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The Retro Ace Corps:The Alliance Of Light is an Organization run by Retro Ace in order to combat the threat of the Horde of Hell.


Retro Ace(Leader)

Chief Libarian Emilion of the Grey Knight Chapter

Grey Knights

Hero Brawlers

Straw Hat Pirates

BLU Team

RED Team

Iron Monger Mk II(aka Makoto Ito)

Soul Eater Evens

Maka Albarn



Death The Kid

Patty Thomsom

Liz Thomson



Rune Balot

Allen Walker

Lenalee Lee

Lavi Bookman

Big Bubba-A rather gentle Big Daddy(BioShock 1) who befriends Rune and Hiro

Aile(Glados in android body)

Android Wheatly

Android Brothers (Adventure,Space,and Fact)

The Vigilant Horseman(The Spirit of Vigilence of the TF2 world)

Cracker the Creeper


Ribs the Dry Bones

Pumpkin-Head The Mechanical Man (Based of a Halloween Husk, A Dead-Mech reprogramed by the Engineers and TechPriests, serves as Blair's Butler-Bot)

Sebastain Michealis-A Renegade Demon butler who has joined to save the souls of his master Ceil and his fiance Elizabeth from Asura, he and Blair have gotten into a romantic relationship, he and Blair are Head of the Spook Class, also the Ghost of Walter C. Dornez has given him his Fishing-Wire Gloves, also he is equipped with an upraged pocket watch and throwing knives, both crafted by the RED Engineer, while his fencing sword was crafted by Ussop using metal and some of Sebastian's feathers, thus infusing the blade with the Butler's magic.


Soldier Class

Spy Class

Heavy Class

Pyro Class

Demo Class

Pilot Class

Scout Class

Sniper Class

Medic Class

Engineer Class

Specail Classes

"Spook" Class-Sebastain, Blair, Pumpkinhead, Vigilant Horseman, Cracker the Creeper, Brook, Alucard, Death The Kid, Liz & Patty, The Undertaker, Seras Victoria, Slenderman (Who turns out to be of the same race as G-Man and H-man, and has hunted a killer that looked like him dubbed "Slender Sinster" or "Slenderman 2"

Hevan's Fury

DemoKnights Forces[]


Magic Experts[]

Eruka Frog-The young witch along with Free and Mizume became fed up with the Witches and Sourcerers, so they shifted to a neutral side, but after the Retro Ace assists them in defeating Monoclus-Powered Asura, they join the corps.


Soul Eater Evans

Maka Albarn

Death The Kid

Liz and Patty Thomson

Black Star





Grey Knight Libraians

Bulk, Foot Soldiers[]

Grey Knights

R.O.B. Squad: After being pulled out of supsace with the Isle Of Ancients they went into Slumber Mode to regain their power from being lost during the Subspace Invasion, and most of the Hero Brawlers protected the area for the Master ROB, when the Isle of Ancients was being invaded and the Corps began to struggle, the ROBs awoke and scrambled to their aid and helped drive the invaders off.The small bio-mechanical race along with the Master ROB pledged their services to the Retro Ace Corps along with the Hero Brawlers. They can be blown apart but with new technology they can only be blasted into segments and are able resemble themselves, like the Grey Knights, almost none of them have fallen in battle. Their are 4 varaints: Basic, Blaster, Rocket, and Giant.

Medical Support[]

RED and BLU Medics-Medicgun good use for quick relief and Ubercharge

Grey Knight Apothcaries-Apothcary Space Marines are Doctors and Feild Medics who are dedicated to pratices of Medicine and Genetics, also extract Gene-Seed from fallen Space Marines (A special type of DNA used to create bio-robotic organs and implants and contain a bundle of DNA) so a piece of themselves can live on in future generations of space marines

Tony Tony Chopper-The Straw Hats' feild medic, he is a Deer who became anthromorphic from eating a Devil Fruit, Man-Man Fruit

Company and Government Sponsors[]

United Nations Defense

Mann Co.

Spytech( not to be confused with the Hacking software)

BLU companies

RED companies

New TF Industries(now under controll of the mild and polite Miss Pauling who uses state-of-the-art virtural reality to train mercinaries)

Imperium of Man-Although the Ace works with "Xenos" he is an exception as temporary Iquisitor of the Ordo Malleus, Reasons of this is 1: Repayment of the Imperium of Retro's acts of warning them about the Horde of Hell telling them about Necronicus being the "Chaos Master God" and the Master of the 4 Gods of Chaos (not including Malal the renegade) and 2: Due to the fact he is from an alternate reality and it is where mankind and xenos are not threats to each other and some xenos are actually from Earth (or they call Old-World Terra) seeing the reality as harmless and does not interfere with their own. But most importantly because the Steam Reality (AKA Piston) is one were Humanity lives a happy life and is not burdened with a dog-eat-dog Galaxy which the 40k Universe has been reduced to and do not want the humans of that world to suffer the same fate as the Imperium

Mecha(used by Red and Blu teams and Ace)[]


Mk1 Gundam units

Non-battle members[]

Sekai Saionji-Makoto and Sekai moved to America after Kotonoha Katsura was placed in a mental rehab after attempted murder. They have seem to become good freinds of the Red and Blu team but yet neither Sekai or Makoto can shake off the guilt of Kotonoha's current status feeling that it was their fault. But the team conforts them and pulls them through it. Red Heavy seem's to taken a liking to them both refering them as "Itsy,Bitsy,Teeny,Tiny,Cute girl and boy"

Hannah Anafeloz-Renegade Demonette and current Maid of the RAC HQ sent by the Sculptors

Thomson, Timber, and Cantebury- The Renegade Demon Triplets also revived and sent by the Sculptors as butlers of the RAC HQ


The Retro Ace Headquarters is located at The Inventory beyond the poker room, more info is revealed that this was also a hideout for a vigilante organization.


After Necronicus killed off G-Man for "loss of patience" with him, another man in a orange suit similar to G-Man's, appeares to the Corps appeares to be freindly, he says his name is H-Man telling them "G-Man and I are from the same race, unlike him I do not stand by and watch the world burn." also he works for Necronicus's siblings called "The Sculpters" who were sent by "A higher power" to sculpt the realities and Necronicus was one of them, until he became tyrannical and dangerous forcing the siblings to seal him and his assitant Garax(later to become G-Man) to the Netherworld. H-Man gives the Corps what appeares to be a simple orange cube that is called "The Reality Infinity" mostly refered to by the others as "The Orange Box" which is "One of the most powerful devices in existance" so far it can harness the power of reality rifts and convert them into stable portals, according to H-Man "It is the only thing that can counter the power of the Necronomicube" a demonic device used by Necronicus.


United Nations Defense



Ordo Malleus


Faith(Religous and Non Religous)-Through the series The Grey Knights and non religous people (like Edward Elric) and the Ace keep reminding themselves faith, weather it be belief in a God or Godess or more than one, or faith in someone or something, or just believeing what they think is right and fighting for it, is what can unite anyone no matter what the ideas or beliefs or nor religous faiths are, also shows the importance of tolerance.

Freedom-Freedom is what seperates the Corps and the good in all life from the likes of The Horde Of Hell. Freedom to say, believe, think, feel, and do without fear of unjust punishment

Value of Life-Life in all existance and valuing it is another theme shown in the corps

Fairness-Justice in its purest and truest nature (morals,ethics) is also what keeps them moving forward an example is Shinigami Light-a supporting character-stating what he now knows what TRUE justice is seen through the acts of the Corps

Valuing Tradition while being Innovative: As the name suggests The Retro Ace Corps theme of combing old fashioned things with new ones show the importance of tradition and heritage and how it can work with innovation


  • The Reality Infinity is a reference to Valve's game pack "The Orange Box"
  • MrCrossoverer announced that he will from time to time make contributations to Valve and Gabe Newell "He's seems alright to me, his updates are not perfect but he has given us one of the best games, he also seem's very nice I just cant be annyoed with him."