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Ratchet & Clank: Anime ラチェットの& がちゃんという音: 日本製アニメ
Anime Ratchet & Clank
Format Sci-Fic, Action, Adventure
Created by Etenitey the hedgehog
Writer(s) Anyone
Director(s) SuperSaiyankirby, my best wikia friend!
No. of episodes TOO MANY!
Run time Half a hour, like all anime
Rated PG L
English Network The Anime Network
Starring Doing a couple due to being too many now: James Arnold Taylor as Ratchet, David Kaye as Clank, Jim Ward as Captain Qwark
First aired March 15, 2010
Last aired TBA

Ratchet & Clank: Anime is a anime version of the Ratchet & Clank games. Note:Everyone has the right to make 10 fan episodes.


Join the Lombax and his robotic friend as they go in 10 adventures to take up 3 galaxies, and down millions of evil.


Characters that begin appearing in season 1[]


Kyzil Plateu[]


Tobruk Crater[]


  • Big Al
  • Helga
  • Qwark Bot


Outpost X11[]
  • Skid McMarx
  • Skid's Agent


Logging Site[]
  • Robot Lieutenant

Nebula G34[]

Blarg Tactical Research Station[]
  • Fred


Blackwater City[]
  • Qwark's Bouncer
  • Race Girl
  • Shady Salesman
  • Copernicus Leslie Qwark


Qwark's Headquarters[]
  • Blargian Snagglebeast


Fort Krontos[]
  • Commando
  • Deserter


Blarg Depot[]
  • Blarg Scientist

A planet, Orxon has no characters


Jowai Resort[]
  • Bob
  • Jowai Resort Owner


Bomb Factory[]
  • Edwina
  • The Miner

A orbit called Otlantis Orbit has qwark again


Gorda City[]
  • Sam
  • Steve McQwark (Captain Qwark)


Robot Factory[]
  • Ultra-Mech Scientist
  • Clank's mother

Kalebo 3[]

Gadgetron Site[]
  • Gadgetron CEO
  • HelpDesk Girl

None for the Veldin Orbit.


Season 1[]

First time f

  1. 1

or Adventure-thing Kan ma tameni bouken-mono 冒険事のための初めて A young Lombax, a failed robot, and a doomed galaxy. This begins a adventure of dangerous dangers. Known in japan:Ato yanguadaruto Lombaxson, ato feirued robotto, ken ato do-muzude galaxy. Kono kaibyaku ato bouken chuuyou adunai kikens. 若いLombax、壊れるロボットおよび運命づけられたギャラクシー。 これは危ない危険の冒険を始める。 March 15, 2010 101

  1. 2 Battle for Novalis Novalisのための戦い The Blarg is attacking Novalis! Now, Ratchet & Clank are in their first battle to save any planet! BlargはNovalisを攻撃している! 今度は、ラチェットの& がちゃんという音は惑星を救う最初戦いにある!
  2. 3

Saving Skidd McMarxx セービングSkidd McMarxx Skidd McMarxx and his agent is stuck on Aridia. Ratchet & Clank goes to the rescue before they are eaten by Sandsharks! Skidd McMarxxおよび彼の代理店はAridiaでスタックしている。 ラチェットの& がちゃんという音は救助に彼らがSandsharksによって食べられる前に行く! March 29, 2010 103

  1. 4

Adventures on Metropolis 首都の冒険 After getting a Infobot, Ratchet & Clank wnet to Kerwan and went to find Qwark. But all they found is Qwark's Girlfriend and the guy from the Infobot. Infobotを得た後、ラチェットの& Kerwanへのがちゃんという音のwnetはQwarkを見つけることを行き。 しかし見つけたすべてはQwark'である; Infobotからのsのガールフレンドそして人。 April 5, 2010 104

  1. 5

Finding the Lieutenant 中尉を見つけること Now found a Infobot for Kerwan, they head to Eudora. Will they find more info of Drek? 今度はKerwanのためのInfobotを、それら先頭に立つユードラに見つけた。 彼らはDrekのより多くの情報を見つけるか。 April 12, 2010 105

  1. 6

Battle of Destructions 破壊の戦い They go and sabotage the Research Station 彼らは研究所を妨害する行く April 19, 2010 106

  1. 7

Hoverboard Qwark Hoverboard Qwark They finally make it to Qwark's location! それらはQwark'に最終的にそれを作る; sの位置! April 26, 2010 107

  1. 8

Race to Qwark Qwarkへの競争 Ratchet & Clank need to go through a construction course to get to tell Qwark Drek's plans! ラチェットの& 構� のコースによってQwark Drek'を言うことを得ることを行くがちゃんという音の必要性; sは計画する! May 3, 2010 108

  1. 9

WAR! 戦争! 戦争! Ratchet & Clank go to war. ラチェットの& がちゃんという音は参戦する。May 10, 2010 109

  1. 10

A search for a mask! マスクの調査! Ratchet & Clank go find the O2 mask. ラチェットの& がちゃんという音はO2マスクを探しに行く。 May 10, 2010 110

  1. 11

Polluted Orxon 汚されたOrxon Ratchet & Clank explore the Blarg's planet, Orxon. ラチェットの& がちゃんという音はBlarg'を探検する; sの惑星、Orxon。 May 17, 2010 111

  1. 12

Jowai attacked Ratchet & Clank go and defend Pokitaru May 24, 2010 112

  1. 13

Hoven attacked Ratchet & Clank stop the PlanetBuster Maximus. May 31, 2010 113

  1. 14

Battle: Ratchet & Clank vs. Captain Qwark! Ratchet & Clank fight Qwark! May 31, 2010 114

  1. 15

Save Clank! Ratchet finds a way to protect Oltantis and a antidote for Clank June 7, 2010 115

  1. 16

Find the mom! Ratchet & Clank go find Clank's mom. June 14, 2010 116

  1. 17

Gadgetron Fun Ratchet & Clank go have fun at Kalebo 3 June 21, 2010 117

  1. 18

Drek's battleships Ratchet & Clank have find Drek. June 28, 2010 118

  1. 19

Fight for Veldin Ratchet & Clank fight Drek to protect Veldin July 5, 2010 119

Season 1 Fanon episodes[]


Season 2[]



Season 1[]

  • Ratchet & Clank: Anime Season 1 Volume 1: Saving Some Planets!


Books in season 1[]

  • Ratchet & Clank: Anime Book 1: Meeting a new friend

Mangas in season 1[]

  • ラチェットの& がちゃんという音: 日本製アニメManga 1! 新しい原料のための戦い!