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This is my OC for Phenomena, an RP by PyroHunter16.

Katie Harper[]


Her hair

Appearance: Katie wears a black tank top, skinny jeans and black trainers. She has bright brown eyes, with a cute, pretty face. She has an almost hourglass shaped body and is really flexible. She has brown hair with curved, blonde tips and caramel skin.

Powers: She owns a Demonic necklace called Astaroth's Necklace. It was forged in Hell and held the soul of the Demon Astaroth in it. The Necklace was worn by the demon Astaroth who was apart of the necklace which gives the wearer of the necklace a portion of the powers as the demon who made it. It glows red when used and the flame patterns on it glow like fire when Hell Fire is released from it.


Astaroth's Necklace

Astaroth's Necklace:

  • Astaroth- The necklace holds a part of the demon who made it, Astaroth. The remaining part of the demon is not powerful enough to take control of the wearer. The Necklace is alive and can talk to the user and has a choice to be used by a person. If Astaroth doesn't like the person, the necklace will strangle the wearer to death. The demon can talk to the wearer out loud or through telepathy. It can have some influence on the person's actions and is like a person telling you what to do but you can choose to ignore the voice or listen to it. The following are the base powers of Astaroth's soul. Astaroth had more powers but they can only be used by the physical form of him but that was destroyed. Astaroth's soul is slowly regenerating itself regaining more of his lost powers to the point of where he will be powerful enough to defy his owner and take control of them. He will be able to have a physical form and will be exponentially powerful, even stronger than when he was defeated as he can now fully use the powers that were sealed away with his soul because he re-merged with his soul.
  • Darkness Manipulation- This allows the user to create solid constructs of darkness which acts similar to hard light constructs. With this, she can make claws or other weapons, engulf people in darkness which makes them sick or can paralyse people temporarily, teleport short distances, mask the presence of herself or others (unaffected by demon eye users), act as a gas form or camouflage in a shadow (not completely hide as this isn't the same as shadow manipulation).
  • Demon Eye- This works similar to eagle vision and can see through walls, see hidden items and people dispite if they are invisible or not, blind/petrify people who look at the eyes, see with sharper eye sight and be immune to the weaknesses of eyes (fragile, blinding ect). When using this, the user's irises turn yellow and after using this, the user's eyes feel slight pain. This cannot be used forever.
  • Wings- The necklace allows her to willingly grow wings that don't rip through clothes. They can travel at unrealistic speeds.
  • Astral Projection- Astaroth can leave the necklace if the user wants it to. It can Astral project as an intangible spirit to watch around and collect info while Katie is doing something else. Katie can see what the demon sees through Demon Eye but the necklace is useless while Astaroth is not present in the necklace. When Astaroth returns, Katie will collect the info that Astaroth found.
  • Hell Fire- The necklace has a direct connection to Hell which allows it to unleash the devastating flames it keeps upon the enemies of the wearer. This does not make the wearer immune to fire, or any heat at all. It doesn't grant control over fire and acts more like a modified flame thrower.
  • Increased Human Abilities- The necklace gives the wearer the incredible strength of a demon which is increased strength, agility and on-foot speed. It also makes the user immune to most diseases.

Backstory: Astaroth's Necklace was a Demonic artifact that is thousands of years old. It was forged in Hell by a very powerful demon named Astaroth. It keeps the soul of him in there. The demon wore the necklace and went to Earth to cause chaos. He killed many until he came across a brave hero. He failed to kill Astaroth as he was immortal with the necklace so the hero used the rings of his best friend, Takashi's grandfather, and defeated and killed Astaroth and kept the necklace as a reward, hoping it to be used to better the world. When he grew old, he gave the necklace to his only son. His son, Aaron Harper aged 25, continued his father's hero work until he was 40. He was a strong and powerful hero using the necklace and was unstoppable. He saved billions of humans and non human lives. He created a huge organisation of monster hunters that stretches across the universe and personally collects pieces of dead monsters as trophies for his accomplishments. He is known by so many people that it's almost impossible that someone hasn't heard of him. He then passed on the necklace to his daughter on her 14th birthday and she trained with it ever since today. His daughter is Katie Harper. She wasn't as good as her father with the necklace but shared a special connection with Astaroth. She is now 16 and goes to a school in New York and plans to use the necklace to become as great and popular as her father was.