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This is my Phenomena OC. His name's Takashi Fiamma.

Takashi Fiamma[]

Age: 16


Takashi is a tall, lanky guy who's relatively well-built. His eyes are dark red normally, but change to a light red with orange irises when he uses his elemental flames. His face appears sharp, quick, and ready to fight. Takashi is pretty tan, but still sort of pale. His height is 5'11, and his hair is black, combed over his right eye, but some of his hair sticks up, like Tsuna from Hitman Reborn. Usually, his hair will stick up when he uses his elemental flame. Other times, it just lays flat with some sticking up in the back.


Takashi wears a dark red t-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. He also wears either a red hoodie with the number 16 printed on the front of it in white. It's also printed in white on the sleeves, close to where the sleeve and shoulder hem meet. Or, Takashi will wear a dark red leather 3/4-length jacket with light grey jacket linings. He also has on the Ogni Ring, a special ring that holds the power to create. But Takashi isn't fully in control of it. He also has two gloves made from a special cloth that reacts to the Ogni flames from the Ogni ring and transform into armored gloves. Which I will draw and post here.


Takashi has the Elemental Flame rings, which look similar to the Original Vongola rings from Hitman Reborn. There are seven in total, with the above-mentioned Ogni ring as the central ring that activates the powers for everything else.

The Seven Elemental Flame Rings[]

NOTE: All the rings have a silver base, with a gem in a different color and a symbol carved into the gem to differentiate them. Each ring also has a telepathic connection with Takashi, so none of the rings will activate or perform correctly unless Takashi is using them, or allows another person Takashi trusts to use them.

  • Ogni: The Ogni Ring is composed of two separate rings held together by a chain. One ring is larger than the other, which is worn on his right hand. The larger ring is on his middle finger, the smaller ring is on his little finger. Both are silver with dark red intricate details and some golden designs on there as well. There's an alchemical symbol on the main ring, and the kanji for each of the other six elements engraved on the small ring.
  • Fiamma: The Fiamma ring represents the element of Fire, which means it's a "Fire" flame. The Fiamma ring gives Takashi an Attack enhancement and increased Damage output. The gem on this ring is red, with the alchemical symbol for Fire engraved in it.
  • Acqua: The Acqua ring is the element of Water, becoming the "Water" flame. The Acqua ring is meant to give Takashi a Healing flame, which means Takashi can heal mid-combat, or use this as a support flame for one of his techniques. This ring's gem is blue, with the alchemical symbol for water engraved into it
  • Vento: The Vento ring associates with the element of Air, making this ring's flame the "Air" flame. The Vento ring has the attribute of speed, and Takashi uses it to fly places or move at high speeds. The flames propel his entire body, so it won't kill him. This ring's gem is green with the alchemical symbol for air carved into it.
    2015-05-29 22.45

    All 7 of the Seven Elemental Rings alongside, the Sedici-Gloves in their activated form. Three rings are connected into the three slots in the glove on each hand, with the gem portion the only visible part after being inserted.

  • Ghiccio: The Ghiccio rings has the element of Ice, effectively making it the "Ice" flame. Irony at its finest. Anyway, the Ghiccio ring gives Takashi a stealth effect, making him blend in with the environment around him. He normally uses this in conjunction with his Fiamma ring, which means he's silent AND deadly. Not like a fart, that's nasty. The ring's gem is white, with the alchemical symbol for ice engraved in it.
  • Roccia: The Roccia ring has the element of stone, or mineral, which makes this have a "Mineral" flame. This ring has the attribute of strength, enhancing his physical strength as well as increasing his stamina, which is already pretty high. This also makes sense cause minerals are good for the human body. The gem color is dark yellow, almost brown, with the alchemical symbol of copper engraved in it.
  • Terra: The Terra ring represents the earth itself, making this flame the "Earth" ring. This ring gives Takashi the attribute of defense. This means Takashi can create shields with the flame, and create earth from the flame. This rings has a black gem with the alchemical earth symbol engraved in it.

The Sedici-Gloves[]

The Sedici-Gloves are normal-looking cloth gloves, but when Takashi uses his Seven Elemental Rings, they transform into armored gloves with the Ogni Ring appearing on the outside of the gloves, though the Ogni ring is worn underneath the gloves. The gloves in their transformed state resemble the X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear, but with some differences. The writing saying "Vongola Famiglia" is replaces with "Sedici Elementi" instead. Also, the Ogni Ring appears in place of Tsuna's Ring of the Sky Version X. Everything else is similar, with the X having an indented V in it, with an I inside that, forming the Roman numeral for 16, XV!. The Rings are plugged into the rim of the gem inside, which is how Takashi harnesses the power of his rings. However, in the picture above of the gloves, some of the mention details do not appear.

The Sedici gloves are able to use the Elemental Arsenal, which are different weapons that are created from the rings. Each ring has a unique weapon that is added onto and augments the Sedici-Gloves in their own way. This system is achieved when Takashi focuses a specific ring's elemental power onto the glove, imbuing it with certain properties. Normally, the gloves will gain additional armor that covers up to his forearms. This armor resembles the gauntlets of the Iron Man Mark 45 suit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In addition, the modular augmentation that follows suit from the focusing of a certain ring's power will appear as well. Takashi also uses a pair of pistols generated from the Ogni flame that resemble the Ebony and Ivory handguns from DmC: Devil May Cry. He has configured these guns to fire special, non-lethal pellets of Ogni flames, and is capable of shooting lethal versions as well. These firearms are Takashi's ranged weapon of choice, though he is proficient in using the weapons his Elemental Arsenal provide him as well.

The Elemental Arsenal[]

NOTE: Each ring forms its own weapons. Which means that each weapon is unique in its own way due to that weapons' ring's element. Recently, Takashi has been given access to a set of small, hand-sized boxes that he uses to store the Elemental Arsenal in, along with some other miscellaneous boxes. These boxes work in conjunction with the rings, and are activated by them.

  • Gauntlets of Ogni: When Takashi augments his gloves with the Ogni flame, they will gain armor with the appearance of the Iron Man Mark 45 gauntlets as previously stated above. This augmentation will appear with all others regardless of whether or not Takashi summons them. These gloves are what help focus and streamline the power in the other gems, and also act as a locking mechanism of sorts. Since only Takashi can use the Sedici-Gloves to their fullest, or what ever is currently the limit of his power, no one else but Takashi can use the Elemental Arsenal. The Sedici-Gloves are unique to Takashi, but one of his ancestors had used a similar weapon. The ancestor of Takashi who had found the Rings used the Uno-Gloves, a set of gloves much similar in function to the Sedici-Gloves, but both differ in appearance. The Uno-Gloves had just a singular "I" on them, the Roman Numeral for 1, signifying that Takashi's Ancestor was the first user of the Rings. Some of Takashi's family have stated he bears a heavy resemblance to this ancestor, in physical appearance, their personalities, and the way they use the rings. Anyway, back to the Gauntlets. If Takashi chooses to, he can further augment the Gauntlets in a way much similar to Sistema C.A.I from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. When using the second level of the Ogni Gauntlets, the armor will open up in a form resembling the Flame Arrow of the aforementioned Sistema C.A.I. But, it will retain key physical details of the original design of the gauntlet, most notably the overall appearance. The weapon that deploys will be less skull-like in design, and more technological in its design theme. The back of the gauntlet can be loaded with different types of ammunition that will have differing effects when fired. These ammo types will be explained in the following components of the Elemental Arsenal. Note: This cannon can appear on either gauntlet, and Takashi will switch between using his left and right gauntlets when in combat.
  • Blade of Fiamma: The Fiamma aspect of the Elemental Arsenal creates a claymore with the Fiamma gem in the guard. When used in conjunction with the second level of Ogni Gauntlets, the ammo type Fiamma uses is a small, black canister with 4 red lines running down its center about 16 centimeters in overall length and 6 centimeters in diameter. This ammunition will fire highly compressed Fiamma flame projectiles in the shape of a bullet, usually in rapid succession. The Fiamma Module only enhances the damage output of the Ogni Gauntlets' arm weapon, with some minor design details.
  • Bow of Acqua: The augmentation Acqua provides is an additional modification to the Ogni Gauntlets in the form of a bow-like construct. This bow will fire arrows of any Elemental Flame, but is more commonly used to fire Acqua-class arrows. This bow is similar in appearance to G's Archery, but is more akin to a technological design than the skeletal appearance it already has. Takashi uses the bow as an upgrade to the Level 2 Ogni Gauntlets, and as such, uses a canister similar in appearance to the Fiamma ammo, but with blue lines. This ammo type fires blasts of Acqua flames in the shape of an arrow, as the bow-shaped design would suggest.
  • Scythe of Vento: Vento will generate a scythe similar in appearance to the Osiris from DmC: Devil May Cry, but it has a primarily green color instead of the angelic blue Osiris normally has. Using the Speed attribute of the Vento Flame, Takashi can spin the scythe around at great speeds, emulating a propeller blade meant for cutting up enemies instead of for propulsion. Takashi will often use this weapon for quick and speedy attacks, or for crowd control situations where he's facing many opponents in a large area. The ammunition type Vento creates is meant to simulate the speed attribute of the flame. As such, it appears in a form much similar to a machine-gun's ammunition belt in a yellow coloration with green stripes at the ends of the projectiles. When fired, the ammo releases a large amount of Vento projectiles in rapid succession, which then accelerate at an irregular speed, often confusing his enemies. Vento can equip a modular enhancement that adds additional thrusters to the back of the gauntlets which provide an additional boost in speed. These thrusters also can be mounted on the other side of the gauntlets for additional speed when flying with the actual gloves. The thrusters also help Takashi move around quickly during battle.
  • Knife of Ghiccio: Ghiccio forms a knife similar in appearance to the True Zangetsu. Though the knife does have certain aspects of the larger blade, such as its overall design, the knife itself is roughly the size of the smaller blade, which is about the size of Takashi's arm in this instance. This knife is sometimes dual-wielded with the Blade of Fiamma. As for the unique ammunition type of Ghiccio, Ghiccio uses a rather interesting ammo type. Other projectiles are normally the flame of the respective element, but Ghiccio uses actual ice. Takashi fires actual ice with the Ghiccio ammo, which also has it's modular enhancement for the gauntlets. The ammo resembles an actual ammunition clip a sniper would use, with a dark grey color scheme that has white stripes running horizontally across the clip. The Ghiccio Modular enhancement allows Takashi to fire the Ghiccio ammo with absolute precision and silence. Very fitting for the stealth attribute the Ghiccio flame has.
  • Axe of Roccia: Roccia forms a heavy battle-axe that Takashi uses to execute heavy attacks when the situation calls for it. This axe heavily resembles the Arbiter from DmC: Devil may Cry, though it has a less Demonic appearance and more of a technological and modern feel to it. This weapon fits perfectly with the strength attribute of the Roccia flame. For the special ammunition type, Roccia appears as a cartridge that wraps around the Roccia modular enhancement and has a similar appearance to the Vento cartridge, but is a silver with orange-brown lines at the ends. The Roccia Modular enhancement allows the Ogni Gauntlets to fire in a shotgun-like manner. Sometimes, Takashi uses the shotgun firing mechanism to augment his punches in a similar manner to Yang Xiao Long with her weapon Ember Cecilia from the animated series RWBY. The modules add a ring around the gauntlets to hold the Roccia Cartridges, which are further held in place by additional armor that appears when the Roccia modules are equipped.
  • Shield of Terra: Terra generates a heater shield with a bladed end that has a dark grey color with black stripes running vertically down the shield. The bladed end is used as a melee weapon as well as being capable of a shield's normal defensive capabilities. Though, the defensive capabilities are enhanced by the Terra flame. When the Terra augmentations are equipped, the shield appears on both gauntlets, but small enough to fit on the gauntlets in a compact form. The augmentations boost the defensive capabilities of both gauntlets, and are capable of firing a compacted projectile of Terra flames from a canister similar to the other canisters, but colored silver with black stripes. Since this "weapon" is meant for defensive purposes, the offensive capabilities are rather limited, being only a simple melee attack with the bladed end, or launching Terra flames from the Terra ammunition. But Takashi has found other ways of wielding the shield in a rather unique style alongside switching between the other weapons in the Elemental Arsenal and the Ogni Gauntlets alternate weapon system.
  • Additional Box Weapon #1 - Inexhaustible Swords: Due to a recent breakthrough in research conducted by Takashi's family, they've been able to develop weapons that run on elemental flames after carefully studying and analyzing them. Takashi has been sent a few of these weapons, and has been asked to field-test their capabilities for research purposes. The first one of them is the Inexhaustible Swords weapon, a light-weight, metal backpack that has two sheathe-like components attached to mechanized arms that move around and allow for better positioning of the weapon. When the sheathes are charged with flame energy, a streamlined, dart-shaped sword is generated out of solid, compressed flame energy and placed in Takashi's hand. Takashi is capable of spawning countless amounts of these swords, able to repositioned, thrown, or wielded by him, so long as he has enough flame energy. The blades also have the unique aspect of being able to hover in mid air, or supercharged with flame energy which can propel the blade to a high speed and have an explosive impact on the target. They can also be detonated remotely by having Takashi trigger the flame energy to spontaneously combust, or be set to have a timed detonation sequence, ranging from 5 seconds to even a whole month if necessary.
  • Additional Box Weapon #2 - Calamitous Ordnance: Another of the weapons given to Takashi to test, the Calamitous Ordnance weapon is a weapon capable of deploying 450 different and destructive forms, all capable of dealing major damage to a group of enemies or one single target. So far, Takashi has trained with all of the weapons, but prefers to use 7 of the forms. CO-16 is the most commonly used of the Calamitous Ordnance weapon, appearing as a sniper rifle that fires highly-compressed Flame energy bullets that can hit its target with deadly accuracy and possibly penetrate the enemy and hit another target behind. CO-32 takes the form of a light machine-gun with infinite ammunition due to the ammo being made of compressed flame energy; the ammo for this one is just as compressed as CO-16, making it a deadly weapon. CO-42 becomes a form resembling a high-powered laser rifle, firing one long-range beam of compressed flame energy at a single target, but it requires time to charge up another laser. CO-69 takes the form of a missile launcher that fires one large projectile of compressed flame energy that then splits off into 69 smaller projectiles that have a heat-seeking capability thanks to the projectiles being made of compressed flame energy; these projectiles, however, are even further compressed, so when a projectile finds its target, it detonates with an explosion that Michael Bay would think to be too much. CO-160 comes in the form of a giant shuriken with the blades coated in flames, acting like a boomerang once thrown; it'll come back to Takashi once it makes a single round trip around the area, but it's not that powerful and would, at best, be able to make a deep cut in the enemy. CO-420 deploys as a flamethrower, sending out a wide-spread continuous burst of Elemental Flames for as long as Takashi holds the trigger; very useful in certain situations. CO-450 does not take on a physical form, it instead opens the box and leaves it open, summoning forth a titanic wave of Elemental Flames that devastates all of the poor souls who are fated to see the usage of this weapon. However, CO-450 requires a lot of flame energy to sustain, and drains all of Takashi's flame reserves for only ten seconds of use. Because of this, Takashi must be careful when using it, but only does so as a last resort.
  • Additional Bow Weapon #3 - Shock Steel: With a rather peculiar name, Shock Steel generates a set of gauntlets different from the Ogni Gauntlets, a pair of armored boots, a back-mounted booster system, and a retractable mask. Shock Steel focuses on amplifying Takashi's hand-to-hand combat, using slow, but powerful attacks. Each component of the weapon has its purpose, the armored gauntlets meant to fight with punches and such, the boots for kicking and increased jump height if necessary, the back boosters to assist in charging attacks and covering ground quicker without needing to manually run around, and the mask to prevent smoke inhalation from the fumes of the boosters and to make sure Takashi's face isn't affected to much by the G-force of moving around with the boosters, because they've got quite the speed boost.
  • Additional Box Weapon #4 - Dual Pistols: This box was meant for Takashi to store his twin pistols in should he not want to carry them on his body in their holsters. Nothing special here, just two Colt M1911A1 pistols customized for increased firing rate and decreased recoil, as well as double-stack magazines and a reversed ejection system for the left-handed gun as that one is meant to be used exclusively in the left hand. Both also sport hooked trigger guards, combat sights, ring hammers, ergonomic wood grips that are wrapped in a tape that lets Takashi have a better grip on his guns, and customized sound suppressors that can be equipped if Takashi deems them necessary.
  • Ogni Box #1 - Collapsible Shields: The Ogni boxes are two specially developed boxes meant for Takashi to use in conjunction with the rest of the Elemental Arsenal. Box #1 contains seven collapsible shields that shrink down in size when they're not powered with flames, but become big enough to be able to imprison a 6 foot tall person when charged up. Each shield is the exact same, being a bone-like loop of an indestructible metal alloy that resembles the Bone Loops of Sistema C.A.I. The shields have an invisible screen of Ogni flames in the center, which are then interlaced with Terra flames to give them an absolute defense capabilities.
  • Ogni Box #4 - Ogni-class Box Animal - Roku: Box Animal means that the R&D Department Takashi's parents are working in have been able to create artificial life, partially. Roku is a small little kitten that, at first glance, doesn't seem to have much of a purpose in fighting. He also resembles the Box Animal Uri from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, but with normal orange flames coming from the ears. But, he's actually an important part of the whole Arsenal. Yes, he is a real kitten, and he has been genetically modified with consent from all the Animal Rights organizations that exist nowadays to protect animals. These modifications are what's important to Takashi. By using Roku with his Ogni Gauntlets, he can access the weaponry of the First wielder of the Elemental Rings. Takashi calls this ability the Cambio Modulo. When accessing the Cambio Modulo, Takashi's gauntlets change to match the exact form of the First ER Wielder's gauntlets (ER stands for Elemental Rings), the Uno-Gloves. However, because the Elemental Arsenal is so much similar and contains many forms, Takashi also gains body armor resembling that of the Iron Man Mark 45 suit, albeit more form-fitting and less bulky. Certain parts of the armor will have tufts of grey fur on it, such as around the collar of the suit, as well as on the wrist area of the gauntlets. The Arsenal will become much more streamlined and easy to switch between, such as using the Fiamma Claymore to get a few hits in, then instantly switching to the Vento Scythe for a quick scythe combo, then switch to the Acqua bow and fire off a few arrows at some guys in the sky. Aside from being a dangerous armor and part of the weapons, Roku is just like a regular kitten; he needs food, water, and someone to play with, but he can survive off of Takashi's Elemental Flames just as well as normal food and water, thanks to the genetic alterations. He also get along with Takashi just fine, and Takashi seems to enjoy Roku's company.

Genso-en Levels[]

The rings' flame are Elemental Flames, with different attributes and colors. Fiamma is a flame with a darker red coloring, Acqua is a blue, watery flame, Vento is a light green flame with a windy texture, Ghiccio is a light grey flame with a white center to it, Roccia is a brown-yellow, flame with a stone-like texture, and Terra is dark grey with a black center.

However, these flames have their own anatomy. The center of the flame is called the "core" and the outsides of them are called the "edges." If Takashi uses two flames at once, the color of the core will be the flames on Takashi's right glove, while the color of the edges will be the color of the flames on Takashi's left glove. If one flame is used, that flame will appear predominantly.

Genso-en Mode is the basic level of this power, and transforms the gloves into armored gloves. It also causes Takashi's eyes to change to light red pupils with orange irises. That, and a flame to appear on his forehead. This flame changes from a regular fire, to one of the Elemental Flames. Takashi's Genso-en mode is the base for everything else Takashi can use with his rings.

Hyper Genso-en Mode is the ascension level of the original Genso-en Mode. When Takashi activates this, he'll become a being made of pure fire, with the flame on his forehead staying that way, but it is a more "hard" flame, appearing as a dark orange core with a crystallized orange edge to it, while Takashi's body is a light orange "soft" flame, with a light orange core with a somewhat darker orange edge to it. The Central Flame, which is the flame on the forehead, changes to different flames when Takashi uses another flame. The Sedici-Gloves stay the way they are, so they don't become flames.


Takashi's family was part of the original Mystic Finding Expedition that found the 7 Elemental Rings Takashi was given. Takashi is the Sixteenth owner of these rings. These rings themselves have their own backstory.

The gems in the rings contain the souls of dead Seraphim fused with the souls of dead Demon Lords. These Demon Lords were high-ranking Demons under Satan's command, similar to a Prince of Hell, but not worthy of ruling Hell. Instead, they were high-ranking Each of those Seraphim and Demon Lord were compatible in terms of powers and rank, with each of their elements being named into the 7 elemental flames above. Fiamma was born of the souls of a fiery Seraphim and Demon Lord, Acqua formed from a water-related Seraphim and Demon Lord, and so on. Their souls became dormant as the gems were forged, making these 7 rings/gems capable of various Nephalem powers, but Takashi isn't able to tap into this.... Yet.

But the gloves themselves were created only because of Takashi inheriting the rings. The rings generate a weapon or item for the new user that adapts to the wielder's fighting styles. Takashi's gloves help to control his powers and rings, which are then modified into other weapons from the dormant souls in the rings. The Elemental Arsenal is a show of Takashi being able to use the Nephalem power. Each of these Armaments are the weapons wielded by the entities embedded in the gems. The Angelic side generate the melee weapons, and the Demonic side forms the ranged weapons, though the forms the Arsenal takes are different from the original weapons the Seraphim and Demon Lords used.

Takashi now owns and uses the power of 7 Elemental Seraphim and Demon Lords to fight evil Mystic Wielders with a multitude of weapons, continuing to unlock their hidden power with every fight Takashi participates in.


  • Takashi's grandfather loaned the rings to another person, who used them to kill a demon, which then became a Mystic itself after being imprisoned in its own object of power. The rings were returned shortly after, which were then passed down to Takashi's father.
  • The souls in the rings have no conscious control in Takashi's life, so Takashi is able to live fine. However, Takashi isn't aware of the souls in the rings, until just recently in the RP.
  • Takashi's Elemental Arsenal was based off the Sistema C.A.I. from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Yes, I did that on purpose, but whatever. It's a good anime.
  • The Acqua flame is meant to be a support flame, but when attacking with the Acqua flames, they drain the enemies' stamina and energy which are then converted into energy for Takashi's flame reserves.
  • Takashi's flames have a limited amount, but Takashi has extreme control over it. Normally, they won't dip lower than 90% in standard school combat drills, and they don't go lower than 50% on combat missions, as he knows how to conserve them well.
  • The new weapons added to the Arsenal are technically considered to be part of the Arsenal, as they run on the Elemental Flames, yet they are only powered by them, the Inexhaustible Swords being the closest of the new weapons to an actual component of th Elemental Arsenal.
  • Takashi has yet to name the revamped Elemental Arsenal's alternate ranged weapon form. I might name it the Augmented Combat Element System, or the ACE System for short.
  • As you may have noticed, I modified Takashi's Elemental Arsenal. I will be changing some of the trivia in response to this and some recent events in the RP.
  • Also, this modification is actually an upgrade to the original, because I honestly didn't really like the original Arsenal, so I might as well upgrade it.
  • This revamp of the Elemental Arsenal could be considered Takashi unlocking more of his rings' power.
  • Yes, some of the new Weapons
  • There are three stages to the Genso-en system. There's Level 1, the basic form which, oddly enough, resembles the Hyper Dying Will Mode from Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Level 2, the Hyper Genso-en, could be based on the Ultimate Dying Will Mode, but it isn't. There is another level of the Genso-en, but it will be revealed later on.