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Reach is an anime I want to make. It is mainly set in Egypt. The protagonists are Aki Fukaura, a Japanese high school student and Malik Asad, a former Egyptian army soldier and mercenary.


Main Characters[]

Aki Fukaura

The tritagonist of the series. Aki is a clumsy and weak-willed highshool student. He and Namami were kidnapped by Malik's mercenary squad, but later befriened them. He is a little brother figure to Malik

Malik Asad

The main protagonist of the series. Malik is a laid-back and battle-hardened mercenary who served in the Egyptian army special forces and works for a private military contractor known as BloodSand. Dispite his sense of humor, Malik can be quick to anger on certain occasions. He was part of the mercenary squad to apprehend Aki and Namami. He also takes a great disliking of Nanami because of her mistreatment of Aki.

Namami Kazuyuki

A snobby and mean clasmate of Aki. She and Aki have a love/hate relationship. She serves as annoyance to the mercs (especially Daniel).

Daniel Allen

The narrator and deuteragonist of the Series. Daniel is Malik's best friend and a former US Army Calvary trooper. He is a practical joker and a likable member of BloodSand.