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This is my OC for Phenomena.

Ronald Phipps[]

Age: 16

Appearance: Ronald is a male, described as being very tall, very burly, and to some people, very intimidating. Standing at 5'9'' his strength gives him a filled out form, but he is not regarded as being overweight, just muscular. His height help spread out his weight. He is described as very handsome with dimples and slightly curly, dark brown hair, that almost looks black, giving him a very childish look, even for someone in his teens. He has pale skin, and golden eyes, not normally seen in ordinary people. Blue was his original eye color.

Emmet cullen by aniren

Ronald wearing a hoodie.

Personality: Ronald is a very serious young man with a moderate sense of humor. He also has a strong sense of honor and justice as shown by his great compassion. He greatly cares for his friends and family willing to risk his life to protects them. Even with his moral ideals, Ronald is still realistic and realizes the bounds of reality, as he will never favor moralities over common sense, he makes for a natural leader but always favors the backseats. He can be plagued by doubt and criticize himself whenever he makes an error.

Background: He was never a regular, everyday teenage High School kid, Ronald lead a pretty secluded and bookish life, whilst others in his age were chasing girls and partying, Ron spent most of his time studying what attracts curiosity: Aztec culture, Ancient Egyptian history, Aerospace Engineering, even cake recipes. He also was an athlete, but was never competitive about it. At some point in his life, he came in contact with Nicholas Gaunt's Pendant, he never really explained where he got it, but keep it a secret, he also never had the nerve to wear it until the day it tempted it him, the day he realize the Pendant is actually one of the Sacred Mystics, from that point, his life toke a tainted turn, for the worst.

Powers and Abilities[]


Serpent Stone: The Pendant that manipulates nature and it's life-forces, also known as the "Serpent Stone", it belonged to the High Middle Ages "Warlock" Nicholas Gaunt. Capable of easily sprouting life from earth or draining a living organism from it's very soul. It can also be used to revive living beings, although it would require the dead person to wear it as long as he/she wishes to live. The Pendant creates a faint green glow once it's worn, and turns the wearer's eye color to a golden shade of yellow.


The Serpent Stone.

Riptide: The famous sword of Perseus from the times of the ancient Greeks. This blade is bronze in color, and emits a golden glow, it will never harm mortals, for it deems regular humans unworthy, although, it's fatal for demons, angels and superhumans of all types, it was forged in Olympus by the Gods. It cut through anything like butter, it could emit beams of magical energy capable of a maximum force of 20,000,000 pounds per square inch, enough to rupture and slice through skyscrapers and similar large buildings.


Life Manipulation: Using the Pendant, Ronald can control, form and drain life, as in life is an energy, and energy is infinite, Ron can't destroy it using the stone, or by any other mean. He can grow plants and sprout life from earth, he can't control the direction, or which plant would grow, but he can induce life into seemingly anything. He can cure wounds in nearly an instant and cause damage to one's very soul.

Earth Manipulation:The Serpent Stone creates a psychic/emapthetic bond between earth and Ronald Phipps. Ronald can "ask" the earth to create hurricanes and erupt earthquakes, command it to rain or flood at their will. "Earth" would keep Ronald safe from harm, but he might be hurt by things unnatural, such as flying debris or car crashes.

Meteor Summoning: Ronald can summon Meteors from outer space using his bonding with planetary life-forces. He can summon one, giant meteor or shower his foes with several small meteorites. some of his meteors were so destructive they annihilated several large cities and islands.

Repulsive Force: Using the magnetism of the Planet, Ron can create repulsive force-fields to push anything standing around him, a force so powerful he could levitate cars, change the course of rivers, or even create holes in mountains. Using his magnetic ability he can create black-holes in outer space, but he doubt he can survive the action. He can also use the Magnetism to achieve human flight, but he need to be close to the earth's geomagnetic field to do so.

Prolonged Lifespan: As long as Ron is wearing the Stone Pendant, his aging procedure completely freezes and he is not effected by time, his body also get rid of all "impurities" and rejuvenate rapidly. Once he removes the Stone however, he will feel exhausted and drained, barely capable of merely walking, until he rests.

Emapthetic Bonding: Ronald can hear and feel every single human being on Earth, it won't bother him, as long as he wears the Pendant. He can also read minds and control the will of others, even those with unbreakable willpower, although this will render him motionless for as long as he fights the other person, mentally and physically.


Intelligence: Ronald is academically superior and a genius in various scientific fields.

Fighting Skills: Has more than a rudimentary knowledge of hand-to-hand combat.

Excellent Strategist: Ron is an excellent strategist, tactician, and skilled leader.

(So sorry guys, I'm not used to comic book-style characters and I just create these useless, realistic garbage)