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Karl Toredsson
"Karl with his Glass Mask"


Karl-Magnus Toredsson






Planet Earth


Esoteric Ice Manipulation

Anti-Hero OC for Phenomena RP story.

(I apologize for the bad quality, I made this on my phone)


Appearance: Karl-Magnus is a man in his late thirties. He has a pale skin, half shaved head with bluish hair, and brown eyes, one of them is frozen and glowing. He is very tall, standing at 6'3''. Karl always wears an expensive trenchcoat with Victorian designs.

Personality: Karl is cold (No pun intended) and self-centered, he rarely gives a damn about human life or unintended casualties, claiming that all what he does is for "The greater good." His freezing powers have left him mentally unstable.

Brief History: Karl was born to a wealthy family a few years after the Original Mystic Finding Expedition, son of a billionaire and his wife. His family owned a Museum that contained valuable artifacts, some of which were Mystics from the expedition. But they had their rivals, and one day, those rivals raided the Museum, leaving nothing but a Glass Mask they deemed useless. The mask was placed somewhere safe, no one knowing it was an Original Mystic. Since Karl's parents have passed away, it was left to him. One day, while looking around the remains of the Museum, Karl-Magnus found it, sealed in a special box. Everything changed for him after taking that mask.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Esoteric Ice Manipulation: He can create and manipulate powerful supernatural Ice. He can cover cities and forests in snow and freeze varying energies/intangible substances. His ice is so powerful to the point where there's speculation that the mask caused the Ice Age. The ice cannot melt by any means. The actual source of the Mask's power is a pocket dimension that generates an infinite amount of Esoteric Ice.
    • Weapon Creation: Karl-Magnus can surround objects and air in his esoteric ice to create weapons.
    • Time Slow/Stop: The mask's cold nature allows it to not just freeze matter and energy but time itself. To stop time using Ice, Karl has to concentrate on making the wanted area supernaturally cold. Any living being caught in the area of effect will not be killed due to the ethereal nature of the time freeze, only stopped in time.
    • Flight: His Mystical Ice has granted him the ability to fly in high speed. As an emergency safety measure, a shield of Esoteric Ice will appear around him as he flies, blocking anything that could harm Karl-Magnus.
    • Healing Ice: Karl can use the Esoteric Ice to heal himself, making him difficult to harm. Any attack that would actually harm him is frozen up and healed by the Esoteric Ice, which will make him difficult, if not impossible to defeat, yet alone kill.
    • Monster Creation: Aside from creating weapons, Karl-Magnus can create icy minions and other seemingly living creatures, using the mystical nature of his cold ice. There's no limit to what he can create, as long as it's cold, it's possible to make.
    • Ice Transmutation: Aside from creating weapons, Karl-Magnus can transform anything he touches into ice. This power can be toggle off, and used at will. In actuality, Karl-Magnus draws on the mask's power to form Esoteric Ice, transferring the Ice from the pocket dimension directly into the target of transmutation, freezing them completely solid.