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Raiden Asura Nakazora


The Kishin, Zero




Black O+


Human: Black (Normal down) Demon: White (flaming up)


(Normal) Blue

(Demon) Glowing white





Myuki Anamaru (Mother)

Mikazuki Anamaru (Sister)

Ryukyu Nakazora (Brother)


Mikazuki Anamaru (Sister)


31 October ????


Active and extremely dangerous

Raiden Asura Nakazora (血液中空, Lightning Hollow) is the son of Myuki Anamaru and the Demon God Raijin, Brother of Mikazuki Anamaru and Ryukyu Nakazora. 

Appearance []

Raiden is a lean built kishin, who stands over 6,0 inches tall, Raiden has blue eyes with his spiked black hair down and his skin colour is slightly tanned. In his real form, his eyes are crimson red with black sclera, he has a verticle eye on his forehead with white spiked flame like hair and grey skin. the tattoos are three black vertical eye symbols on each the back of his hands including a faustian contract symbol on the back of his neck,

He has cross like markings around his wrists and ankles called sigmata, which form like a band, his entire body is covered in bandages that stops above his tattoo's on both his wrists, ankles and neck,

Raiden has long scarves that encompasses his head is embellished with multiple black images of these vertical eyes, wrapped in a very particular manner to display only three at the front., he also consists of a red and black pinstriped blazer and black trousers, but no shoes 

He has black hidden chains under his sleaves on his forearms for combat use and protection, he weilds two katanas. He has a black sheath straps on each side of his thigh, they both consist of a dagger which blends in with his trousers and are hidden from plain sight. 


Raiden is very intellegent individual that is beyond the human mind, he has a clear perspective on life and others around him and has shown great sense of humour even in combat against his opponent. Raiden belives even the weak can become stronger and that the strongest are the weak because they prey on the weak instead of people on their own level of power, he is very honourable to his opponent and has shown mercy on his enemies if they can change, he lets their life decide their fate and how they want to begin or end it, he shows symptoms of insanity and sadistic nature with obsessing smiling 

Powers & AbilitiesEdit[]

insanity Wavelength: Raiden is an immeasurably powerful being that presides over the attributes that drives anyone towards madness, which in his particular case is the possession of "Terror".The Madness he employs awakens the insanity within others. His Madness can also even cause illusions and hallucinations. It has been said by many that his Madness Wavelength is inexhaustible. even the strongest try to resist will eventually fall into it.

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Raiden appears to be highly skilled in swordsmanship. He is capable of using his speed for flawless precision and to inflict lethal attacks without much effort. Ketsueki prefers to weild two swords in combat, 

Black Blood: Raiden's black blood allows him to recover from even severe injuries very quicky, He can regenerate lost limbs instantly and this gives him resistance to any physical and non physical attacks and he can use it in battle by hardening it to fashion himself with dangerous weapons, 

Bandage Scarves: The scarves were made by himself as a aid in conbat, which gave him complete control over them, this allowes him to use then as extra limbs or to sheild himself from attacks, he can also use them to grapple his opponent or to use them for stealth attacks on his opponents 

Vajra Cero: By Regurgitating Vajra, he can fire a powerful energy blast from his mouth, this attack can cause severe damage and can have devastating results on the target, it is known to vaporise its opponent on contact, he can also use this attack from parts of his body without the use of his Vajra

Soul Eater: Allows Raiden to eat/absorb or regurgitate the soul of a person either by killing them or by ripping it out of them in a harmless way by phasing through their body or by peircing through their body and grabbing it killing them in the process, when raiden eats souls, he's actually seperating the souls energy from the soul itself, the soul that he doesnt devour will pass on to either heaven or hell either way they can rest in piece while he keeps their energy, the corpse of the human, that he leaves will decompose like any normal body 

Drill Attack: He can rush the enemy while using his soul wavelength to create a twister-like air current around him, turning himself into a human drill with devastating effects.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat: Raiden is skilled with unarmed attacks and is able to  surprise and incapacitate his opponents with his vaste amount of strength and power, making him an outmatched opponent in battle. his most devastating move is the spear hand. which can pierce through any kind of person and object.  

Enhanced Durability: Raiden can withstand any attack from his opponent and is able to use this against them, he can not be killed even by the most brutal and lethal attacks that would kill anyone instantly.  

Soul Possession: Raiden can use this ability to take complete control of his targets, he can be in two places at the same time when he uses this ability his victim will instantly lose control of their body and will be pushed into their subconscious leaving raiden in complete control of them, he can take on their traits, personality and replicate their abilities and memories.  

Vectors: Vectors are invisible arms that appear from Raidens body, he uses this power from his wavelength of insanity, they may take on the appearance of human sized arms but they can extended to any length and because of this any living being targeted by these will not last long. Working as bludgeon to scalpel or anything in between, vectors can bring down a vehicle or kill a target from a distance.

The vectors abilities depend on their frequency:Low frequency = Can phase through objects without causing physical interference.Medium frequency = Can lift objects and throw them, as well as disrupt blood vessels.High frequency = Can slash through wood, flesh, bone and rock. they can carry liquid on surface.Extremely high frequency = Highly visible and gain potentially explosive power.

Body Manipulation & Flexability: Raiden is able to bend and twist his body into any position, he can turn his head all the way around with no struggle and bend his back all the way, which would kill any normal person, he is immune to pressure points and severe pain, he can also pop his dislocated joints back into place without tearing any muscle or ligaments, Raiden can change his form partially and fully, his skin colour will fade from its natural colour to black, glowing hollowfied eyes, sharp skull like teeth, pointed ears and flaming white hair and his voice becoming more demonic. 


Raidens shift in between his human and demon form