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Retro Ace and The Amazing Space Squad

Is a Crossover FanFic made by TheCrossoverer89,it combines the worlds of Astro Boy(2003), SD Gundam Force, Cyborg 009,8 Man, Prince Planet, plus 3 exclusive characters that come from The Forbidden Planet's Robby The Robot,Star Wars' R5-D4(AKA Skippy) and the Classic BattleStar Galatica's Cylons.


When TheCrossoverer is sucked into the Retro-Futuristic world of Anime and given a Rocket Suit and Judgement by Cross Marian and The Rocketeer,He Goes out on a quest to stop Shadow(From Astro Boy) and his army of Cylons from enslaving the whole universe. With a ship called "Libra" TheCrossoverer now under the name The Retro Ace with Robby and R5 serving him joins forces with the Gundam Force,The 009 Cyborgs,Astro Boy and his allies,8 Man and Prince Planet forming a crew known as The Space Squad.

The Space Squad[]

Retro Ace

Robby The Robot


Astro Boy

Blue Knight





The 009 Cyborgs

Prince Planet

The Gundam Force

8 Man





The Cylon Empire[]

Shadow(now known as Professor Shade)


Lucifer(A advanced Cylon with a Advanced AI)

Nia and Simon's future changed[]

When The crew meet Simon and Nia,they find out that Cylon scientists have removed Nia's anti-spiral segments in her DNA and replacing them with human segments,turning her complete human,the reason of this is to use her anti-spiral genes to create android cylons that copy forms of sentient aliens including humans. Their plan is to use these Cylon androids to blend in with alien civilizations and infiltrate and kill their leaders. However due to this Nia and Simon's future is altered and in the end a newspaper shows they are happily married,Simon places Yoko in charge of the Dai-Gurren army,and a year latter Nia and Simon are expecting a baby.


  • The Android Cylons are based off the "human" Cylons from the New Battlestar Galatica
  • Dispite the ending of Gurren Lagan is told to be a "proud" way to end the series that the writers said and it would "never worked out" TheCrossoverer89 completely-but respectfully-disagrees also regarding constructive critizisim "The problem with stories about people like Nia and Simon is that the writer never seem's to look on it at all sides,and I mean not just from his/her own eyes,but also the eyes of others around him/her, you have to listen to others opinions, interact with your fans, look at their fan works, listen to their ideas too, learn to cooperate, it has helped with other entertainment companies like Nintendo, Bungie, Valve Software, Dreamworks, and many others"