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Tropes for the show[]

  • Breakout Character: Dingomi is really popular, partially thanks to her goofy, cocky and snarky personality and simple appearance, along with her huge meme potential.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Squad: the Tsugidoka pretty much hogged most of the Lapistoria arc, which led to any other character who isn't Dingomi to have reduced appearances.

Characters who Originated here[]

Dingomi Sasaki[]

  • Full Name: Dingomi Taylor Sasaki Jr.

A mischievous and butchy Dingo who loves parkour

  • Ancestral Name: she took her first name from her father, Dingomi Sasaki Sr., with her middle name from her mother, Chalotte Taylor
  • Bee Afraid: Dingomi is Mellissophobic
  • Canon Foreigner: Atleast before Pop'n Music Lapistoria, where she became a Canon Immigrant.
  • Captain Ersatz: Dingomi shares very similar attributes to Nyami, with the only real difference is that she has a tail, unlike Nyami, she isn't too similar to Nyami anymore appearance wise though, Dingomi became a bit more distinct with Nyami beginning with fantasia, as Nyami going a brighter shade of brown while Dingomi retained the classic darker brown, plus Dingomi would have a distinct outfit from Mimi and Nyami (in UsaNeko for example, Mimi and Nyami are in steampunk dresses, while Dingomi dresses like a business man.)
  • *Crack* Oh My Back!: her Lapistoria lose animation consists of her running too fast, to skid, only to slip and throw herself into hitting a wall with her back, falling on her stomach, she gets back pain.
  • Character Divergent Evolution: While Dingomi still has the same body type as Mimi and Nyami, Sengoku Retsuden-era episodes gave her a different from the two (being a shout-out to Monkey D. Luffy, which makes sense because the Dingomi and Luffy are voiced by the same English voice actress), while Dingomi kept the classic brown color in Fantasia, Mimi and Nyami go for a brighter shade of brown, Lapistoria onwards gave Dingomi ear fuzz, she's still very alike with Mimi and Nyami, but Dingomi ever since had a distinct outfit from them.
  • Deadly Dingos: her Pre-Lapistoria incarnations downplays this, being a Dingo who pranks a lot and loves to spit out a good snark to brag about, but the acts are not too harmful despite how big her acts affected, her post-Lapistoria portrayals averts this completely.
  • First Of Her Kind: Dingomi is pretty much the first dingo ever (whether fictitious or real) to have japanese blood, with the said japanese blood being inherited by her father, who is however, a shiba inu.
  • Guest Fighter: In Dance Dance Revolution A as a human, along with Sanae-Chan and Milk, she's the only Pop'n character to appear in a DDR game, she also has her Lapistoria and Escale outfits, she's also the only playable Pop'n Music character in a DDR game ever.
  • Hates Wearing Dresses: Although she makes denim skirts (which she wears in her Pop'n Music Peace outfit) an exception.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Dingomi would eventually be in the side of the main mascots shortly after her first defeat in Pop'n Music Lapistoria, in Pop'n Tunes, she stays mean, until Took A Level In Kindness kicked in the Sengoku Retsuden episode "Dingo Inheritance".
  • Humanity Ensues: Her appearance in Dance Dance Revolution A.
  • In The Hood: Her Lapistoria outfit includes a hoodie
  • A Lizard named "Liz": a Dingo named "Dingomi"
  • The Lad-ette: Dingomi is rather a PG-rated variant of this trope, but she IS even more of a tomboy than Nyami and she loves parkour.
  • Only One Name: She might as well be the only major character to avert this trope.
  • Pain To The Ass: Her lose animation in Pop'n Music Fantasia has Dingomi (sporting the same outfit Mimi and Nyami had in Pop'n Music 10, except with a yellow hourglass on it) angrily throwing out a zap, not knowing that it will bounce off many mirrors, ultimately landing on Dingomi's rear end.
  • Palette Swap: Downplayed, the only palette swap is her hair (beginning with the Fantasia Episodes), where she has a different shade of brown as her hair from Mimi and Nyami (usually a darker shade of brown)
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Downplayed as "Da Speed" from Escale, while Mimi and Nyami still recognizes her easily, most of the new characters from Escale really knew her as "Da Speed"
  • Strong Family Resemblance: Played with, Dingomi looks like her mother when the latter was the former's age, although she doesn't have any resemblance to her father.
  • Sweet Polly Oliver: well, there are quite a decent amount of outfits of Dingomi having her in a somewhat masculine outfit, (examples are Carnival, FEVER, THE MOVIE, Sengoku Retsuden, Sunny Park, Lapistoria, Escale (Da Speed), Usaneko and Unilab, Kaimei Riddles doesn't count because it's just her Lapistoria outfit.
  • Took a Level In Kindness: DIngomi went from a straight menace who just wants to mess with people (especially Nyami) in Iroha, to a harmless troublemaker who just wants fun in Sengoku Retsuden, to good-natured but still cocky and mischievous in Sunny Park onwards.


  • Adaptational Displacement: Fans who are familiar with Kurumi only know her for her dynamic with Dingomi, fans of Kurumi are still waiting for Kurumi's return in a newer pop'n music installment.
  • Base-Breaking Character: while not as breaking as Zizz, Dingomi is subjected to some base-breaking towards fans, there are fans who see her as a charming major character who is cool, and are responsible into turning her into a Breakout Character, and there are also fans who see Dingomi as an obnoxious canine rip-off of Nyami (especially her pre-Lapistoria incarnations).
  • Crossdressing Voice: Inverted with Dingomi's Japanese voice, where she's voiced by a female voice actress, her voice sounds like a high-pitched teenage boy, averted with her english voice.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Dingomi get popular rather quickly on her first appearance, it went to the point that Dingomi became a Canon Immigrant once Pop'n Music Lapistoria came around, as she's one of the playable characters, in a cutscene dedicating to her, however, she's becoming less and less of this trope, she is no longer this trope when Lively came around, as she's now Mimi and Nyami's "third ranger", but Dingomi is still a fan favorite nontheless.
  • Fandom Enraging Misconception:
    • Don't say that Dingomi is just Nyami with a tail, Dingomi has been different from Nyami, especially the radical change in personality, and, the fact
    • Do not take Dingomi as a mispelling of Digimon, you will give Dingomi fans ALOT of ire.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • For Dingomi, we have Gomi Gomi No Mu (partially in light of having the same english actress as Funimation Luffy), Red Hat (Lapistoria), Miss Jokey, Dog Nyami and Digimon (be careful using the latter two because of Fandom Enraging Misconception above)
  • Fountain Of Memes: Dingomi is pretty memeable, down to her overconfident, cocky personality, and also being a Nyami doppelganger with the differences being a darker hair shade and having a tail (Lapistoria onwards also gave her ear fuzz to further distinct her from Nyami while being similar), she's pretty much the fountain of memes of the entire Pop'n Music series, not just for Pop'n Tunes.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Fans of Aiden McCourtney look very fondly at this show, especially at Dingomi, as one of the inspiration of Aiden is none other than Dingomi herself, fans of Aiden are still wishing for him to officially meet the dingo someday.
  • Hilarious In Hindsight: in some Escale episodes, Da Speed/Dingomi jumps, if she rolls when she jumps, she will charging up energy, when she lands while the energy was charging, she releases the charge and dashes forward, this sounds familiar?, because the Drop Dash from Sonic Mania has the same concept!, the fact that Dingomi's Escale ego (aka Da Speed) is partially based off Sonic The Hedgehog also helps!
  • Harsher In Hindsight: the episode "Gomi-kwondo" has Dingomi, who got her way into a Taekwondo tournament, and, in the final match, she challenged a black belt guy who's colorblind, he demolished her, this was hilarious when this first aired, until an incident happened in the philippines where a yellow belter gets beat up by a black belt, Dingomi asked for it as opposed to a random/rigged match up, but still.
  • Memetic Badass: Dingomi is sometimes portrayed much more powerful that she's supposed to be.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Memes involving Dingomi (Dingomi as not only the fountain of memes of Pop'n Tunes, but to the entire Pop'n Music franchise in General.)
      • Dingomi does the BLJ
      • Dingomi is basically Nick Pro as a Pop'n Music character (Explanation: one of Dingomi's hobbies is doing parkour, while Nick Pro is a parkour youtuber, Dingomi's Animations in Lapistoria also helps, as she's running in her idle animation, almost tripping in her miss animation, and her fever animation had her wall-jumping like crazy, her lose animation is also her stopping, only to accidentally throw herself, slamming her back in the wall, giving her back point with a discomforted expression.)
      • Dingomi cosplaying as Monkey D. Luffy (Explanation: an in-joke spawned by American fans due to the fact that the parkour-fanatic and the Straw Hat share the same English voice actress, which is Coleen Clinkenbeard)
      • Two Angry Barking Doggies (Explanation: a shot from the Sunny Park era-episode shows Dingomi and Pochiko angrily barking at something, this shot has seen multiple edits)
      • there are oftentimes where Dingomi is compared to Wario, and occasionally, Knuckles and/or Shadow.
      • Pop'n Music 12 & Dingomi
      • IShowDingomi (Explanation: there exists come clips where IShowSpeed's barking is edited on whenever Dingomi is barking, one of these scenes include the adforemention angry barking scene with Pochiko being one example)
      • Pop'n Music Lapistoria 2 (Explanation: this is a Pop'n Music parody image of the Sonic Adventure 2 logo, with Nyami and Dingomi replacing Sonic and Shadow respectively)
      • in 2024, a clip from the Lapistoria episode "Nu~" has gained traction, after Usanuko kidnaps/grabs Nyami, where, she goes after Dingomi (who IS just with Nyami) next, Dingomi tries to escape, and Usanuko chases her back, this spawned some memes, edits of this scene often paired with "Game Over" from Super Mario Bros: Funk Mix, and there's this one instance where a fan edit the scene where Miles Morales runs away from Miguel O' Hara, where Dingomi replaces the former and Usanuko replacing the latter respectively.
      • "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?", "i'm sorry ma'am, let me be clear on what i said, *prepares microphone* HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO SUCK MY CUNT, MS. MADOKA?" (Explanation: A Real-Time Fandub replaces Dingomi and Madoka's interaction in the Lapistoria episode "Doggy see, Dingo do.", when Dingomi is disrespecting Madoka, since she didn't like her guts anyway, the fandub replaced Dingomi saying the adforementioned South Park parody line.the original english dub has Dingomi saying: "ARE YOU EMBARRASED WITH YOURSELF, MS. MODOKA?")
      • Angry Video Game Dingo (Explanation: Dingomi's attire in Pop'n Music 17: THE MOVIE, is shockingly suspiciously similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd, Konami later replied that the resemblance was a coincidence, but that doesn't stop people from comparing Dingomi's appearance in those episodes to AVGN)
      • "MIMI!!, I WILL (x) YOU!" (Explanation: Originally spawning from an edited picture in Lapistoria, this meme is used in a similar manner to "Mr. Squidward..., i should KICK YOUR FUCKING ASS!")
      • "NO EXCUSES!" (Explanation: a fan animation featuring a Lapistoria-style Dingomi in her peace outfit, angrily shouting at Lapistoria-style Mimi and Nyami, also wearing their outfits from peace, Mimi and Nyami try to reason with Dingomi, except Dingomi isn't having any of it, she jumps at them, ready to aim a flying kick at them, just because the Mimi and Nyami are in Super Bomberman R, but not Dingomi, Dingomi also uses Funimation Luffy's "NO EXCUSES!" line)
    • Other Memes
      • Usanuko cosplaying as Junko (Explanation: Same logic as the adforementioned Dingomi/Monkey D. Luffy entry, except Usanuko and Junko share the same Japanese actress, rather than English.)
      • Nyami: You're really starting to piss me off, oh and news flash, anyone can have a lapis, it only matters is it's for good or bhadd.
      • Nyami having bees enter (Explanation: "Survive for the Honey Hive" has one shot of where alot of bees rush inside Nyami's mouth, this is seen ALOT of recontextualized memes, another instance of Nyami getting bees in her mouth is in the Escale episode "Camp Magic", this time without getting stung herself, she vomits out bees, in which Dingomi mistook for wasps, "WAAAAAAASSPPSSS!! WAAAAAAASSSPPSS!!!")
      • "for the sake of MZD...."
      • Fully humanized Mimi/Nyami (Explanation: a POCHI SCIENCE fan-animation has Pochi giving an unsuspected Mimi and Nyami (in their Lapistoria appearance) the usual potion she uses in her videos to turn everyone into anime girls, the cat and rabbit duo later turn into complete humans)
      • Traumatized Kurumi/"Boogie Woogie Wu"
  • Memetic Troll: Dingomi is this thanks to her personality in her debut, and the fact that she is Pop'n Music's Fountain Of Memes also helps, some of these memes/parodies/portrayals also sometimes also put Dingomi into being a Memetic Badass.
  • Pormanteau Couple Name: ones who ship Dingomi with Kurumi dubs it with either "Dinrumi" or "Kurugomi"
  • Ron The Death Eater: there are a small but significant amount of fan works where Dingomi is as dangerous as her species are in real life, in most of these "Deadly Dingomi" fics, Dingomi is portrayed as a menace who makes atrocities and hurts children (mainly Minit's), and the one usually stopping her being Grey from the Escale episodes, who is in canon, an extremely evil (almost rivalling that of Zizz) young man who delivers harm and even outright kidnaps. What did she do to deserve this?, especially Post-Lapistoria?
  • Shipping: Dingomi has a decent share in the shipping pool where Mimi and Nyami are normally occupying, most popular parings with her included Ash, Roku, Mitsuki, and Kurumi, and in rare cases, even Mimi and Nyami themselves can get shipped into a lesbian threesome with her!.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: While nowhere to the same extent as Navi-Kun, Toa, or even Timer, there are still ones who mistakens Dingomi to be male, her Ladette personality and some of her outfits looking boyish, or atleast gender-neutral (plus her tomboyish voice sounding so tomboyish, it's almost bordering on Vocal Dissonance) also didn't help, Dingomi also sounding like a boy's name also does not help, she would have been confused for a guy if it weren't for her sharing the same hairstyle with Mimi and Nyami, on top of that, Dingomi pretty much lampshades this when someone yells at her "boys shouldn't wear skirts!" in a Pop'n Music Peace episode, where she replies back "but i'm never a boy to begin with!, and, i make this one an exception when i dislike dresses."

What Could Have Been[]

  • Dingomi was originally going to wear a grey hoodie and baggy pants and soap shoes in the episodes that cover Pop'n Music 14: FEVER!, this was axed in favor of a red bomber jacket, and just straight grey jeans, with the soap shoes remaining, this concept of Dingomi's outfit however, would be repurposed in Lapistoria, except that the soap shoes are replaced with Adidas-esque shoes and is also added a red backwards cap.