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Pokai is the term for Pokémon that have evolved to look mostly human and are created by VampireMeerkat. They resemble the humanoid demons generally seen in anime shows.

They are loosely tied to the Pokémon fanseries, Mioo, Dorost Ast!; and hinted at to be the (in)direct result of Team Rocket's scientific endeavours. The artificially bred human, Micheal, is considered to be the first experimental step, though isn't part of the natural course that led to the existence of this breed.
As Pokai exist in a far future and the cause of their development isn't known history by them, they can also be part of the canon Pokémon universe.

Regular Pokémon don't exist anymore and Pokai are not seen as animals by themselves or the human population.

They were conceived in November of 2020, but made no official appearances yet.

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Behaviour and appearance[]

Pokai have a hierarchy that's constantly being challenged. Even those related to kind-hearted breeds are cautious and territorial, as they need to keep up with the inherently stronger and more dominating demons. This unusual level of aggression and competitiveness inside the Pokai community is linked to their creator's personal beliefs on how Pokémon should act and is the result of that desire, though many Pokai agree their way of living creates more discomfort than it's worth.

Battling is an easy way to determine strength and earn respect, and weaklings are always targeted for the chance to increase one's level. Some Pokai, like the Higher Pokemon, are born perceptibly strong and thus avoided. There are also Pokai who are born weak and unable to train themselves; a flaw mostly reserved for small children and the Off-Lookers.

Theoretically, Pokai can be captured in Poké Balls, but these and similar devices don't exist anymore, since civilization reverted itself after Pokémon took over. The world's way of living is similar to that of the 11th century, as Pokai have no interest in the modern way of living humans have kept themselves busy with improving. Increasing their own strength has their priority.
"Evolution" isn't a sudden occurrence anymore and a Pokai's next evolution features will gradually grow as they train. With Higher Pokémon, it happens automatically during childhood, while the regular crowd has to fight/level up for it. If their new features haven't fully developed before training is aborted, they'll revert, though the amount of levels they've worked for won't.

They speak the human language and have the same social and emotional capabilities, despite their engrained competitiveness and urge to form same-specie cliques. Off-Lookers are often bilingual and instinctually speak the cry of their primitive ancestors, next to whatever language they managed to pick up. Pokémon cries are a forgotten language and not understood by anyone else.

Pokai can be divided in three groups:



Regular Pokai examples, as portrayed by Jessie, Ash, and Pete Ashtoo (2020).

Jessie is a Charmeleon with claw-like nails and no ears, Ash a Nidoran with sharp nails and slightly matching ears and dentures, while Pete is more visibly a Pikachu when looking at his face, pointed ears, presence of a tail, and overall stature.

This group is what people first think of when using the term "Pokai". It refers to the Japanese name for demons, "yōkai", with other commonly used names (in Kanto) being "Podemon", "Pakemono", and "Pokémononoke". The creatures themselves don't recognize any of these human-made titles and call themselves "Pokémon".

They make up the vast majority and are considered to be the commoners among the Pokai population. They tend to form groups -whether they're the same breed or not- and choose tree homes, huts, or caves as their living space.
Occasionally, they'll interact with humans and take on simple jobs, like the production and selling of wares, or offer to guard villages from other Pokai. Still, few see a reason to approach the humans, as they're seen as a lesser species with little to offer them in return. In the end, Pokai prefer to trade services among themselves only.
Breeds that ate Pokémon in the past have some animalistic behaviour left in them and will hunt other Pokai for food. Eating them raw or cooked is a personal preference.

Something Pokai are able to do that regular Pokémon could not is breed with other species. This does not affect their children in any meaningful way, and it'll always adapt one parent's species and move set, while the other parent affects minor stats and their human physical features at most. For example, a fire type child with a water type parent might endure exposure to water longer.

They look primarily human and wear clothes, and the group is most diverse concerning the severity of physical Pokémon features they can adapt. They tend to have facial features correlating with their original species, and if it has any of the following; always wings on their back, sharp or hoof-like nails, sometimes a tail, and ears (or lack of) that slightly take on the look of the Pokémon. They are always located where human ears would be.
Some Pokai look so human that their species can only be determined by the powers they show off.

The Higher Pokémon[]


Higher Pokémon examples, as portrayed by Pezhman Fārsi and James (2020).

Pezhman is a Persian with correlating facial features, black fur on the top rim of his ears, sharp nails, and fangs, while James is a Jigglypuff with no features that help discern his species, and looks entirely human, except for his pointed ears.

Higher Pokémon are Pokai that look and act the most human, and are the strongest of their respective species. They're elites that live in mansions and get away with everything, though plenty of commoners speak ill of them behind their back.

Any Pokémon can be Higher, but their roots play a factor in their strength. For example, a Xerneas commoner will still be stronger than a Higher Eevee. Having that said, legendaries are not Higher Pokémon by default, though treated as a special case, regardless.
Legendary Pokémon that are also born Higher have a divine status. No Pokai dares to badmouth them out of fear of being heard, as claims they're omniscient are plenty. Fellow Higher Pokémon also tend to grovel in their presence.

The Higher class created many customs that differentiates them from the regular crowd. They battle less and are more into negotiating and civil discourse, specifically with fellow Higher Pokémon. At the same time, regular Pokai are seen as disposable; and risk getting slaughtered for minor inconveniences, or just being at the wrong time and place.
A custom everyone knows of is the withholding of their name. It is only shared with someone who has earned their respect, though that's still their last name only. First names are reserved for lovers, who are then asked not to speak it aloud in public. They're called "(my) lord" or "(my) lady" by everyone else.

Higher Pokémon look like well-dressed human beings, though (tend to) have facial features correlating with their original species, and sharp nails and fangs when applicable. Their ears can also slightly take on a relevant shape or attribute.
When using certain moves, they will temporarily spawn the body part needed to perform it, and it's guessed that this is one of the many things that makes them stronger than others. They can't leisurely call upon these body parts and keep them intact; the intent to perform a move needs to be there.

The idea one can transform themselves into a full, beastly version of their original species is often entertained, but it's never been witnessed.

The Off-Lookers[]


Off-Looker example, as portrayed by Mir Yusuf (2020).

Mir Yusuf is a Meowth with easily definable features; and possesses entire Pokémon body parts and the mannerisms of his species.

Off-Lookers are treated as the bottom of the barrel and earned themselves the name over their animalistic physical features. They (partially) have the head and body of the Pokémon they resemble, but can also be limbless, depending on the breed.
They're infamous rarities and normal Pokai are disgusted by their appearance, as it's seen as undeveloped and caveman-ish. Off-Lookers are treated like low-IQ, deformed creatures, and always attacked on sight.

Pokai parents that wish to show their Off-Looker child mercy do so by abandoning it, as a more common response is taking its life. The infants that miraculously survive then have to deal with the absence of education, which they need more than any other Pokai in order to understand their surroundings. This reinforces the belief they're uncivilized.
While not "dumb", Off-Lookers lack common sense and tend to take stupidly dangerous risks, whether it be for survival or some luxury, though the severity of this behaviour depends on the ingrained intelligence of the species itself.

Despite resembling the Pokémon from the ancient past, they don't seem to benefit from their best features. They often mimic the movements and tics of their species, only drawing more attention to themselves in a humanized world, and have a defective XP system that prevents them from leveling up. Having that said, later stage/evolved Off-Lookers don't exist.
Besides their low strength, they also lack many natural senses that would otherwise help them survive in the unforgiving outdoors, like the ability to determine who or what's a threat or not.

They spend most of their life traveling the world looking for refuge. There are only a handful of Off-Looker communities out there, which are easy to miss because of their small size. These have trouble prospering in any meaningful way, as Off-Lookers don't possess the human creativity that helped other Pokai create their functional homes, clothes, and tools. Their minority status is also hard to surpass over the fact they can't breed outside of their species; and finding a fellow Off-Looker that's the same species and a different gender is practically impossible.

Legendary Pokémon can also be Off-Looking, but receive no persecution for it.