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Princess Kino Darcy is Cillian's Ancestor And Prince Neo Darcy's Younger Twin Sister. She's the Creator of Number 


39: Utopia Roots to Order to Defeat Her Evil Half Brother Infector "The Dark King" Darcy. She Gave an Abillty to Cillian to Protect Him.


Kino Uses the Power of Recontract Universe to Modifying Her Monsters in Duels


At the Beginning of the 11th Century, Kino and Her Older Twin Brother Neo Were Born and Got Seperated Because Kino's Abillty of Astral, Years Later Kino is Forbidden To Duel and Reunited with Her Twin Brother Neo After His Kingdom is Destroyed so She Decide to Team Up with Him to Defeat Inflector. so then At Inflector's Castle She and Neo Accept the Duel so then After the Duel's Over Kino Won after Neo's Death, She Decide to Reincarnated Herself as Her Descendant Cillian Darcy


Kino uses Her Utopian Deck Features her Creation Number 39: Utopia Roots.

Opponent(s) Outcome
Infector "The Dark King" Darcy. Win (w/Prince Neo Darcy)
Kalin Darcy and Infector "The Dark King" Darcy. Win (w/Cillian Darcy