Anime Fanon

Season 1[]

Episode 1: Resistance[]

A battle has began, a young RFD girl mechanic and sniper named Roll was watching over from the sentry post until a Political King Eagle arrived and other RFDs noticed. the Helipad was raised and the Political King Eagle has landed, turns out it was a trojan horse with explosives that set off and Gizatrolls attacked. After Kingler the RFD captain behind the victory of the Battle of Gimmick Valley and Roll defended the RFD base, Chairman Gundran called and told them the battle has began.

Back at RFD HQ, Kingler was packing his equipment bag while Roll was preparing her Rapid Assault Transports or RAT for battle. While another member who is a robotic soldier named Hunder was meditating with his arms crossed, recharing his batteries. The three members then got called out to head into a mission to infiltrate a prison facility to rescue POWs. While inside the forest ares, they shot down some Gizatrolls within the temple areas. They got to the prison facility within the temple but got caught while releasing the POWs and about to battle their way out.

While battling their way out. They escaped but a FanFan Attack Chopper found them but attacked the Gizatrolls, it turns out it was Admiral Javelin assisting them. Admiral Javelin told them of the situation in Jaogun, China. This time, the Gizatrolls are going down.

Episode 2: Deadlock[]

Through the borders of Jaogun, the team found out that Gizatrolls are attacking the governmental palace. Ther Gizatrolls are using bomber planes so they got to get to the turrets and blast them out of the sky. When they got to the first turret, it was broken down so Roll fix it up while Kingler fight off the Gizatroll ATs with his Thing strength and punch them through and yet Roll blasted the first wave of bombers out of the sky.

Then they head to the second turret and Roll blast the second wave of bombers. When they got to the governmental palace. It was being invaded and they chased after the Gizatroll kidnappers who happen to just captured the president of Jaogun and dragged him to the jeeps. They used the RAT to chase them saved the president of Jaogun.

After chasing the jeeps and saving the Jaogun president. They were graduated with a medal of graditude. Still, the war continues and it is not over yet. A fishborg just happens to spy on them and sunk back to the sea.

Episode 3: Submersible Foes[]