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Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation

Air Date

December 2011-present

No. of minutes

30 minutes

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Pokemon Warriors: Next Generation (Pocket Monsters Morphed Warriors: Neo Generation) is another series which involves the future children of the recent warriors from seasons 7 and 8 to take their place after Ben and the others are now kings and queens of the Pokemon Kingdom. This is season 9 of the Pokemon Warriors series.


Years after their final battle with the evil Zekromus clone, the Warriors have retired and have settled down with their families, however they have received a message from Queen Arceustar saying that they must take over the Pokemon Kingdom for her, for she to will rest in the Legendary Hall World (Grand Hall of Legends in dub) where all of the known legends (including the Crimson Dragon) reside and rest after years of guiding other warriors. The warriors wanted to refuse the offer, the Queen knows this but she can't reject it herself. However, she gave an idea that once their children is old enough to take their place of protecting Unarin city (Unorra city in dub), then the warriors can rule the kingdom. When that day came, they gave a tearful goodbye to their children and are teleported their way to reign over the kingdom.

Months past after the separation, the new generation of the Pokemon Warriors are vowed to protect the city from a new threat, an evil scientist who plans on reviving an ancient warrior named Genesector (A Genesect warrior) and make it as his servant to rule over the city, along with his other servants: Eliuj, a skilled fighter and warrior with a dark secret, and the Terror Twin Girls (Troublesome Twins in dub), Akane and Ayako (Rhona and Bree in dub), two weird comic relief and semi-reluctant twins who takes after their aunt, Jessie, a former Team Rocket member, and who strives for approval like the recent Team Rocket. But together, with the help of an alien named Astral, the new generational Pokemon Warriors will defend the city and keep their families' royal secret.

In Season 2, The warriors must raise twin Meloettaras, similar to how the original warriors raised Victinia. However, in Season 3, the warriors meet a roaming and mysterious Eeveena who, in disguised, is actually a Sylveonee, a fairy-type warrior who came from the Pokemon Kingdom in order to be the warriors' mentor and teach them a new upgrade: Miracle Mode.


Main Protagonists[]

Minor Protagonists[]


Main Antagonists[]

  • Akako

Her dub name is Rhona

  • Ayako

Her dub name is Bree

  • Isamu

Her dub name is Eiluj (Eee-lu-ge), but is revealed to be Julie.

Music and songs[]



Motto! Ojamajo Doremi OP FULL - "Ojamajo de Ban Ban"

Opening Theme 1 (Japanese Version; episode 1-26)


K-ON! - "Don't Say Lazy" HD

Ending Theme 1(Japanese Version; epi 1-30)


K-on - Heart goes boom lyrics

Opening theme 2 (Japanese Version)


K-ON Ending 1 Segunda Temporada Listen! HD

Ending theme 2 (Japanese Version; episode 30-50)


Ojamajo doremi motto ending

Ending Theme 3 (Japanese Version;episode 50-60)

English Version[]



Mitchel Musso-Do It Up Lyrics

English Opening Theme

Episode list[]

  • A Future Beginning/New Warriors, New Beginnings!
  • A New Friend/A friend from space, behold Astral!
  • Three times the power/
  • Big Trouble/
  • Two Times the Trouble/Enter the twins, Akako and Ayako!!
  • Those Training Days/
  • Music and Mayhem/
  • Inu love with you/Inuyumi falls in love!!
  • The Breakdown/Inuyumi's scary transformation!!!
  • Fun in the Sun
  • Jellicenta Dearest
  • Poke Love/Ayako's in love...with Kuro?!
  • Words from the Master
  • Chingling Bells
  • The Shadow Battle
  • Prep for Battle
  • The Battle Brawl Begins
  • First up Foremost
  • Without a Doubt, Part One
  • Without a Doubt, Part Two
  • Rivalry Showdown, Part One
  • Rivalry Showdown, Part Two
  • A Feathery Fury
  • Protecting Kari
  • One Catty Surprise, Part One/Kotori vs. Cathy!! The battle between classmates!!
  • One Catty Surprise, Part Two
  • In Heat of the Battle, Part One
  • In Heat of the Battle, Part Two
  • The Championship Finale, Part One
  • The Championship Finale, Part Two
  • The Championship Finale, Part Three
  • Kingdom Come
  • Duel Two Birds with one card, Part 1
  • Duel Two Birds with one card, Part 2
  • Sick Day
  • A "Fairy" small power
  • The XYZ way/I'm not used to XYZ monsters!!
  • Grandparents' Day
  • Lost and Found
  • Human for a day/Astral's human?!?!
  • Questioning of the Badge/Tetsuo questions his badge, Is he the right holder?
  • Guess who's dating Lucy?/Ryouga's dating Yuki?!?!
  • Boasting for Fame
  • On the Fast Lane
  • Family Day Problem/Our families are not here! Lonely Warriors!
  • A Signer Lesson/The Book of the Signer Dragons!!
  • The Duelist and the pauper/Switch! Anna as Sora, Sora as Anna!?
  • Trades and Trust/Can't trade Astral!
  • For the love for Astral/A student's in love with Astral?
  • The Elite Crowd/Jackori's quitting for popularity!?
  • Shark-sphere/School Play! A Romeo and Juliet catastrophe!
  • Sticks and Stones/
  • Trading Places/Astral is Yuma and Yuma is Astral?!?
  • My Big Fat Warrior Wedding, Part 1/It's Uncle Sota's Wedding!! Bride's hiding a secret?
  • My Big Fat Warrior Wedding, Part 2/Inuyumi knows! Rescue the real bride!!!
  • Poison Point/Poisoning Unarrin City?! One Large Problem!
  • The New Kids/Introducing Riran and Ryoku! The new students!
  • TBA
  • XYZ Solution, Part 1/Yuki and Yuma vs. Ran and Ryo!
  • XYZ Solution, Part 2/Time to XYZ summon! The Majestic Butterfly!
  • TBA
  • So much for being destined Warriors, Part 1/
  • So much for being destined Warriors, Part 2/
  • A Melody is born, Part 1/The Melody eggs! Another new generation?!?
  • A Melody is born, Part 2/Be born, Meloettara twins!!!
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • High School Melody/Meloettara twins, time to attend school!
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA/Story Time! The Melody storytellers!
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • Heartsinking Love/Ryouga and Yuki, breakup?! Fix it, Yuma!!
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA/A new ZEXAL form, A new melody!!
  • In Perfect Harmony/I can't do it! Harmo-chan Meloettara's dilemma to ZEXAL form!
  • TBA/
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • True Heart of Space, True Friend in Need/Astral's dying! The Return of the true Legend's Circle!
  • TBA/
  • TBA/
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA/Yuma's nightmare, coming to life?!
  • Yet Another Cinderella Story/The School Summer ball, and the new school rival for Yuki??
  • TBA
  • TBA


  • This is possibly an alternate universe, because of these reasons:
  1. Yuma's other parents, and Heartland don't exist.
  2. Kari is now Yuma's adopted sister.
  • The warriors will learn a new Legendary upgrade, along with the ZEXAL mode. This makes the first series to have a crossover power-up between the ZEXAL power and the Legendary Warrior power.