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Pop'n Tunes
Pop'n Tunes logo
Title Logo
Format Anime series
Run time 22-25 minutes, 3-5 min. (shorts / segments), 2 min. (musical segment)
Animation Studio Be-Toon Projects, Inc.
Studio 4°C
Network TXN (TV Tokyo)
Tokyo MX
Kids Station (Japan)
Cartoon Network Japan
Tooniverse (Korea)
StarHub TV (Singapore)
English Network Crunchyroll
Boomerang (2015-2021)
Disney XD (2022-present)
Boomerang UK (2015-present)
Yey! Channel (ABS-CBN)
Teletoon (Canada)

Pop'n Tunes (Japanese: ポップンテューンズ) is a Japanese anthology series of anime-based cartoon shorts/segments and music videos based on Konami's Bemani arcade game Pop'n Music produced by STUDIO BUBBLE under Be-Toon Project label. It is similar to Anime All Star. It is a children's anime, targeted at young Japanese children from kindergarten to middle school, and even many Pop'n Music fans around Asia could enjoy watching.

Like that, some of the shorts are reminiscent of classic cartoons from the 30's to 70's. In Japan, Singapore, and Korea, the show compiles Anime All Star episodes to make a 1-hour series called The Pop'n Azumanga Anime All Star Hour.

The series premiered in March of 2013 in Japan (to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Pop'n Music franchise) and later in Korea in early 2014, but did not make it overseas until its Boomerang premiere in North America on May 10, 2015. Before the series premiered, a test pilot was produced in February of 2011, after the release of Pop'n Music Tune Street two months earlier, featuring the voices of Mimi and Nyami from Pop'n Music Portable 1. After the earthquake and tsunami one month later, the test pilot is survived and it was supposed to broadcast in order to comfort the kids who lost homes or their loved ones.

Pop'n Tunes logo-0

Prototype logo (Used in 2011 Test Pilot.)

It spawned the movie spinoff, Pop'n Quest: The Search for Pop'n Crystal, which came out in September of 2015, and the series of manga/comics and cine-manga, "Be-Toon Comics", but STUDIO BUBBLE continues to produce more of "WakuWaku Pop'n Manga" based on the TV series. Even some of the exclusive episodes of these comics were adapted to the animated series. Even Konami released a mobile app where you watch the show with complete episodes and the latest ones "Pop'n TV". Also, released a remake/sequel of "Pop'n Taisen Puzzle Dama" with a theme based on the fusion between Sunny Park and Rhythmin and the anime series itself.

It is the only TV series where Studio 4°C produces animations related to the Pop'n Music franchise since Pop'n Music Tune Street and Lapistoria. It also involves some ex-anime animators of Tiny Toon Adventures.

The show's slogan is "Let's Enjoy Cartoons Together!" and/or "Let's Pop'n Tune in!", which is uttered by Mimi and Nyami.

A T-Rated Lapistoria spin-off, Dingomi IMPACT (which unsurprisingly stars Dingomi), is under development.

Related Hashtags:

  1. PopnMusic
  2. ポップンミュージック
  3. PopnTunes
  4. ポップンテューンズ

Contributed Animation Studios

  • Madhouse
  • Trigger
  • J.C. Staff
  • Studio Mir
  • Orange Co. Ltd. (a Japanese division of Rough Draft Studios)
  • Pop'n Bubble Korea (a Korean division of STUDIO BUBBLE)
  • Dong Woo Animation (Korea)
  • KoKo Enterpises (Korea)
  • MOI Animation (Korea)
  • Toon City (Phillipines)
  • Mercury Filmworks (Toronto, Canada) (Pastel-kun and Friends only)
  • Studio Yotta (Los Angeles USA) (GITADORA Tunes and Pastel-kun and Friends)

Copyright Stamp:

  • Pop'n Tunes (c) 2013 Konami Digital Entertainment/STUDIO BUBBLE - Pop'n Tunes Production Committee
  • Pop'n Tunes (c) 2013 Konami/STUDIO BUBBLE - Pop'n Tunes PC
  • Pop'n Tunes (c) 2013 Konami Amusement/STUDIO BUBBLE - Pop'n Tunes Committee


Each episode features the mascots as hosts presenting 5 shorts which dedicates the quality of classic theatrical western-animation shorts, and a musical segment at the end where the credits roll, known as, Pop'n Jukebox. The musical segments are basically just animated music videos for songs from the Pop'n Music games, Even the exclusive songs and remixes (e.g. some songs by Chilt featuring Tilt on the vocals like "TransBullet -The Path to Tomorrow-"; "SigSig MiyuMiyu mix"; etc.) for the show itself. They are basically ending sequences. Like "The Huckleberry Hound Show" and "The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show", the interstitial wraparounds may be shown between each shorts or commercial breaks. Some episodes features another segment about facts of Pop'n Music franchise (like some Pop'n related products) known as Pop'n Facts. Also there's next-time-like ending wraparounds at the end of the show after the credits. Each episode features not just the mascots, but features one of assorted characters from different themes. The show appears themes that rotate each month based on different Pop'n Music games. Some episodes may feature a CGI spin-off segment based on Dance Dance Revolution called DDR Tunes that was produced using MikuMikuDance with inspirations of Hi-School SeHa Girls. Basically, DDR Tunes uses character models from Dance Dance Revoluton game series. Due to world popularity of DDR series, DDR Tunes is a backup to the main show to be aired mostly more countries than the main show, but occasionally, its format is reversed, DDR Tunes sandwhiching a few episodes from Pop'n Tunes and other BEMANI-based shorts. But, Outside America, the show is titled "BEMANI Toons".

The Eyecatch / Bumpers which appeared before and after commercial breaks are influenced in style by the Dragon Ball series, Ranma 1/2, Zatch Bell and Maison Ikkoku.

On the Japanese TV Broadcast, a sponsorship message which tells the show was sponsored by Konami, Nico Nico Douga and other grand sponsors is shown, consisting of preview edits of Pop'n Music songs playing as background music.

Alternate Names/Sister Series:

  • DDR Tunes (in North and South America)
  • BEMANI Toons aka The Be-Toons Show (International, Outside Japan and Korea)


  • Pop'n Tunes (main segment, originated in Japan and Korea)
  • Pop'n Facts (Facts about the History of Pop'n Music)
  • Pop'n News (Updates on Pop'n Music franchise)
  • Pop'n Jukebox/BEMANI Jukebox
  • DDR Tunes (also as backup segment) (CG Animation)
  • GITADORA Tunes
  • Reflec Beat's Pastel-kun & Friends (CG and 2D Animation) (Ended: Season 4)
  • jubeat’s Smith (2D Animation)
  • Dingomi and Kurumi (Temporarily On Hold once Dingomi's spin-off show is aired)

Compilation TV Shows

There are compilation series that could be aired outside Japan and various Asian countries. Unlike other compilation shows of Anime All Stars and Looney Tunes like The Kaorin Show and The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show, each show differs hosts and Pop'n Tunes episodes.

  • the pop'n tunes show
  • The Mimi n' Nyami Pop'n Show
  • The Poet/Parquets Show


The mascots/hosts of the show are Mimi and Nyami, and starting season 4, Navi-kun joins the host team as an assistant. They present shorts and sometimes interact with other characters in the wraparounds between the shorts. They have a tendency to also appear as characters in the shorts, too.

List of some of Pop'n Tunes Cast

  • Mimi - Rie Murakawa (Japanese), Waka Kobayashi (Japanese, 2011 Test Pilot only), Cheryl Miller (English. Pre-Lapistoria) Tomomi Shimada (English, since Lapistoria)
  • Nyami - Marina Goto (Japanese), Nozomi Nishizaka (Japanese, 2011 Test Pilot only), Ai Nagano (Japanese Substitute), Hilda Cooper (English, Pre-Lapistoria) Diana Garnet (English, since Lapistoria)
  • Rie-chan - Ayane Sakura (Japanese), Liliana Mumy (English)
  • Sanae-chan - Cassandra Lee Morris (English)
  • Sugi-kun - Lucas Grabeel (English)
  • Reo-kun - Okamoto Nobuhiko (Japanese), Andres Maldonado-Martin (English)
  • Judy - Yumiri Hanamori (Japanese)
  • MZD - Tasuku Hatanaka (Japanese), Vic Mignogna (English)
  • Roku - Shintaro Asanuma (Japnaese)
  • Timer - Kobayashi Yuusuke (Japanese, Later Episodes of Season 1 - onwards), Seki Toshihiko (Japanese, Early Episodes of Season 1), Crispin Freeman (English)
  • Minit's - Kino Hina (Japanese), Kugimiya Rie (Japanese), Kether Donohue (English)
  • Sumire - Ueda Kana (Japanese), Ashley Johnson (English)
  • Pretty - Andrea Libman (English)
  • Space Maco - Andrea Kwan (English)
  • ALT (1.0 and 2.0) - VocalWriter Sarah (Singing and Speaking in Japanese and English)
  • Tilt (ALT's pal who was originally a fan character created by BEMANI artist Chilt) - Ms. AquesTone Female F1 (Singing Voice), Ms. AquesTalk F4 (Japanese), Cristina Pucelli with effects to sound robotic (English)
  • B-Kun (from BEMANI Expo) - Des-ROW/Osamu Migitera pitched up, like in the B-Kun song (Japanese), Tom Kenny pitched up (English)
  • Shishamo - Yuki Matsuoka (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
  • Hina - Makiko Ohmoto (Japanese), Tara Strong (English)
  • Milk - Isomura Tomomi (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
  • Sergei - Kurumi Mamiya (Japanese), Chiara Zanni (English)
  • Uncle Jam - Greg Eagles (English)
  • Machiko - Fujiko Takimoto (Japanese), Tara Platt (English)
  • Yuli - Shinnosuke Tachibana (Japnaese), Reuben Langdon (English)
  • Smile - Daiki Yamashita (Japanese), Matsuoka Yoshitsugu (Japanese)
  • Ash - Kamiya Hiroshi (Japanese)
  • Kagome - Christine Auten (English), Yuu Asakawa (Japanese)
  • Cecil - Greg Ayres (English), Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)
  • Risette - Kaori Nazuka (Japanese)
  • Aspara - Aoi Yuuki (Japanese)
  • Mr. KK - Eric Vale (English), Yuuma Ueno (Japanese)
  • SYO - Koudai Sakai (Japanese)
  • Pochiko - NU-KO (Japanese), Kether Donohue (English)
  • Kaorin - Aki Toyasaki (Japanese), Grey DeLisle-Griffin (in a NU-KO impression) (English)
  • Whip - Madeleine Peters (English)
  • Puririn - Olivia Olson (English)
  • Nonet - [insert voice actress here]
  • Yakko/Monimoni - SATOE (Japanese), Nami Miyaki (Japanese) -insert someone who can impersonate SATOE here!- (English)
  • Retsu - Kenishi Suzumura (Japanese)
  • Hiumi - Asami Imai (Japanese)
  • Fugu - Yuki Kaji (Japanese)
  • Rinka - Karen Myama (Japanese)
  • Ichika (OC) - Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
  • Jin - Soma Saito (Japanese)
  • Nia - Chiaki Omigawa (Japanese)
  • Toa - Yuu Shimamura (Japanese)
  • Miyu - Sumire Morohoshi (Japanese)
  • WeiB - Masakazu Morita (Japanese)
  • Sigure - Mimori Suzuko (Japanese)
  • Betty - Jessica Hilbrecht (English)
  • Pisce - Shino Shimoji (Japanese)
  • Eclat - Saori Oonishi (Japanese)
  • Schall - Shizuka Ishigami (Japanese), Kristen Schaal (English)
  • Takuto - Miyu Irino (Japanese)
  • Young Takuto - Koshimizu Ami (Japanese)
  • Horn - Ibuki Kido (Japanese)
  • Melissa - Nana Mizuki (Japanese)
  • Albireo - Chiwa Saito (Japanese)
  • Zizz - Freddie Hatae (Japanese), Jess Harnell in an impression of Freddie Hatae's spoken lines in the songs "Quiet" and "DOES NOT COMPUTE" (English)
  • Iroha - Minori Chihara (Japanese)
  • Ratte - Kira Buckland (English)
  • Lotte - Olivia Charles (English)
  • Roki - Yuki Kajiura (Japanese)
  • Root - Kate Micucci (English)
  • Oj Tsuyoshi - Jun Fukuyama (Japanese)
  • Sirius - Yoshimasa Hosoya (Japanese)
  • Odile - Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese)
  • Dave - Katsumi Fukuhara (Japnaese)
  • Poet - Yuriko Yamamoto (Japanese, Season 1), Maria Naganawa (Japanese, late-Season 1-present), Kari Wahlgren (English)
  • Amulet (Poet's Little Brother) - Tomoko Kaneda (Japanese) E.G. Daily (English)
  • Candy - Noriko Namiki (Japanese) Janice Kawaye (English)
  • Megumi - Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese)
  • Yusha - Ben Diskin (English)
  • Purecul Lip - Nana Mizuki (Japanese)
  • Usanuko - Toyoguchi Megumi (Japanese), Tajja Isen (English)
  • Nicolas - Mutsumi Tamura (Japanese)
  • Akane - Eri Kitamura (Japanese)
  • Madoka (Lapistoria) - Mamiko Noto (Japanese)
  • Sail - Ai Kayano (Japanese)
  • Elenoa - Yuu Kobayashi (Japanese)
  • DTO - Daisuke Namikawa (Japanese)
  • Smoke - Sugita Tomokazu (Japanese)
  • Miho - Aya Hirano (Japanese)
  • Ryuta - Tsubasa Yonaga (Japanese) Mark Rendall (English)
  • IO - Kengo Kawanishi (Japanese)
  • LOWER - Yuuki Inoue (Japnaese)
  • Phantom - Nozomi Yamamoto (Japanese)
  • Eclipse - Junichi Suwabe (Japanese)
  • Lazuli - Inori Minase (Japanese)
  • Rave Girl - Chiaki Takahashi (Japanese)
  • Hatena - Daisuke Sakaguchi (Japanese)
  • Navi-kun - Ayumu Murase (Japanese)
  • Lill - Makiko Ohmoto (Japanese)
  • Pastel-kun (Reflec-Beat Mascot) - Kapei Yamaguchi (Japanese)
  • Dingomi Sasaki (Original Character by StarShineSarahJones) - Minami Takayama (Japanese) Ayaka Fukuhara (Alternate Japanese Actress) Coleen Clinkenbeard (English)
  • Kurumi
    • English: Nika Futterman (Pop'n Music 9-Sunny Park) Tabitha St. Germain (Lapistoria/UsaNeko) Angie Beers (post-Pop'n Music PEACE)
    • Japanese: Kaoru Fujino (Pop'n Music 9-Sunny Park) Mikoi Sasaki (Lapistoria/Usaneko) Yuki Aoi (Post-Pop'n Music PEACE)
  • Sapphire - Kathleen Delaney (English)
  • Sunemi (OC) - ??????

Guest Appearances

  • Pastel (TwinBee)- Hekiru Shiina (Japanese)
  • WinBee (TwinBee) - Kumiko Nishihara (Japanese)
  • Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid) - Asami Shimoda

Some voices may be similar to Pop'n Music series.

Special guests appears in some Pop'n Tunes episodes are Pastel and WinBee from TwinBee series who were voiced by the cast of TwinBee Paradise).

The voice production is provided by Konami Sound Studio and HALF H.P. STUDIO.


Character Design

All characters are flat and has thick echo outlines as exactly usual as the actual Pop'n Music games and all Lapistoria-Yume characters appears to be in-game rather than anime portrait look due to some complaints and critism on Lapistoria-era designs (although the anime portrait look would be reused in Dingomi IMPACT). All characters appears to have a little bit of shadings in the first 3 seasons. Starting in Season 4, They have given more relevant shadings based on Post-Lapistoria character designs.

Styles of Background Inspiration

Just as Pop'n Music Tune Street, the backgrounds in the series is based on (UPA-like 50s cartoonish) mid-century modern cartoon background.

  • Pop'n Music Tune Street
  • Line Town (Anime)
  • Sue Mondt (Dexter's Lab, The Powerpuff Girls, Foster's)
  • Kim Possible
  • Mr. Driller series
  • Super Bomberman R
  • Post-Puyo Puyo Fever series
  • Oh! Super Milk-chan
  • WarioWare Series
  • Kaiba (2008)

Audio Tracks


The show may have original music score track for Japanese and Korean versions. Each character has different specific types of music inspired by various composers like 90s styled Parquets/Kataoka (Roland JV-1080 powered) inspired music for Poet cartoons, Nekomata Master music for Paku cartoons and RuRuRu System-based Techno music for Minit's Cartoons. The Konami Cross Media NY dubbed versions uses the 4kids-like cartoony music score track for TV edits as well. However, while Konami Cross Media NY (formerly 4K Media and 4Kids) did the dub of the show, the original music score track may remain intact in DVD dub versions, alongside the original version. It uses tracks taken from every BEMANI games for the show, alongside Pop'n series but also some of other Konami and Hudson video games for some episodes, but some are re-arranged.

Soundtrack used from other BEMANI games

  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Beatmania IIDX
  • Sound Voltex
  • KeyboardMania
  • Toy's March
  • Mambo A Go Go

Soundtrack used from other Konami and Hudson Soft games:

  • Pooyan
  • Circus Charlie (sometimes used in some Carnival-themed episodes)
  • TwinBee Paradise / WinBee Neo Cinema Albums (Both radio drama and OVA, also mostly used in WinBee special episode)
  • Pop'n TwinBee (Used in WinBee special episode)
  • Bonk's Revenge
  • Bonk III: Bonk's Big Adventure
  • Super Bonk
  • Super Bomberman 2
  • Antarctic Adventure
  • Tokimeki Memorial series
  • LovePlus
  • The Legend of Mystical Ninja (SNES) (some used in Iroha-themed and Sengoku-themed episodes)
  • Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon (N64) (some used in Iroha-themed and Sengoku-themed episodes)

Spoken Languages

  • Japanese - Original
  • Korean - Dubbed by Iconix Entertainment
  • English - Dubbed by Konami Cross Media NY, in association with Bang Zoom Entertainment/Studiopolis
  • Tagalog - Dubbed by Creative Programs, Inc.
  • Singapore Chinese - Dubbed by Odex

Sound Effects

The show may have sound effects from Swara Productions, E&M Planning Center and Fizz Sound along with some SFX from Series 4000 Hollywood, Cartoon Trax (Jim MacDonald/Disney Cartoon SFX) (which refers to several Pop'n Music games like the song PERCUSSIVE), Jay Ward (Rocky & Bullwinkle) (rarely used), Warner Bros., Universal Studios (Comedy Ricochets only), and of course, Hanna-Barbera to be inspired by some of the following inspiratons.

Pilot and Early Season 1

  • Konami Krazy Racers
  • Nerima Daikon Brothers (Sound Garden, Hiroaki Nozaki and Eiko Morikawa)
  • Daa! Daa! Daa! UFO Baby / PaRappa The Rapper (Anime Series) / Ape Escape (2002 CG Anime Shorts) (Nearly Similar SFX Style by Hiroaki Nozaki)
  • TwinBee: Winbee's 1/8 Panic and Tulip Beach Story/Ganbare Goemon TV Anime/Nagasarete Airanto
  • Anime All-Stars

Later Season 1:

  • Sailor Moon (90s series) (Yasuyuki Konno)
  • Fushigiboshi no Futagohime (Yasuyuki Konno)
  • The Powerpuff Girls Z (Toshiya Wada)
  • Squid Girl (Takahisa Ishino)
  • Kazutoshi Sato projects (I.e. Project A-Ko, Alfred J Kwak and Moomin)
  • Hoshi no Kaabii
  • Osomatsu-san
  • Joel Valentine (Dexter's Lab and Powerpuff Girls) (including Joel's Producers Sound Library)

Season 4:

  • Super Bomberman R (handful of sounds)

Even some sounds are used taken from other Konami video games like MGS Alert Sound and Parodius series. and They utilize even more sounds that are exactly from Konami animes like TwinBee Paradise and Ganbare Goemon.

While the sound production was provided by Rakounsha and Konami Sound Studio, Sound editors could be Hiroki Nozaki (Chura Sound) (Season 1-present), Eiko Morikawa (Chura Sound) (Later Season 1-present), Takahisa Ishino and Toshiya Wada (Swara Pro) (Season 2-present).

Click for the list of sounds it may use.

Theme Rotation Monthly

  • Pop'n 1, 2 and 3 (First Aired: March 2013)
  • Pop'n 4, 5 and Pop'n Stage (Urban) (First Aired: April 2013)
  • Pop'n 6 (Rock 'n' Roll) (First Aired: May 2013)
  • Pop'n 7 (Groovy) (First Aired: June 2013)
  • Pop'n 8 (Pop'n Channel / Honey Hives) (First Aired: July 2013)
  • Pop'n 9 (Pop'n Café) (2-month theme) (First Aired: August 2013)
  • Pop'n 10 (Fairy Tale / Halloween) (First Aired: October 2013)
  • Pop'n 11 (Pop'n Passport, World Travel) (First Aired: November 2013)
  • Iroha (Folk Tales & Fables) (First Aired: December 2013)
  • Carnival (First Aired: February 2014)
  • Fever (Di-Di-Di-Disco Fever) (2-month theme) (First Aired: March 2014)
  • Adventure (First Aired: May 2014)
  • Party (First Aired: June 2014)
  • The Movie (First Aired: July 2014)
  • Utacchi (Dessert Land) (First Aired: August 2014)
  • Sengoku Retsuden (Japan's Warring States time period) (First Aired: September 2014)
  • Portable (Picnic) (First Aired: October 2014)
  • Tune Street (Pop'n Town) (2-month theme) (First Aired: November 2014)
  • Fantasia (Fairytale) (2-month theme) (First Aired: February 2015)
  • Sunny Park (2-month theme) (First Aired: April 2015)
  • Pop'n Rhythmin (Post-Sunny Park) (First Aired: May 2015)
  • Lapistoria (High School) (2-month theme) (First Aired: June 2015)
  • éclale (Fantasy) (2-month theme) (First Aired: September 2016)
  • Usagi to Neko to Shounen no Yume (Steampunk) (2-month theme) (September 2017)
  • Peace (First Aired: April 2019)
  • Lively (First Aired: March 2021)
  • Kaimei Riddles (First Aired: March 2021)
  • UniLab (To Be Scheduled: TBD 2023)

The designs of Lapistoria-"Yume" characters are their cartoony in-game looks in the show, but some episodes have them in the anime style in a few occasions, but only in Lapistoria, éclale, and "Yume" themes (which will be in full effect in Dingomi IMPACT). New episodes only come out from February to December. January is a break month when only reruns air, But in 2018 during and after season 4, They began to broadcast reruns of Seasons 1-3 to celebrate 20th anniversary of Pop’n Music, as well as the PM10 theme which reran in October 2018 to celebrate Halloween. In season 5, they may include newly themed episodes and wraparounds and some classic reruns from Seasons 1-4 to celebrate the best of the show.

Season 1: Pop'n 1,2,3 to Fever (March 2013-April 2014)

Season 2: Adventure to Sunny Park (May 2014-May 2015)

Season 3: Best Hits + CS Themes (Utacchi, Rhythmin, etc.) / Theme Shuffle, Lapistoria to Eclale (June 2015-April 2017)

Season 4: Steampunk & Theme Shuffle (September 2017-October 2018)

Season 5: Peace + Pop'n Top Tune Archives (Top Rerun Web Picks) (April 2019-December 2019)

Season 6: Lively & Kaimei Riddles (March 2021)

Season 7: UniLab (To Be Scheduled: TBD 2023)


With all the different themes which rotate, the show features different intros as well. Click here to read about them! At the beginning of an intro, a la Sesame Street (from 1992-2001), the title of the theme reads "Theme: [theme of the show]" or "Theme Shuffle" which starting in Season 3, and in the end, it reads "Pop'n Tunes".

Opening Themes


  • "Like a Pop'n Music" is heard with variations at the end of the opening of themes of PM-Channel, PM10, and PM11.

Home Media Releases

Pop'n Tunes DVD

Click for more info about DVD menus.

Each DVD consists of 4-5 episodes involving 20-25 shorts of the show and bonus features (e.g. extra music videos, bonus cartoons, Pop'n Music game trailers and other trailers, Even drawing how-tos of Pop'n characters). It also have different languages: English, Spanish (Subtitles), French (Subtitles), Korean and Japanese.

  • Vol 1 - Pop'n, No Drop'n
  • Vol 2 - Pop'n Paradise
  • Vol 3 - Punks Rock
  • Vol 4 - Groovy Tunes 'n' Kooky Toons
  • Vol 5 - Honey Bunches of Toons
  • Vol 6 - Serv'n Out
  • Vol 7 - Hop-us Pop-us / Princess Piccolo and Other Fairy Tales
  • Vol 8 - Passport around Pop'n World / Pop’n World Travel Tales
  • Vol 9 - Iroha Fables
  • Vol 10 - Kooky Kartoon Karnival
  • Vol 11 - Cartoon Disco Fever
  • Vol 12 - Adventures in Safari
  • Vol 13 - Pop'n Party Poppers / The Great Rhythm Arcade Champion (feat. The Toy Contemporary Concerto)
  • Vol 14 - Movie Madness / To Make A Musical Movie
  • Vol 15 - This Means War / Asian State Wars
  • Vol 16 - Dizzy Desserts in Dessert Land
  • Vol 17 - Picnic Panic (released on March 28, due to the reference of "Ensemble Forecast 3/28")
  • Vol 18 - Down to Tune Street
  • Vol 19 - Fantasy Frolics / Once Upon a Tune / The Search for Pop'n Crystal
  • Vol 20 - Walk in The Sunny Park
  • Vol 21 - Lapistoria: Stuck in Anime World
  • Vol 22 - Lapistoria: When Two Worlds Collide (Cartoony In-game selves meets Anime selves + Mimi and Nyami: Old Selves meets New Lapistoria Selves as PreCures)
  • Vol 23 - Eclale: The Fantasic Crazy World
  • Vol 24 - The Usa The Neko, and The Boy's Dream / The Journey with Navi-kun
  • Vol 25 - Peace On!

Pop'n Tunes Chara-Collection DVD

Each DVD consists of 2-3 episodes (comprising 10-15) focusing on one of your favorite characters from the show. Also it contains bonus episodes focusing another of your favorite characters. Instead of the main opening, It was replaced with the opening that just stars one of them on each DVD.

  • The Best of Nyami & Mimi Vol. 1
  • The Slices of Life of Rie & Sanae Vol. 1
  • The King of Hillbilly Rock
  • Dino The Dragon
  • The Little Pretty Bunny
  • Poet The Littlest Angel, Vol. 1
  • The Wacky Mis-adventures of B-Kun Vol. 1
  • Jill & Pierre: Swapped Names.
  • Space Maco, The Magical Princess Guardian
  • GUMI and the Magical VOCALOID Producer
  • A Bunny Boy named Timer
  • Samurai Roku
  • Yuli & Ash and Smile
  • Hina The Honey Bee
  • Milk The Pink Lovable Dentist, Vol. 1
  • Shishamo: The Kitty and The Business Man
  • The Best of Nyami & Mimi (Cure Neko and Usagi) Vol. 2
  • Syo's School Days
  • Poet The Delivery Angel, Vol. 2
  • More Wacky Mis-adventures of 🅱-Kun Vol. 2
  • Sergei The Space Dog: Missions thru Space
  • ALT The 0/1 Angelic Computer Idol
  • Cindy the Pig
  • Mr. KK: The Cleaning Man
  • Pino The Energetic Tree
  • Murmur Twins
  • Berry and The Merry-Go-Round Pals
  • White-Merry The Rockin' Poodle
  • Ratte and Lotte: Good and Evil of Twins
  • Timer's Delayed Days, Vol. 2
  • Minit's The Pink Rabbit Idol
  • B-Kun Adventures: B-ware! (Vol. 3)
  • Space Maco: The Wrath of Evil Lady, Vol. 2
  • Gardening Raimu
  • Minit's and Raimu
  • The Slices of Life of Rie & Sanae Vol. 2
  • Kirarin, The Karting Girl
  • MoniMoni and the Miracle Medicine
  • Smooooch and Friends (Also starring SigSig, Wuv U, Flip Flap and Horizon)
  • Dr. Yakko-chan
  • Nijikko The Rainbow Trio (Starring Hikari, Mirai and Sora)
  • Pochiko's Dog Daze
  • Phantom Puppeteer Zizz
  • Sumire the Soldier Girl
  • The Slices of Life of Sugi and Reo
  • Judy & Mary's Dance Party
  • The Best of Nyami & Mimi Vol. 3
  • Alt 2.0: Futuristic Linear Girl
  • Oh My MZD!
  • Smile: Tales of an Invisible Mummy Man
  • Rolly, The Little Cowgirl
  • Miracle 4 starring Uno, 2st, Waka-San and Force
  • Magical 4 starring Anne, Nibri, San and Quattro
  • Bonjour, Belle!
  • Kaorin On the Run for Love
  • Hyper Idol Usanuko
  • Toa and Nia: Cyber Twins
  • Alt's A.I. Adventures, Vol. 2
  • Purecul Lip, The Magical Love Getter
  • Lica's Magical Mirrors
  • Root the Donutologist
  • Judy & Mary's Dancing Days, Vol. 2
  • Nakaji and his Glasses
  • Takuto and Schall
  • Whipping Up Fun with Whip
  • Melissa's RPG Adventure
  • The Best of Nyami & Mimi, Vol. 4
  • Yuli, Smile, and Ash: We Are Deuil
  • MZD's Magic Music Mania, Vol. 2
  • Milk's Crazy Careers, Vol. 2
  • Life of the Party Lisa
  • Feel The Flow Flow
  • Retsu: Burnin' Up
  • Ichika: Magical Mistake
  • Rinka: Flower Power
  • Hiumi: Cool as Ice
  • Fuga: Windy Wonder
  • Miyu: Cheerful Charmer
  • Action Space Boy Nico
  • Smooooch and Friends: Sanbai Ice Cream!, Vol. 2 (Also Newly Starring Xenna)
  • Milk: The Milky Way Wishes, Vol. 3
  • Hydra and the Space Pack (not real)
  • Dingomi's XTREMELY KEWL MONTAGE! (Dingomi Vol.1)
  • Dingomi's KEWL MONTAGE: 2ND IMPACT (Dingomi Vol.2)
  • Dingomi's KEWL MONTAGE; 3RD STRIKE (Dingomi Vol.3)
  • Dingomi's KEWL MONTAGE: 4TH BLAST (Dingomi Vol.4)
  • Kurumi: Ginza Lights

Pop'n Tunes Character Varieties

  • Mascot Mania!, Vol.1 (Starring Mimi & Nyami, Tran (from Beatmania IIDX), Disco / Afro (from DDR), Otobear (from GITADORA), Pastel-kun (Reflec Beat) and Rasis (from SDVX))
  • Parquets Pack Vol. 1 (Starring Poet, Shishamo, Megumi, Nico, and Candy)
  • Magical Girls Unite! (Starring Space Maco, Megumi and Purecul Lip)
  • The Best of Tsugidoka Vol. 1 (Starring Retsu, Rinka, Hiumi, Fuga)
  • Mascot Madness! Vol. 2 (Starring Mimi & Nyami, Tran (from Beatmania IIDX), Emi (from DDR) Otobear (from GITADORA), Pastel-kun (Reflec Beat), Rasis (from SDVX), BisCo (from BeatStream))
  • Parquets Pack Vol. 2 (Starring Poet, Shishamo, Hana-chan, Henry, Hanao-san, Chinatsu, and Mint)
  • Beatmates IIDX Vol. 1 (Starring Tran, Murmur Twins, Shioro, Tart & Toffee, Love is Orange, SigSig, Smoooooch, Non-Fiction Story and more.)
  • Parquets Pack Vol. 3 (Starring Poet, Shishamo, Candy, Nico, Mint, Chinatsu, and Yusha)
  • Parkour and the Beauty (Starring Dingomi and Kurumi)

DDR Tunes

Some DDR Tunes shorts separated to come out on DVD releases. Each DVD contains a bonus short from Pop'n Tunes focusing on a character who attached to their Pop'n song, which appeared in a DDR game.

  • Dance Party Revolution (with a Milk cartoon)
  • Kung Fu Fighting (with a Daikenkai-inspired Roku/6 cartoon)
  • Dance Champ (with a Sanae-chan White Lovers-inspired cartoon)
  • Zukin Storiez (with a Flow Flow cartoon)
  • Baby-Lon The Super Baby (with a 2st cartoon)
  • Konsento Robots (with an Alt cartoon based on SUMIDAGAWA KARENKA)
  • Raspberry Heart (with a LuLu cartoon)
  • Flick PiX (with a Nijikko cartoon featuring Hikari Nijino, Mirai Yumeno and Sora Hoshino)
  • ACE! (with a Dingomi cartoon)

Pop'n Tunes Holiday Specials DVD

  • A Pop'n X-Mas
  • A Pop'n Thanksgiving
  • Trick'n or Treat'n or Pop'n
  • Valentine Hearts go Pop'n
  • Clover Go Lucky Angel (A Pop'n St. Patrick special) (Starring: Poet and Amulet)
  • Easter Bunny Mimi (Also Starring: Timer, Minit's, Chocky, Usao-kun and Pretty)
  • A Pop'n New Year

Pop'n Tunes Complete Season Box sets

During TV airing of reruns of Pop'n Tunes, there are box sets released on DVD.

  • Pop'n Tunes: The Complete First Season
  • Pop'n Tunes: The Complete Second Season
  • Pop'n Tunes: The Complete Third Season
  • Pop'n Tunes: The Complete Fourth Season
  • Pop'n Tunes: The Complete Fifth Season

Pop'n Tunes Blu-ray

Like the DVD release, Since the episodes were presented in HD, the Blu-rays may be released with more episodes than the DVD. But the complete DVD boxsets were compiled and included in this blu-ray release.

  • The Colorful Collection of Pop'n Paradise Toons (Seasons 1 to 3)

It contains loads of special features like character audio commentary (Subtitled) (e.g. with Mimi & Nyami), textless openings and music videos, TV previews, trailers, character bios, and a promotional video. Even the 2011 test pilot is included as well.

Pop'n Tunes OVAs

Each DVD contains a special episode that was produced directly to video and was never before seen in the TV series. Also contains 2 bonus episodes from the TV series.

  • DDR x Pop'n Stage (Full-length special)
    • Dingomi Revolution! (Dingomi, more specifically her Lapistoria counterpart, meets her human DDR counterpart)
  • When MZD Made The World... (A full-length special describing the origin of the Pop'n World)
  • A Lapistoria Story
    • Lapistoria: Dingomi's Fray (Dingomi's perspective on her actions, point of view and experience in Lapistoria, later had a tie-in game that is a platformer/beat-em-up and is the first Pop'n Music media to release in America after a while)
  • TILTed (A special showing how Tilt came to the Pop'n World and became a close-knit friend with ALT)
  • Let's Go To Hinatabi! (Full-length special where the HinaBitter girls meet the some main Pop'n Music characters, and they come back to the Pop'n World with them) (cancelled for several reasons)
  • Mimi & Nyami's Dress-up Theater (a series of parodied shows where costumes come from, like Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater)
  • Hatsune Miku no Pop'n Special
  • Pop'n Party Birthday Bash (Pop'n Music's 20th anniversary full-length OVA special)


After these physical releases, Konami launches Pop'n Tunes TV app service for iOS and Android in various Asian countries, as well as the Pop'n Tunes channel on YouTube and NicoNico.



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