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Kenta's face, hair and T-shirt

Real Name



Ken (friends), Kenny (mother), The Green Dragon (cover name), the 5th child (father's friends/business partners), Hatchling (MA teacher)



Dragon Type

Green Dragon

Wielder Type

Neon Dragon King Wielder (Plasma, Light, Gas and Electricity)


Rainbow Dragon Enterprises (his father's company, hates having anything to do with it), Young Dragon's Martial Arts School

Current Status



Half-Japanese Half-English, born in America


29th October 1999

Kenta is my OC for my friend TheSuperiorOne's Roleplay called Release.


Kenta's shirt picture


Kenta's traditional tattoos


Kenta looks like an average teenage English boy, although through his face you can slightly see his Japanese heritage. He is relatively short, standing at 5'8". He is said that he looks a lot like his mother as they are told to have the same eyes. His eyes are a faint green and makes him look innocent when you look directly at them. When he's angry you can tell how pissed he is but through his eyes he still appears a young boy. His skin is olive but bright as if it's almost pale. He has brown hair - not too bright, not too dark. As he stands, he looks like a regular teenager due to looking skinny while wearing his clothes. His young face makes people heavily underestimate him when he's angry. His ears are pointy like an elf's ears and he has fangs. Due to his family's tradition (from his mother's side), all males must get special tattoos once they reach puberty. These tattoos glow once the male enters Dragon State (details below) due to the tattoos being made of a special ink that changes colour upon a burst of energy (including Neon Burst). The tattoos are exactly identicle and in the same place on both arms (picture). He wears a short sleeved white T-shirt with a green dragon picture on the front (picture). Sometimes he wears a white-grey hoodie with the same dragon picture on the front on both sides of the zip. He wears skinny jeans and white trainers. He carries light, just his phone and some earphones.


Kenta is a very cunning young man. He hates living under strict rules but still accepts rules of some sort. He dislikes having his father's support financial wise so he steals what he wants. He is nothing like his appearance making him hate when people judge him. He never gets along with his family and has run away from home more than once. He always comes back but only for his own needs. Dispite this, he is not selfish. He cares for his friends and believes family≠blood. He is very rebellious and has gotten in trouble with the police one too many times. He steals a lot, even from friends, but he always returns it. He despises his dad's company, because he generally hates "business stuff" like that and his father's devotation to it, and has stolen from it before just for fun. He is a great thief and parkourist and likes to pretend to be a vigilante called The Green Dragon. He hides behind this name quite often. He constantly and secretly trains at the clostest training centre The Young Dragon's Martial Arts School. He has anonymously visited this small school since he was 5. He comes everyday and is the best student due to turning up everyday. He also tends to come up with crazy plans or is constantly planning, this can be infered by the infamous smirk he makes. Due to his representation to the Green Dragon, he has a special affinity towards forest areas.


The Green Dragon; the dragon Kenta represents

Neon Dragon King[]

The Neon Dragon King was an extremely powerful Green Forest Dragon that guarded the forest lands. He was called Norcyll and was the last living Green Dragon, the others died out due to the ldestruction of their habitats. He was born with the power to harness lightning to create plasma with his gas breath. He used his unstoppable power to protect the forest lands and become king of the forest earning him the title of the Neon Dragon King by all who saw him battle. He was one of the most, if not, the most powerful being in the world, killing whatever brought harm to the forest and eventually whatever harbored chaos and ruined peace. He became a legend, a scary story to people who haven't seen him for themselves. It reincarnated into Kenta leaving him with the powers of Neon and the subconscious need to bring peace and order.


  • Enhanced Human Physiology : Kenta is a Neon Dragon Wielder, and with that gives him the physiology of a dragon with a human shape. He has toughened skin so he can take a beating, enhanced senses making him a great tracker like all Green Dragons, fangs and pointy ears. Ken also gains dragon strength and agility allowing him to be an effective parkourist and fighter combined with his better conditioning.
  • Neon Transportation : As a Neon Dragon, Ken can fully utilise ionised neon to transport himself to places quicker. He can do this via a neon dash, neon jumps, flash steps or metaphysical tribal-style neon wings. These modes of transportation usually impress or shock anyone that views them.
  • Neon Breath : Being a Neon Dragon Wielder, Kenta has the ability to breathe pure Neon Gas. His body can create this as an infinite source with no recharge. The gas is unlike regular neon in the sense that it is visible through little particles of glowing light within the gas of which the colour can change to whatever Ken wants.
  • Lightning Absorption : Ken can absorb electricity from many different sources and store it inside him. He can breathe this out and use it as a melee enhancement or expell it out for offensive attacks. He is immune to overcharging as his body naturally disposes of extra electricity absorbed. He can use the collected lightning in combination with the neon gas to create deadly plasma blasts. Ken needs to absorb from an outer source and cannon generate electricity unlike his neon breathe.
  • Lightning Manipulation : Kenta can manipulate lightning to a certain degree. He can shoot bolt streams and summon a lightning storm or overcharge himself or others. He isn't that developed and can't fully utilise the maximum potential of lightning as he isn't a lightning dragon.
  • Plasma Breath : By embuing his neon breathe with lightning, Ken can create glowing beams of destruction firing out his mouth. He can do the same to create plasma attacks and moves using his creativity. He can effectivly create meta-physical dragon claws or wings to attack or fly at great speeds like a mighty green dragon. The colour of the plasma is NOT restricted to red-orange and can vary depending on what Kenta desires. In short, he can BREATHE FUCKING LASERS!
  • Plasma Manipulation : As The Neon Dragon, Kenta has complete control over plasma. Kenta's plasma is ionised neon gas which is his neon breath combined with lightning. Kenta can shoot super heated beams and balls that explode on impact and make plasma weapons such as claws. Along with this Ken can breathe heat out to burn people and even sense people via thermal vision. Ken is naturally immune to all his own attacks but needs lightning to recharge his plasma attacks.
  • Light Control : Due to being able to create bright glowing neon, Kenta has a certain degree of light control that allows him to mess with light and become biolumescient. He needs to create plasma first to initiate the glow so he needs electricity first. He can also blind his enemies for a quick getaway.
  • Camoflage : The Green Dragon lived in the forest and as such has the ability to completely blend in with it's environment. This can be useful for tactical approaches or just for fun, as Kenta uses it for.
  • Nature Empowerment : The Neon Dragon King was protector of the forest and nature in general therefore Kenta has a natural affinity for it. He also is much more alive and powerful while surrounded by nature. The Dragon was guarding and king of all animal life meaning Kenta can command some animals to do as he wishes, but to some extent.
  • Neon Burst : Kenta has a special ability that he made himself. To activate it, Kenta must be at full energy capacity and have a burst of high emotion such as joy, happiness or excitement. As he does so, he glows with neon all over and causes a mini aura explosion which shoots neon out. He then gains super speed via the Neon Dash from InFamous: First Light. His powers are more intense along with his breathe. He can only use the plasma neon powers during this mode and is constantly excited throughout the period of time. After this ends, Kenta is left with very little to no energy and is tired.
  • Dragon State : The Dragon State is Kenta's most deadly weapon. It activates upon determination and focus, which Ken rarely has. Similar to the Avatar State, the user must be in complete self-control and have concentration. Upon entering the Dragon State, Ken's tattoos glow with bright neon along with his eyes. He also gains a faint aura of the same colour and dragon like features such as some green scales on his shoulders and very small spikes down his spine. He also gets sharper ears and teeth and fin like webs growing between his fingers along with claws. This State allows him to focus all his dragon energy directly from the Green Dragon Spirit itself and use it to increase his powers to unknown limits. Ken cannot obtain this State for long as it lasts for as long as he has emergy although he can stretch it further. Doing so causes strain and temporary mental illness. Ken can just activate this all the time as he needs to have a clear mind and he needs to keep focused throughout the entire duration of the State otherwise he gains a headache and fails to keep the State up.


  • Expert Fighter : Due to heavy training in the local martial arts school, Kenta has grown to be an experienced fighter in mixed martial arts. He has trained in Kung Fu, Muay Thai, Jujitsu, Judo, Taekwando, Ninjutsu and basic street fighting. He has most experience in street fights making him great at improvisation mid-fight. He's very fast and light on his feet and uses his environment well.
  • Expert Thief : His time on the streets allowed plenty of time to study his environment making it easy for him to evade police in on-foot chases. His family is sorta rich but he cares not for his father's support and steals all his money.
  • Expert Parkourist : Being in an urban environment for a long time made Ken really good at climbing city environments which he does for fun.
  • Expert Lier : Ken lies a lot, like, A LOT. He is so good at lying that it's impossible for him to be caught lying unless his mind is read.


  • Kenta hates the family tradition of the males having tribal tattoos once they reach puberty because he believes it's sexist, but he thinks the tattoos are cool, so he doesn't mind.
  • Ken is the youngest of all his siblings, labelled "The 5th child" and not formerly addressed by people outside his family.
  • Kenta's powers are [quite obviously] based on Fetch's powers from inFAMOUS: First Light because, well, she's freaking awesome.
  • Ken is only at home to sleep, the rest of the time he spends outdoors either with his gang of street friends or practicing parkour. He also visits the Young Dragon's Martial Arts School for 2 hours everyday.
  • When Kenta is pissed off, he goes to the nearest park and listens to calming music. Or dubstep.
  • Kenta has engaged in over 50 street fights either for fun or to get revenge.
  • Ken has been arrested so many times he's lost count and has to be bailed out by his father.
  • Kenta is called by his Sensei "Hatchling" despite being the most successful and loyal student.
  • Ken hides behind the alias "The Green Dragon" on the street and thinks it makes him sound like a superhero.
  • Kenta has never been in the Dragon State.