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Rabbids is a series based off of the video games. It aired on Right Stuf Network from 2010-2012. It stars these characters, who will be voiced by Tom Kenny in the English dub.

Season 1[]

Episode 1: The Rebillion: The Cartoon Rabbids change themselves into Anime Rabbids.

Episode 2: Incarnation Recarnation: The Rabbids find out there are Zombids so, the Rabbids try to kill the Zombids.

Episode 3: The Home Of My Dreams: One Rabbid is bored of being in the same house so, he creates a fancier house which, didn't work well.

Episode 4: Walking In The Streets: The Rabbids are about to walk down to Google Burgers to get Cheese Googles but, they call Nyami the blue fairy mimi and get banned from google burgers.