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Release The Spyce: Isekai no Yuusha no Maou (In Another World as Hero Demon Lord) is an anime series with 22 episodes, manga with 30 chapter with 40 pages, Game called "Release The Spyce: In Another World as Heroine Demon Lord: Bakuretsu no Sensou (Burst War)" and Light Novel with 22 Volumes. It follows Goe Ishikawa, who comes from a mission back when she is surrounded by a glowing magic circle with her mentor Hatsume Aoba. It brought her to another world as the Demon Lord Dias along with her memories intact! She meets the cute Elf-human Sora who tells her that she was summoned as the Hero Demon Lord to save the world Izakasu from the Devil King Visas who is strong, but not so really. She embarks on a adventure during it, Goe (Dias) meets the Archer Cyan, Necromancer Hima, Knight Lian and Assassin Waza. The Opening Theme "Isekai no Story" will be sung by fhana. The Ending Theme "Chibi Bakuretsu" will be sung by Hashimoto Miyuki.


Episode 1: In Another World as Hero Demon Lord[]

Goe and Hatsume comes back from a mission that involves collecting datas. When they took a break from it, they surrounded by a magic circle and gets brought to an unfamiliar castle next to a lake in a different world. When Aoba looked at Goe she is shocked that she has Horns, White hair and a black full-Cape. As Goe and Aoba was trying to find out where they are. They are met by a girl with pointy ears, realizing she is a Elf, who is Sora. Sora tells Goe that she is been summoned as the Hero Demon Lord Dias in Izakasu , surprising Aoba. Confused by her, Goe decides to take her new identity and begins to explore the world and buys an Magic Reflection Ring.

Episode 2: Archer of Destiny[]

While exploring the world Izakasu, Goe, Hatsume and Sora meet archer Cyan who searches for her long-lost father after the battle with Visas, Introducing each other, they find a dungeon. When they disabled all traps, they encounter the boss Gyro the Fire Kobold. He attacks Goe, but no avail, it turns out the Magic Reflection Ring protected her and she defeats the boss with one attack, suprising Sora, Hatsume and Cyan. When they left the dungeon, the three go to an hot bath break.

Episode 3: Royal Challenge[]

After the hot bath break, Goe, Hatsume, Sora and Cyan get visited by the Necromancer Hima who challenges Goe to a Royal Challenge, ending up with Goe being the winner. It's been found out that Goe's Abilities are all 9,999,999,999, shocking Everyone. Hima was okay with it Because she knew Goe was like invincible.

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