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PriPara: Dancing Stars
Rated G
Animation Studio Tatsunoko Production
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PriPara: Dancing Stars is a PriPara fanseries created by Larissa de Andrade França and Joy Williams.


Bianca North is a thirteen-year-old girl who lives in Long Beach, California and attends Long Beach Academy for Performance Art. She has always dreamed of becoming a well-known dancer and singer, and when she enters PriPara for the first time, her dream is about to become a reality.


PriPara: Dancing Stars Episodes


Main Characters[]

  • Bianca North - The first main character of the series. She is graceful and ambitious, always wanting to show everyone what she can do. She likes dancing and gymnastics, because those are what make her so graceful. She has the need to impress everyone, and has the skills to do so. Her main dance style is street dance and her main brand is Street Symphony.
  • Serafina Rodrigues - Serafina is very cocky and outgoing, and likes being unique and special. She never goes the easy way, because she likes a bit of a challenge. She always wants to become well-known for her crazy ideas. She is talkative, which makes her a great friend for a quiet person. She is also very loyal, and will stick by her friends. She is smart, yet her biggest weakness is slacking and laziness. Her main dance style is samba and her main brand is Loli Sonata.
  • Caroline Brandt - Caroline is hardworking, friendly, and optimistic. She is a headstrong and independent young woman who is truly beautiful because she doesn't let her anger and sorrow get the better of her. She is kind to most and is in no way depicted as naive or childish. She also has a slight sarcastic side to her. Her patience and empathy is what makes her so easy to get along with. When she is put through a difficult situation, she quickly bounces back and looks to the future with faith that things will get better. She wants to be independent in life and does not like seeing others being mistreated. She is rather intelligent and clever. She never yells at people and is very sweet. She doesn't like it when others are mistreated. She looks to her friends to keep her spirits up. She is admired for her kindness, strictness when need be, and that she always stands up for what's right. Her main dance style is waltz and her main brand is Crystal Rose.
  • Lila Sharma - Lila is adventurous, headstrong, practically fearless, and physically capable. Though she has moments of self-doubt, she has great pride in who she is, and is generally too stubborn to back away from new challenges. She approaches new experiences and tasks with the utmost seriousness and will stand her ground to fight for what she values even when all seems lost. She can present herself as an imposing force despite her size and has bested type most impossible obstacles while relying almost solely on her own intelligence. Her main dance style is Bollywood and her main brand is Star Music.
  • Britney Park - Her main dance style is Broadway and her main brand is Future City.
  • Jessica Santana - Jessica is soft spoken, selfless and sort of on the shy side. She has a mature air about her that others admire. She is a hopeless romantic, and loves a good love story. She wants to see her dreams come true, and she dislikes people treating her like a child. Love and loyalty are very important to her. She is appreciated for how generous and respectful she is toward her friends. Her main dance style is tango and her main brand is Blooming Aurora.


  • Ricki Trueman - The rival of Bianca North. While he might seem optimistic, kind, and a little naive at first, he's actually quite cynical, rude, and deceitful, as well as a bit sexist. He often bullies Bianca because he believes that boys are better street dancers than girls are. However, despite the way he acts towards Bianca, he secretly has a crush on her, but doesn't want to admit his true feelings. His main dance style is street dance and his main brand is Pop'n Freeze.
  • Chander D'Cruz - The rival of Lila Sharma. His main dance style is Bollywood and his main brand is Medieval Crown.


  • Rosetta - A white cat who is Bianca's manager.
  • Navi - A deer who is Serafina's manager.
  • Milky - A light pink unicorn who is Caroline's manager.
  • Koko - An elephant who is Lila's manager.

Rival Managers[]

Supporting Characters[]

  • Miss Sarah - Bianca's dance class instructor.
  • Bianca's Fan Club - A fan club dedicated to adoring Bianca and protecting her from threats.
  • Heather Stringer - Bianca's best friend at Long Beach Academy. Her main dance style is disco and her main brand is Cosmic Rainbow.
  • Ariel Paris - Her main dance style is ballet and her main brand is Core Fantasy.
  • Lee Fabian - Her main dance style is rock 'n' roll and her main brand is Shower of Colors.
  • Edith Harper - Her main dance style is tap and her main brand is Cyber Dolly.
  • Rosie London - Her main dance style is jazz and her main brand is Lovely Dreamer.
  • Valentina Lopez - Her main dance style is salsa and her main brand is Clock Planet.
  • Maya Ellington - Her main dance style is ice dance and her main brand is Sweet Snow.
  • Sabrina Fernandez - Her main dance style is reggae and her main brand is Royal Flower.
  • Katelynn Danielson - Her main dance style is Polynesian and her main brand is Night Concerto.
  • Nymphaea Winford - Her main dance style is calypso and her main brand is Moonlight Ocean.
  • Natsumi Shimizu - Her main dance style is kabuki and her main brand is Wishing✩Star.
  • Clara Gigabit - A vocaldoll who specializes in all kinds of dances, but mostly hip-hop. Her main brand is Neo Eclipse.


  • Boppin' Beats
  • Latin Soul


  • Street Beat - Bianca's personal song
  • Seashore Samba - Serafina's personal song
  • Divine Masquerade - Caroline's personal song
  • Rhythm of Devotion - Lila's personal song
  • I Told You So - Britney's personal song
  • Lost in the Dance - Jessica's personal song
  • Poppin' and Lockin' - Ricki's personal song
  • Disco Nights - Heather's personal song
  • Fairy Ballet Dance - Ariel's personal song
  • A Little Bit of Rhythm - Lee's personal song
  • Tap Off - Edith's personal song
  • Catch That Groove -Rosie's personal song
  • Mambo Loco - Valentina's personal song
  • Skater's Waltz - Maya's personal song


  • Long Beach Academy for Performance Art


Street Symphony[]

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Bianca North

Loli Sonata[]

Type: Passion

Main User(s): Serafina Rodrigues

Crystal Rose[]

Type: Natural

Main User(s): Caroline Brandt

Star Music[]

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Lila Sharma

Future City[]

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Britney Park

Blooming Aurora[]

Type: Lovely

Main User(s): Jessica Santana

Pop'n Freeze[]

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Ricki Trueman

Medieval Crown[]

Type: Cool/Celeb

Main User(s): Chander D'Cruz

Cosmic Rainbow[]

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Heather Stringer

Core Fantasy[]

Type: Celeb

Main User(s): Ariel Paris

Shower of Colors[]

Type: Feminine

Main User(s): Lee Fabian

Cyber Dolly[]

Type: Passion

Main User(s): Edith Harper

Lovely Dreamer[]

Type: Star

Main User(s): Rosie London

Clock Planet[]

Type: Cute

Main User(s): Valentina Lopez

Sweet Snow[]

Type: Cool

Main User(s): Maya Ellington

Royal Flower[]

Type: Pop

Main User(s): Sabrina Fernandez

Night Concerto[]

Type: Lovely/Passion

Main User(s): Katelynn Danielson

Moonlight Ocean[]

Type: Cool/Ethnic

Main User(s): Nymphaea Winford


Type: Cute

Main User(s): Natsumi Shimizu

Neo Eclipse[]

Type: Feminine

Main User(s): Clara Gigabit


  • Idol Rankings
  • Cyalume Change
  • Friends Ticket
  • Idol Units
  • PriTicket Bag
  • StarPri Pass
  • Star Microphones
  • Dance Star Trophies
  • Double Dance Showdown



  • Instead of taking place in Japan, as usual, this series takes place in the United States, which is why almost all the characters have English-language names.
  • This series was partially inspired by the British children's book series Alana Dancing Star.