us the way to my mother. I don't know anything about this ship. Her ring begins to show her the way in her mind and she starts to walk through the ship. Somebody then bumps into her ass they they keep running. *Prick..* She then walks past a group of aliens and overhears something about Earth's defenses and the weapons on the ship. She looks back weirdly but keeps walking. Damn this ship is BIG. How am I gonna find my mom...

Katie: I could get Astaroth to smell her soul...but it's weird since the last time that happened I could literally taste the soul...yuck. I can even taste that rottenness of Takashi's ring's souls. Blurgh.

Sera: I can find her, it's just that this ship is so damn big and she's so far into the ship... Ugh fuck this. If you want you guys can explore the ship. I'll go find my mom. Sera then flies as fast as she can to her mom without damaging the ship.

Takashi: Katie, what do you mean about my rings having souls? I get that Astaroth lives in your necklace, but my rings don't have any sentient entity in them. Gets his Vento flames prepared to move

Katie: You might wanna double check. Astaroth can really important things but observing your soul. Anyway I'm gonna go meet my father. Wanna come? He's pretty awesome. He slays demons and monsters, just like his father. He's a well known hero.

Takashi: Sure. Why not? Just lead the way.

Katie: Well he tinkered with the necklace's powers to make a portal to his house. So uh...try not to throw up. She grabs Takashi's hand and they turn to darkness and disappear to a different ship filled with artifacts and a collection of monster hunting gear and pieces of dead monsters on the walls

Katie: Pretty cool huh? Takes a katana off the wall and swings it around then sheathes it and throws it to Takashi

Takashi: Catches the katana Yeah, pretty cool. Holds the katana by his waist with his left hand, then draws it, makes a few quick slashes, then sheathes it, all in one swift motion I should incorporate a katana into my Elemental Arsenal. It's a good weapon. Wait, your dad tinkered with the necklace? Is tinkering with a Mystic even possible?

Katie: Well yeah if you've been using it a lot or know a lot about it. I'll call my dad. She places two fingers on her necklace as it glows yellow and mentally calls her father

Takashi: Interesting. You said that Astaroth detected a soul in my rings. I've never heard about this until just now. All I know about them is that they were original Mystics, part of a set of seven, and that they had incredible power. Would any of you care to explain this?

Katie's dad walks in. He's a tall, friendly looking man wearing dark armor (picture below), a two handed sword/spear weapon on his back and demonic artifacts and a general demonic look

Aaron's armor DemonArmorFull

Aaron's armor

Katie's dad: Katie's grandfather, my father, was a powerful demon hunter. He used to kill demons everyday like it was nothing. But he met his match after fighting this one, very powerful demon. Astaroth. But he put up a great fight with him. So Astaroth created a necklace to keep his soul within so that he could live on forever. My father knew he couldn't defeat Astaroth, there was no way. So he asked his friend, your grandfather Takashi, if he could borrow the rings to kill Astaroth and he accepted. So when Astaroth was attacking a village, my father attacked him and successfully killed Astaroth. He took the necklace as a reward and gave it to me. Then I became a very powerful hero and saved billions of lives. Hello Takashi, I'm Aaron Harper. My father was best friends with your grandfather. Ask me anything about your rings. I'll be glad to answer of what I know.

Katie: Wait, you met Takashi's grandfather?

Aaron: Yup. Like an uncle to me.

Takashi: Ah, good to meet you Mr. Harper. Astaroth told Katie, I think, that my rings have souls. Would you please care to explain? My family never told me anything about my rings having souls.

Aaron: Let's see. Where do I begin? Ah, I should start with Astaroth. When I was wielding Astaroth and his necklace, he told me all about his death. How it happened, who caused it, and so on. Since my father had defeated him with your rings Takashi, Astaroth told me about the rings. He said the gems in the rings contain the souls of dead Seraphim fused with the souls of dead Demon Lords. These Demon Lords were high-ranking Demons under Satan's command, similar to a Prince of Hell like Astaroth, but they weren't worthy of ruling Hell. Instead, they lived as high-ranking officers of Satan's army, and lead those armies to battle. Anyway, each of those Seraphim and Demon Lord were compatible in terms of powers and rank, with each of their elements forming the foundation for your Elemental Flames.

Takashi: I see. Continue.

Aaron: Right, when the Demon Lords died, their souls took the form of gems, much similar to the ones you have now. Satan didn't really want the gems, so he gave them to a human alchemist. This alchemist was also given the souls of 7 Seraphim with matching powers, also in gem form. With the powers of 7 high-level Ethereal entities, he devised a plan. He would fuse the gems together, craft rings out of the fused gems, and use their power to fight evil. And so, he created the rings you own, and fought off evil entities that dared to rear their ugly heads into this world. But when he grew old, he hid the rings among several other mystical artifacts, and died, satisfied that he had done what he could to protect the world.

Takashi: Then those artifacts were the ones that were found in the Original Mystic Finding.

Aaron: Indeed.

Takashi: I see. Inspects his Ogni ring for a moment, then lights the Ogni flame over the ring face These rings possess the powers of supernatural entities.

Aaron: Yes, but here's the thing. The souls aren't sentient.

Takashi: Hm?

Aaron: Unlike Astaroth, who survived by putting his soul into a necklace, the rings have no conscience. They're not alive. They only possess the power of their respective souls. Astaroth is different not only because he's pure demon, or a Prince of Hell, his soul was still alive when he imbued it into his necklace. Only his physical body was destroyed, which also cost him some of his powers.

Takashi: Got it. Extinguishes the flame, then rests his hand

Aaron: You have any other questions?

Takashi: Yeah. Is it possible the rings could be augmented?

Aaron: Your grandfather said that only the ancestor who first used the rings was able to augment their powers further. The alchemist who created the rings died without even thinking of that being possible. Does your family ever say you resemble a distant ancestor?

Takashi: Yeah, why?

Aaron: I see. So they were right.

Takashi: What do you mean?

Aaron: I've talked with your grandfather recently, and it seems everyone in your family agrees?

Takashi: Would you care to elaborate? Just to make sure we're on the same page here.

Aaron: You are the second coming of your ancestor. The one who first wielded the rings. I mean think about it. You've heard stories about him, right?

Takashi: Yeah. They said he used the rings in a way that was a lot like mine. They also say we look a lot alike, in appearance, personality, beliefs, everything.

Aaron: Well it's true. Astaroth read into the gems of your rings. Isn't that right Astaroth?

Astaroth: Correct. This boy who wields the instrument of my defeat is much alike the one who first wielded the rings. It still disgusts me, those damned rings.

Aaron: I get it, you really don't like the rings. But listen Takashi, you have the potential to augment your Elemental Arsenal to a higher level, possibly to a point beyond the Primo Wielder. That is what they call him, right?

Takashi: Yeah. I'm apparently the Sedicesimo Wielder.

Aaron: And the second coming of the First. Prime brought out a level of power no one else in the family can match. Only you have, and you have the potential to go to a higher level. So train hard Takashi.

Takashi: Thanks.

Katie: Wow. How come you didn't tell me any of this?

Aaron: Because you didn't need to know. Until now. Since you've met Takashi.

Katie: Okay. And by the way dad, Astaroth has been receiving more powers, one's you haven't used before. Why is that?

Aaron: Because Astaroth's physical body is healing. Soon he'll be really powerful. More than you can control. He will be able to defy you. Even betray you.

Katie: Woah. That-that's crazy.

Aaron: Maybe I should control Astaroth. Just until I re-tame him. I've done it once before and I'll do it again.

Katie: Okay. But just until he's tamed. Then he's mine again.

Aaron: Alright Katie. Hand him over. Katie removes the necklace and gives him to Aaron, who wears it over his armor as it fits perfectly on a circle hole on his armor similar to Iron Man's arc reactor.

Katie: Bye Astaroth. Guess I'm powerless now.

Aaron: Don't worry, he'll return completely under your control soon. But in the time being, you should stay here and train.

Katie: Okay dad.

At the alien ship[]


Sera's Mother, with looks and clothing. (Although she looks a bit older.)

Sera is flying to her mother then stops when she hears something else.

Sera: What the fuck did I just hear... She then begins to walk around more and then finds a tiny storage room and goes into it. She comes out with her ring glowing bright white and then begins to fly until she sees her mother. Uhh Mom? She enters a large room with big computers lined up around the room and a huge 360 screen computer in the middle of the room with a table surrounding them. Her mother is slouched in a chair with her feet on the table discussing something.

Sera's Mom: She looks over at Sera and gets widened eyes and jumps off the table. Sera!!! She runs at Sera and picks her up and swings her around hugging her.

Sera: M-Mom.. You're crushing me...

Her mom let's go and puts Sera on the ground.

Sera's Mom: Sorry I got a bit carried away hehe. So what brings you here? She walks with Sera to the table and they both sit down. I didn't tell you to come until next week.

Sera: Yea well, school is out and I'm bored so I decided to come here earlier. She pulls out her phone and checks her Instagram as she's talking.

Sera's Mom: Ohh, well maybe you should actually get a job or something. You're pretty lazy and you know this. She puts her legs on the table and begins to slouch in her chair.

Sera: I don't need one though Mom. If I wanted I could steal money... As she says this, the pressure in the big room increases as everyone begins to turn and look at Sera's Mom. Everybody feels a huge pressure of power fall down on them as they look at Sera's Mom.

Sera's Mom: What? Her eyes are now glowing different colors as everybody except Sera falls to their knees. She starts talking in a serious tone. If you wanted, you could do WHAT?

Sera: *Oh shit... She's PISSED.* N-Nothing m-mom... C-Could you- Suddenly the huge amount of pressure in the room is gone and everyone feels it lifted off of them.

Sera's Mom: Yea, that's what I thought you said. She is still in the slouched position in her chair Are you going to visit your dad soon? She gets up and walks to a computer and starts to type something.

Sera: U-Uh.. No I don't think so... He's too far in space.. Am I correct?

Sera's Mom: She looks at Sera with a smile Nope. He came back a couple of hours ago from his trip to the Vega Star.

Sera: Already?! Is he okay??

Sera's Mom: Yea he is. Although he came back kind of quick... I expected him to come back in 7 more years but I'm happy he came so quickly! Seems his power is drained for a while though since he tried to come back.

Sera: Oh... That's interesting. I was worried something would actually happy to him out there.

Sera's Mom: Yep. She goes to a vending machine and a gas emits from her hand into the machine and a beer comes out. We had a huge party for him and his crew in the Tower when he came back though. She takes the beer and it pops open on its own and she starts drinking. If you want you can stay here and look around or go to the Tower. The meeting with the alien race leader Valqueh isn't until next week.

Sera: Oh okay... 

Sera's Mom: Oh! And how's your ring? Still working for you? I mean how else would you get here?

Sera: Yea it's AWESOME. I'm unlocking more abilities with it. Oh mai gawd! Mom I have this awesome story about my ring getting stolen and me getting it back halfway across the world!

Sera's Mom: Hahaha you never cease to get into trouble. But sorry I can't right now. I have things I gotta do. Maybe some other time before the meeting okay?

Sera: Alright! See ya mom. I'll come by again in a bit maybe. She goes to her mom and hugs her and leaves the room. Sera passes a guy that tries to touch her body but suddenly a pink gas surrounds him restricting his movement. Her mom comes out with pink gas coming from her hand.

Sera's Mom: Go on sweetie. I'll take care of this guy. I guess he doesn't remember that you're my DAUGHTER.


Sera: Haha see you mom!

Sera leaves and walks quickly to another room. She is thinking about her mom as she's walking.

Sera: *Damn she's still scary... That Cosmic Energy Manipulation is awesome though.* She then finds the room she went to earlier and looks inside to see her energy twin she created floating. Yes! That means its got information! she touches her energy twin and the twin absorbs into her ring and her whole body surges with energy. No way... T-That's impossible... Should I tell mom? ...Nah I gotta keep this for myself... She exits the room with a worried face and goes somewhere.

Back to Katie and Takashi's Situation[]

Takashi is currently in a section of the ship reserved for training. Right now, he's working with Katie's father Aaron to enhance his Elemental Arsenal to levels beyond.

Takashi: Well, it's working. I think the weapons might be changing. His gloves change to gauntlets as his rings all float off his hands What's going on? The Ogni Ring separates into two parts, the smaller ring transforming into another version of the larger ring. The rings then float back onto Takashi's hands, Fiamma, Ogni, Acqua, and Vento on his right hand in that order, and Ghiccio, the second Ogni, Terra and Roccia on his left hand in that order What just happened? The gauntlets then incur a minor transformation that opens a modular augmentation system on them Well, this is new.

Aaron: That's completely normal Takashi. Mystics evolve. Like Astaroth is regenerating. Sometimes Mystics alter their current abilities to adapt to their owner's current lives. Maybe that's what your rings are doing.

Takashi: I see. Looks at the gauntlets, then activates his Vento Ring, deploying a green beam that swirls around both gauntlets, then disappear as a yellow-and-green-striped cartridge resembling an ammunition belt lands on his hand and green thrusters appear attached to the gauntlets Whoa. What's this for? Attaches the end of the cartridge to his left gauntlet, which then loads the cartridge in as a laser cannon-like weapon appears on the upper portion of the gauntlet Let's see what this does. Aims the gauntlet at a nearby target dummy, then fires several bullet shaped Vento flam projectiles that then accelerate to an irregular speed and hit the target Whoa! Awesome!! What else can I do? Tries out the thrusters on his gauntlets, allowing him to fly faster than normal THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER!!! Whoo-hoo!!! He lands back in the ground, and deactivates the thrusters Much fun, so wow. What can Astaroth do now?

Aaron: Well basically He taps the necklace and a huge demonic head (picture below) roars out of it then Aaron taps it back in That. He's getting too powerful and out of control. I fear that he will escape the necklace. So I'm upgrading the necklace so that it's imprisonment strength is increased and Astaroth's soul with stay locked in place. I don't think I should ever give him back to Katie. I'll destroy him before I do.


Takashi: If you destroy Astaroth, then he'll just leave behind the necklace, right? I mean, if the necklace has no power, it's practically worthless. But I don't know how the thing works, so I'm not one to judge. Tries out his Fiamma arsenal, which summons an enhanced form of the cannon and a canister with red stripes on it *What's this for?* Attaches the canister to a opening on the back of the gauntlet, then slides back an armor plate to lock it in Let's try this. Aims the weapon at another training dummy, and fires, releasing a beam of concentrated Fiamma flames Damn. That's badass!! I'm loving this new load-out.

Aaron: Don't get too comfortable, Mystics can highly influence you, make you go coo coo. Best to take it off once in a while. Anyway, let's see how good you are at combat. Takes his sword/spear off his back (picture below) and prepares a stance with it in one hand holding it downwards as the necklace glows bright red


Takashi: Exactly how does a Mystic with no conscience or sentience influence me? And next to that, I don't have any other weapons to use. I have taken Kendo and Iaido classes, but I don't carry around a katana with me. It's not a normal thing to do, just carrying around a katana. And besides, where would I put it? I'm just not sure about it. Resets his Elemental Arsenal to just the gauntlets, then activates the Fiamma and Vento augmentations, deploying thrusters and an enhanced arm cannon system, transforming the cartridge into a scythe he holds on his back with invisible Vento flames that don't burn and transforming the canister into a claymore with the Fiamma gem embedded in the guard Anyway, let's go. On your mark.

Aaron: Well Mystics are made of a rare unknown radiation which gives them powers, otherwise they are just toddler toys. Runs at Takashi, then stops and stabs the spear in the ground and backflip kicks it upwards in the air then rolls back as he lands. He then pounces at Takashi's legs and beats him then handsprings back while grabbing the spear in a roll and throws it forward in a quick succession

Takashi: And if one is exposed to enough radiation, bad stuff happens and you go cray cray. Handsprings back up and activates Terra, forming a black and silver Heater shield with a sharpened end on his right arm to block the spear while also converting the sword back to a canister that he then plugs into the gauntlet and locks into place, then uses the arm cannon on his left to fire a beam of Fiamma flames at Aaron. He does the weapon swap with Vento flames to propel him so quick, it looks like the Shield of Terra replaced the Blade of Fiamma

Aaron: Exactly. His chest area gets covered in pitch black darkness with hints of purple and red which tanks the beam as he slowly walks to Takashi. The darkness engulfs him turning him into a walking shadow. He then claps his hand blasting a wave of darkness at Takashi close-ranged, blasting him into the wall behind him

Aaron: demonic voice Don't be afraid to try and kill me! Use lethal tactics. Grabs Takashi by the throat and throws him behind himself to the other side of the room and picks up his spear and throws it at him, aiming for his chest

Takashi: His voice deepens in a similar manner to Raiden from MGR:R I see. So I have someone to let loose on, eh?! He pulls himself out of the wall, then switches his shield to the other hand as he uses the Vento thrusters to boost out of the way of the spear, then puts the shield away as he takes his scythe off his back and uses it to hook Aaron in with the blade, coated in Vento flames to help him move faster. He then performs a series of moves resembling the Osiris from DmC: A Karma, then hits Aaron up into the air, using a Prop followed by a Shredder. He jumps into the air and uses a Double Up to both hit Aaron and propel himself further up into the air Then don't mind if I do!!

Aaron grabs Takashi's head with both hands as tendrils of darkness grow around from the hands to around his body and stabbing into him all around him giving him excruciating pain and immobilizing him. As they fall, Aaron lands on him in a Smoke Comet Drop-esque way from InFamous: Second Son then let's him writhe in pain as he walks away and the darkness armor vaporizes into the air

Aaron: How does that feel?

Takashi: I'm not trying to say I'm a masochist, but damn. That was good. Uses his Acqua Flames to slowly regenerate himself It's been a while since I've had this much fun fighting. Good match. I'm just gonna take a nap here. Or if you could drag me to the infirmary, if there is one here. My Acqua flames should heal me while I sleep. He closes his eyes and falls asleep as the flames slightly increase in their healing speed

Aaron: Heh...crazy kid. Rips the tendrils off then picks him over his shoulder and drops him on a spare bed in the guard's rooms

Katie in the other room texts Sera and tells her that her dad took Astaroth away

Sera: Damn. Why's that?

Katie: Apparently Astaroth is getting stronger so he is getting out of my control so my dad is gonna "tame" him or something.

Sera: Shouldn't YOU need to tame him tho? Get a greater bond with him?

Katie: No. He's been with Astaroth for longer and has tamed him before. Taming has nothing to do with our bond when dealing with demon soul Mystic shit. Anyway how is ur mom doing?

Sera: Well, she's cool. Almost killed me because I said something wrong... Ugh, but the weird part was that I wasn't being affected much by it. I wonder why... Anyway, I kinda gotta go. Gotta take care of something. Cya.

Katie: Cya. That's when Aaron walks in

Aaron: Hey Kate, I heard your school closed down, why's that?

Katie: It's just for a week, and it's because some idiots broke in and stole random people's Mystics.

Aaron: That's crazy, what happened after?

Katie: Me and Sera took ours back from them.

Aaron: Haha...showed them not to mess with the daughter of Aaron Harper.

Katie: Yeah heh.

Aaron: What about everyone else's Mystics?

Katie: I told the police where they could be found.

Aaron: Perfect. I got something that needs sorting in the Gyrone Space District, so I'll be back in a week or so, leaving you in change okay?

Katie: But if someone steps out of line, how will I threaten them without Astaroth?

Aaron: Everyone here knows you're my daughter, trust me, they'll listen.

Katie: Heh okay bye dad.

Aaron: Bye Katie, see you soon. he flies out the ship

Takashi wakes up in the training room, fully healed and back to normal.

Takashi: Good. Hand-springs up I wonder what else this Arsenal can offer. Activates the Ogni Gauntlets, and summons all the equipment in the Arsenal in front of him, the ammo types, weapons, and augmentations *What do I have to work with here.* Looks through and inspects each set of equipment *So Fiamma is attack-oriented, as usual. Acqua is focused on a long-ranged style. Vento seems to be all about the speed, so that'll come in handy. Ghiccio, stealthy, so that helps. Roccia, a heavy, oversized battle-axe, so that needs strength; might also come in handy. Terra has all the defensive equipment I need.* Hides all the equipment by summoning a portal to a pocket dimension linked to the rings, then putting the Arsenal in there. As he finishes, a crew member of the ship arrives at the door with a big cardboard box, about half his height

Crew Member: Hi, I have a package for Takashi... Checks the label on the box Fiamma?

Takashi: That's me.

CM: Just sign here and take this box. Holds out a clipboard for Takashi to sign, who signs it, then hands him the box and leaves

Takashi: Calls out to the guy Thanks! Takes the box and cuts it open with the Knife of Ghiccio *What's all this?* The box contains a new set of headphones, a belt with 16 smaller, hand-sized box in seven different colors attached to the belt, along with 5 of the small boxes all made from an unbreakable, metallic alloy, some more of the pills Takashi has, and a note, which reads:

Hi Takashi. We have some specially developed equipment for you to test. This equipment is what have labelled "Box Weapons", as they are boxes that hold weapons. These boxes are meant to hold your Arsenal, should you have evolved them to a new level. I know there are 16 boxes, when there should be 14 or so. Well, some of this equipment is a bit unorthodox, so we want you to test those out as well. The mechanism is simple, take the gem on your rings and plug them into the opening on the tops of the boxes. The first time you do this, hold it for 10 seconds so the boxes register the equipment. Only do this for the boxes labelled #2, and #5-16. The rest have preloaded equipment ready to use. The Golden boxes correspond to your Ogni ring, red for Fiamma, and so on. Now, four of the boxes have differing patterns, which means any ring will be accepted by those. Any other time you plug the gem of your ring into the boxes, just hold it in for one second and your weapon will deploy. Good luck and stay safe, - Dad.

Takashi: Damn, okay. Checks for the boxes, and does what the note told him, presetting the numbered boxes and trying on the belt, making sure it fits Perfect. Now what does this one do? Picks up the extra golden box, and does the presetting, which then makes the belt and Ogni Gauntlets turn into Ogni flames and flow back into the extra box, closing shut after. Okay, what about the rest? Picks up a box with two gauntlets crossed over the front, then plugs in the Ogni ring, releasing a set of armored gauntlets, boots, a backpack and a mask that appears on Takashi in their corresponding places

Some test dummies appear for Takashi to test his equipment on.

Takashi: Good. The mask folds onto his face as the backpack deploys to thruster-like objects from the back, propelling Takashi towards a target, where he does a few hand-to-hand moves on it Nice. What's this labelled? Goes over to the cardboard box and flips over the note, and sees a list of all the boxes and their purposes Shock Steel? He sees the box labelled "Shock Steel" as the same one he has on now Weird, now how do I get this off? Picks up the Shock Steel box, taps it with his ring, which then causes the Shock Steel equipment to flow back into the box as flames and close

More test dummies appear.

Takashi: This is gonna be a long while. Puts the note back in the box, gets the headphones and sets them to play some music, then goes to train with all the boxes he has.

In Sera's situation[]

Sera is walking in the ship and looks out the window at the end of the hallway to look at Promethium. Promethium is a space station station deep in space that houses all kinds of heroes from different areas of the world. It's as big as a moon and constructed with highly advanced alien technology from around the universe. Promethium's purpose is to bring all heroes and help them advance further with their mystic abilities and watch over the Earth as well. Since it is deep in space, only a few teleportation tubes are known around the Earth to have access to it. When Aliens are allied with Earth and such they also get access to the Tower. Promethium also has lots of other rooms to purpose in and used for virtually everything and it was created and founded by Sera's great grandparents. Her dad inherited it and is now the current owner.

Sera: What should I do... Takashi is with Katie and Katie doesn't have Astaroth. I gotta do this myself...

She then forms her normal clothes which is a loose T-shirt, skinny jeans and sandals. She proceeds to walk back down the hallway to try and handle this herself. Sera talks to her ring and suddenly a path that only she can see, ignites in blue to Valqueh, the leader of the alien race planning to make a truce with Michelle, Sera's mother for Earth. She walks down the glowing blue path in HOPE to find the leader. Eventually she reaches the entrance to Valqueh and breaths out. She then hides the white glow of her ring and enters the gigantic room where he resides. Everything is decorated and filled with nice luxurious things and Sera is looking around amazed.

2015-07-27 23.23


Sera: Whoa... The place is huge... For a dude like this... She continues on walking and sees Valqueh laughing and enjoying some kind of beverage of other organisms of his species. Sera cringes and walks over to him. Um excuse me, are you Valqueh?

Valqueh: He stops laughing and looks at her up and down and waves his friends away Yes I am. And you are? He inspects her once more and glances a look at her ass

Sera: *This fucker...* S-Sera Parks... Michelle Parks's daughter.

Valqueh: Oh Michelle's daughter? Then he says under his breath I can tell that much... Anyway, what are you here for Miss Parks?

Sera: I, uh, kinda wanted to talk to you alone about something...

Valqueh: He then gets a smile on his face and nods Sure thing... Of course you must know that I bring some people with me to guard me in case you try to do anything funny.

Sera: Yes I know. They then head to another room of his where it is empty and he turns to face her

Valqueh: Now what are the matters you wanted to discuss?

Sera: Well I was talking to one of the people from your race and he told me something about your far left fleet already heading to Earth... And.. If I'm correct, you have no right at all to go past the perimeter we agreed to until after the meeting next week...

Valqueh: Hahah... Girl, there's no way one of my men would tell a human. That's how I know you're lying. He fixes his translator on his neck

Sera: Oh... Really? Then how about this? She holds out her arm with her ring on it and guards come from around to begin and protect Valqueh. But suddenly a light projects in the air above them and a scene from when her energy twin was spying on some aliens plays. As the scene plays you see Sera's energy twin walk up to a bunch of aliens and she starts talking to them. They start telling information about Valqueh and what his plan is.

Valqueh: ...How did you...

Sera: Easy... I made my energy twin use mirages on your allies to make them think I was one of them. Then they told me everything. I had a hunch because of what your friends were muttering earlier.

Valqueh: That doesn't mean nothing... I can-

Sera: I've gotten ALOT of information. What a douche... Planning to attack Earth even through we're trying to make an agreement.

Valqueh: Tch... This girl... He turns around and smirks You made the most stupidest mistake trying to confront me.

That's when the guards come at Sera. She is alarmed and flies at Valqueh but gets tackled in mid-air and hits the ground. She hits the guy's back hard and throws him off but another guard tries to hit her with some kind of weapon where she does a back handspring away and flies high into the air. She constructs white gatling guns and missile launchers that shoot down into the floor at rapid fire and create huge explosions.

Sera: Now where are you Valqueh... She floats down but suddenly tiny objects starts flying out of the smoke and Sera instinctively puts her arms in front of her. She then makes a giant baseball glove in front of her to block the projectiles as they keep flying at her. The hell was that? I wonder if- She looks at her arm and body and the objects seem to be needles with a black fluid in them. I forgot to put up my personal force field! She starts taking the tiny needles out her and throwing them. Suddenly the baseball glove construct seems to start breaking apart. But when she concentrates on it, her vision starts to slow down and distort. The construct breaks and she manages to see Valqueh and all the guards standing on the ground normally.

Valqueh: Mhm, knew it.

Sera: What did you... She falls out of the air and hits the ground falling unconscious.

Sera wakes up to see herself tied up in the middle of a room with her arms above her tied to the ceiling and her legs to the floor. She has no strength and looks around to see a guard sitting and eating something.


Guard: What are you gonna do about it? He looks back at his meal and continues to eat

Sera: Fuck... Wait my ri-

Guard: Don't bother. Stored it in here. He holds up an energized box with the ring sitting in it. She tries to bring the ring to her but it doesn't come out.

Sera: *Noo.. My strength...*

Guard: See what happens when you try to be a hero?

Sera: Fuck you...

To Aaron flying in the Gyrone space district[]

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The Gyrone Space District

Aaron: *Urgh, I always hate coming here.* Aaron ignites his wings in blazing hell fire and dashes in a blur leaving a trail of flames behind him

Astaroth: Welcome back Aaron. I haven't spoken to you in 2 years.

Aaron: Let's make it forever shall we?

Astaroth: Why did you take me away from Katie?

Aaron: She doesn't need to deal with you at this state.

Astaroth: Meaning?

Aaron: Don't forget why I gave you up in the first place.

Astaroth: You were too weak to control me.

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Aaron's new clothing and sword

Aaron: I made the mistake of trying. Heads towards the biggest planet where an intergalactic meeting is being held. He heads into the murky atmosphere and sets on fire. He lands on the ground, outside a big palace, in a ball of fire sending dust upward and leaving a crater. He emerges from the crater looking at the palace as he forms a different armor and sword. There are two huge golden doors with a huge brute demon-like alien guarding the doors

Aaron: Heads towards the guard Here for the meeting.

Guard: Name?

Aaron: Aaron.

Guard: Surname?

Aaron: Do I need to say? I'm an important guest, surely saying my first name is enough?

Guard: sigh No its not. Tell me or leave in peace.

Aaron: Harper. Aaron Harper.

Guard: Oh, crap, sorry Mr. Harper, I mean no disrespect! Please forgive me for my indecency!

Aaron: It's fine. Just let me in.

Guard: As you wish Mr. Harper!

Aaron: Just call me Aaron.

Guard: Yes Mr. Aaron!

Aaron: Close enough. The golden gates move sideways out the way as three more similar gates are behind it. They move out the way revealing a heavily gaurded room a square mile big. It's busy and important people from around the three worlds and other space districts are there chatting. Aaron walks in as the huge gate and three smaller gates close behind him

Aaron: Woah. *This place is huge.*

Astaroth: Never seen a place so big before.

Aaron: Wonder how big it is.

Stranger: 1.34 square miles. Over 73 billion beings present. Least important person here is a billionaire. Security so good that no galaxy's forces combined could successfully attack this place.

Aaron: Wow. Who are you?

Stranger: Charles Simian. I'm here to escort you to the throne room where the meeting will be held.

Aaron: Oh alright. Lead the way.

Charles: As you wish Aaron Harper. He takes Aaron to an indestructible door at the end of the large room opposite the entrance and waits outside it.

Charles: Here it is Sir Aaron.

Aaron: Aren't you going in?

Charles: Haha. No. I'm not allowed. It's unsafe if I enter. You're on your own from now. Don't show any sign of aggression or an act of rudeness. These people don't screw around. You're entering the universe's most secure room ever. Farewell Mr. Aaron. He walks off as a red light emits from the door and does a full body scan on Aaron before teleporting only him and Astaroth in.

The salvatican throne by gleamingscythe

The Throne Room

Aaron looks around the room and sees guards on each side of every pillar with powerful Mystics. On the throne he sees a man that looks similar to Zinyak from Saints Row 4 and the one on his right is a man wearing a black cape with darkness surrounding him and a grey skeleton on the outside rather than inside, his face is hidden. And on his left is a man who looks like a Predator. They are waiting patiently. The man on the throne is Falkin, a Space Lord and king of this planet. He owns multiple planets in other galaxies. The second one is Eroph, a Space Lord who owns the smallest planet and wants to populate other planets with his own species and kill off the native/dominant species of said planets. The Predator is Vormid, a Space Lord who owns a power empire and invented a planet busting weapon, owns the closest planet to this one. Around the room are a few of the most important and powerful men and women from around other districts, now including Aaron, talking and discussing.

Doctor Fate

Jackson Parks's complete hero suit. When resting, his cape, wraps around his body similar to a coat, so you cannot see his body.

Aaron: *This has got to be the most serious meeting ever.*

Astaroth: All that power...imagine a cagefight between them three.

Unknown: Yo Aaron! A figure in a golden and black costume with a long cloak walks up to Aaron with a drink in his hand.

Aaron: What? Oh, Jackson! Nice to see ya man. holds out his hand for a handshake

Jackson takes out his hand from under his long cloak that wraps around his body and handshakes him

Jackson: Been too long, Aaron. Lots of things must've happened while I was at the Vega Star since I see you've got Astaroth. What happened to your daughter?

Aaron: Oh she needs a break from him. He's getting too powerful and out of control. He'll return to her soon. Plus I needed some protection. Can't come to an intergalactic meeting with three Space Lords without any self-defence. Not that I can't defend myself. So what brings you here? What have you got to do with the meeting?

Jackson: Interesting. And I've gotten a call from one of the head supervisors of this meeting to come join. Apparently they didn't know that I just came back from the Vega Star and I'm tired. I'm not even at full power yet, but the energy I have will have to do for now. Plus I was planning to see my daughter Sera after all these years but I guess it will have to wait. His eyes start to glow in the helmet and Jackson shakes his head. Good, the meaning is going to start soon.

Aaron: Great.

Falkin stands up from his throne and clears his throat

Falkin: Attention everyone. Everyone stops and listens I am Master Falkin, king of this very planet as you all know. I have invited you all today because I know you all personally or think that this meeting is a must for you to attend. I am proud to welcome Emperor Vormid and Eroph the Slayer. Holds arm out to each as he says their names

Aaron: *Eroph is bad news. Who the fuck invited him?!*

Vormid: I am here on behalf of the Vortex Empire to discuss my plans of usage for them.

Eroph: My presence here is for me to inform of my future intent of expansion of the Ein race.

Falkin: And I am here because apparently you two have needs for my rule and power and to propose my plans for reign over other races.

Aaron: *This greedy motherfucker, hasn't he got enough?*

Jackson: He starts to speak telepathically to Aaron This man is pretty cocky in his empire isn't he...

Aaron: Yup. Here we have the greediest king ever, the most racist king ever, and the most arrogant king ever. Quite a show.

Vormid: It is you, Falkin, that personally called me here. And now I ask what you propose here.

Jackson: Hehe, this should be good.

Falkin: As you all know, I am the lord of many space districts, galaxies and solar systems. But as my reign stretches further along the vast universe, the control of my presence weakens meaning any civilization could just take themselves back over from me. That I cannot allow, it would harm not only me, but all other life living under my rule. So I ask you here, Vormid of the Vortex Empire, are you willing to come in allegiance with my Royalty and as reward have joint rule over the planets in my possession?

Aaron: Dude, this isn't good. If he accepts then Falkin would have the strongest empire in the known universe patrolling his entire space kingdom. He could easily take over every galaxy and protect his own ones.

Jackson: What should we do? We can't just sit here and let this go down...

Vormid: I see why you want my power in your possession so desperately. Many do. But you seek it as a form of protection. For yourself? Yes. For your kingdom? That is unclear. If I do join you, you are allowed access to my power. That is dangerous in the hands of a king such as yourself. You could seize any planet that you wish to be wiped out of existence, anyone that sees you in a way you don't appreciate. Including me and my home planet. That I cannot allow.

Aaron: Thank god...

Falkin: You think of me as a heartless murderer who would betray my friends and family? I would do no such thing and to think I would is ridiculous. Join me and you share my power. If I had the power to use the Vortex Empire against you then you would have that power against me aswell. Of course this is just hypothetical and no such thing will ever be in either of our control. We have joint rule and will be of equal importance. It would be impossible for me to have you assassinated, not only because it's out of my control, but because you are my friend and I would never do anything to harm or disrespect you or your Empire.

Vormid: Hmmm...I trust you because you are a great king and does what's best.

Aaron: Pardon me for interrupting Emperor Vormid, but shouldn't you consider all possibilities before going ahead on such a huge life-changing decision?

Falkin: Silence! Who gives you the right to rudely interrupt higher beings and speak of such idiocy?!

Aaron: Well not to be disrespectful but you did invite us here to listen and share our opinions and that is what I'm doing.

Vormid: What possibilities do you speak of? And who are you?

Aaron: I am Commander Aaron of the Aaron Corps. The possibilities you should look out for is how can you trust a man with so much secrets? A man who single handedly rules of united space nation? A man who assigned no leaders to help him rule? Who never allows a government to decide for his planets? He has killed the leaders of the planets he has taken over. You know how he does it so easily? He befriends them and then betrays them.

Vormid: I see. I am now reconsidering my choice.

Falkin: You dare speak against me? Against all I own?! I assume all you have just said is lies since your facts are wrong. I'll have you know that I assigned several leaders in other galaxies to keep things under control. People I know won't betray me.

Aaron: Yeah well those "leaders" are just your close personal friends. Ones that you molded especially into making sure that the natives don't regain control.

Falkin: I am a great leader who does only what's great. And for disrespecting me and my Kingdom I shall now have you escorted out.

Vormid: There's no need Falkin. Let him stay. He has put up a great argument. Allow me time to think while we continue with Eroph's proposal.

Falkin: In an angry tone while staring at Aaron Very well. Acts normal and turns to Eroph So Eroph. Apologies for the wait. What do you propose?

Aaron: Yeesh. That was crazy. Falkin got real pissed.

Jackson: Hell yeah. Hope Eroph proposes something good so Falkin doesn't flip out or something.

In Sera's Predicament[]

Sera is tied up by her wrists and ankles as she is squirming around uselessly.

Sera: LET. ME. OUT!!!!!!!!

Guard: Oh shut up. You're never going to be let out. You're probably going to be Valqueh's personal slave once he's finished with Earth and no one has the power to stop him. Not even Michelle Parks.

Sera: No... I swear I will save every life on Earth even if it risks my own... And you WILL NOT TOUCH MY MOM!! Suddenly a large pressure is felt in the room similar to her mom's from earlier and the guard hits the ground as the box containing the ring begins to rumble. The ring suddenly flies out of the casing shattering it and ends up flying on top Sera's finger, turning her aura red and forming the Rage Costume for earlier when fighting Mark. She then easily breaks out of the tie and lands on the ground cracking it and looking up at the guard with deep red eyes.

Guard: Help! He reaches for his radio but suddenly his hand gets cut off then his other ARM gets cut off in a quick succession. Sera appears behind him with blades coming out her wrists. She leaves the room and lots of guards are running and flying towards her. She then constructs a red chain and quickly swings it at the guards rushing at her. As she does this, the chain cuts off all of their legs and she makes the chain disappear after that. The red energy around her gives out a little burst, taking her out of that form.

Sera: Oh no... My rage... She rubs her head as her rings is glowing white again, but suddenly it starts to glow yellow and the yellow energy bursts, retaining her normal clothing.The hell is going on? A guard rushes at her with a terrified face and when Sera holds out her fist, a yellow giant centipede construct forms and the guard hollers in fear. The guard falls and seems to be paralyzed with fear. Whoa... So fear allows me to use other people's fears against them huh...

Guard: RAAAAHHHHH!!! DON'T YOU HURT ANA!! Another guard from down the hallway seems to be teleporting at Sera but she turns around and constructs a giant weird looking creature that roars and smashes the man into the ground, nearly killing him.

The alarm starts to go off and Sera is alerted and then instantly flies down the hallway. She eventually gets to an open area to find the guards that she fought before there making Valqueh escape somewhere.

Sera: VALQUEH!!!! She constructs a giant chainsaw that seems to be mechanical and connect to her left arm and rushes down at the guards. She makes the chainsaw extend and swings it missing them and one of them jumps and throws some kind of bombs at her. The chainsaw retracts and she quickly forms a Captain America similar shield but bigger with her right arm to block the bomb. A huge explosion hits the shield so she swings the shield hard to try and clear some smoke but giant metal objects are flying at her.

Guard: Valqueh, GO!! The guard is hurling metal objects from around the room but Sera extends the chainsaw a little bit and starts slicing the objects coming at her with ease. As she cuts the last object she jumps at the guard and tries to slash him with the chainsaw, another muscular guard comes and blocks the attacking shattering the chainsaw completely on impact. She then swings her shield to block the next attack but it shatters and she gets sent back.

Sera: AHHHH!!! SHIT!! She slides on the ground recovering then forms a long katana blade. Her eyes then glow yellow as more guards try to surround her. She then concnetrates on Valqueh then she seems to disappear when in reality she's running. She slashes at the muscular guard a couple of time, the sword not breaking then a couple of punches gets thrown at her. She dodges them all by a little bit then points the sword at the weak spot she exposed and stabs the katana in his heart, then through his body. She then takes the sword out and swings it around her instantly, cutting everyone that was rushing at her. She then rushes at the door that Valqueh went through and she sees him leaving outside the ship into what it seems like the other. She flies through the ship as well then exits into space following Valqueh and when she gets close enough, she slashes at him, but he instantly turns around with his arm up and the katana shatters on impact.

Valqueh: You're strong. But not enough to beat me. He flicks his wrist slightly at her and she gets sent back at the ship hitting it, making a huge dent in it, nearly collapsing it on itself.

Michelle: SERA?! Sera's mom comes out of the ship with her assisstants following. They seem to be heading towards Promethium. You guys head on without me. I have to find Sera! I think she's still- She sees Sera on the ship with a giant dent in it and sees Valqueh flying away. Sera!!!! She flies towards her daughter. Sera what have you done?! That's the leader Valqueh!!

Sera: M-Mom... You don't understand... He's gonna invade Earth NOW... I caught him and he tried to imprison me for finding out... You gotta stop the ships from getting to Earth...

Michelle: No... Suddenly she turns to Valqueh I'm gonna kill him first...

Sera: NO LOOK! Suddenly the ships start quickly flying in Earth's direction. You have to stop them!!!! Look Mom... you've told me to not be lazy right? I NEED to do this... If anything I'll hold him off so you can get back... Okay? I'll... I'll be fine...

Michelle: Alright... I'm trusting you... Do NOT let him get on that last ship. If he gets to Earth it'll be over. She kisses Sera on the forehead.

Sera: Good luck Mom... She gets up as the yellow energy and aura reverts back to the white energy and aura.

Michelle: You too Sera. She instantly disappears, heading to Earth to stop the invasion from happening.

Sera: Gah... She flies quickly at Valqueh heading towards his ship as he almost gets in, but Sera constucts a giant bear trap that chomps on Valqueh and she swings the construct back at the ship making him hit it in the same spot he flicked her at. This time the ship collapes on itself when he hits it. HOW'S THAT FEEL!!!

Valqueh floats out in normal condition and rubs his chin. The blue fire on his head grows as he starts to smirk.

Valqueh: So you want to die before you wanna see Earth taken over? Be my guest! He flies at Sera with a large evil smile.

Back At The Meeting[]

Eroph: He pulls back his hood revealing his face. He has a black head with regular human features and a grey rib cage like design on his face similar to Spider Man 2099's mask. He speaks in a hollow dead voice Thank for the opportunity for me to be here and speak of the future of the Erin Race. As you know, the Erin Race has populated many planets. And due to our fascination in Earthly culture and diversity, I am interested in expanding to Earth.

Falkin: What?! No! You can't just take any planet you please!

Eroph: You do. My brothers and I hope to make Earth our new home.

Falkin: Why would you want to take over Earth?! Plenty of planets! Even just in the Milky Way!

Eroph: You seem overprotective about a planet you have zero interest in.

Aaron: Excuse me but incase you don't know Aaron Corps protect Earth. We won't let you do something like this.

Falkin: See? The people of Earth will fight against you.

Eroph: I have no intent of harming the beautiful blue planet. I only intend of living there. The human race is a wonderful race but we will have to destroy most of them if they don't accept the fact of a new dominant species.

Falkin: Earth's forces are strong. You would lose a war without a strong military. The human race is stronger than you think.

Eroph: I am aware of that. Which is why I seek help from you Vormid.

Vormid: I allow my forces for only one of you.

Eroph: I only need your help for invading Earth. Nothing more.

Vormid: It seems as Falkin can provide me more. I must go with Falkin.

Falkin: Much obliged Emperor Vormid. And without a military to help you, I'm afraid conquering Earth will be impossible Eroph.

Eroph: My brothers and I will be upset to hear that. But in time humanity will destroy itself and Earth will slip into my hands soon enough.

Falkin smirks and sighs with relief

Falkin: Very well.

Aaron: People really want to take over Earth? This is bad. Falkin was acting suspicious.

Vormid: I must head back to my home planet to inform my Empire of our new alliance with you.

Falkin: Ofcource. Falkin looks at his futuristic communications gauntlet and types something in.

Back to Sera[]

Sera does a tornado kick at Valqueh, but he blocks it with his arm. The shockwave stops debris flying at them. She disconnects her leg then does a low kick at his feet, missing and he stomps on her hip making her fly down.

Valqueh: You're very determined, aren't you.

She spins to face him again and fires a thick beam of white light at him. He holds out his hand and uses blue fire to make the beam shoot out in all directions. Sera then flies at him from behind at great speed and constructing a violently spinning lance in her left arm and strikes it as his back. Valqueh's flaming head sparks up, turning, but not in time, getting struck by the lance, but releasing an omni-directional flame blast, burning Sera violently. She is creating a slight ex-skeleton around her body, to minimize the damage taken, and flies back a bit breathing heavily.

Sera: Oh fuck... She musters up strength to look at Valqueh as he flies at her with an evil smile, hitting her with a barrage of attacks that damage her greatly and kicks her far away, towards the direction of Earth.

IMG 3949

Sera's new construct

Valqueh: You need more training!!! He gathers blue fire around his body and focusing it into the palm of his hands then holds them out in front of him blasting her with so much force that she almost goes unscouios, even with the ring protecting her. The explosion creates a nice blue light that looks like a star in the distance.

Sera's ring turns to green as she starts to yell loudly. A behemoth armor forms around her bloody, burnt body. A pressure that was felt earlier and like the one with her mother's is a happening again, as the intricate details of the armor forms around her. The construct around her towards over Valqueh as he is astonished at her making.

Valqueh: This is nothing more than a more bigger target for me to destroy. He slams his palms together, forming a high concentrated orb of rainbow energy, that has a high density. He raises his hand above him as it expands to a giant orb and he hurls it at Sera.

Sera uses the giant construct to the put it hands out, in front of it and stop the orb, but it explodes. Sera swipes her hand away as the smoke clears to reveal the armor perfectly fine.

Valqueh: This'll be a fun fight! He powers up and smiles menacingly as the area around them starts to change...

The Meeting...[]

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