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Rito Yuuki
Rito Yuki
Name Rito Yuuki
Romanji Yūki Rito
Kanji 結城 リト(梨斗)
Planet Earth
Birthday October, 16
Age 16
Height 164.5cm
Weight 62kg
Eyes Gold Brown
Hair Orange
Unusual Features -Often unlucky when around girls

-Always grabs a girl's private parts when falling

Personal Status
Marital Status Lala Satalin Deviluke (fiancée)

Momo Velia Deviluke (harem plan candidate and mastermind)

Relatives Mikan Yuuki (sister)

Saibai Yuuki (father) Ringo Yuuki (mother) Riko Yuusaki (female alter-ego)

Education Currently attending Sainan High School

Rito Yuuki is the main male protagonist of To Love-Ru, Motto To Love-Ru, To Love-Ru Darkness, and To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd. He is a normal 16-year-old student of Sainan High, who has a big crush on Haruna Sairenji and, to an extent, Lala Satalin Deviluke. He attempted numerous times to confess to her but has met with failure each time. Rito used to be on the soccer team in junior high and was quite good, but quit because he was constantly helping his father with his mangaka duties, thus did not want to leave his little sister Mikan Yuuki alone in the house. Mikan comments he is very good at the most "useless little things", like the crane and festival games (e.g. hoops, catching fish, squirt guns). Along with the numerous useless little things Rito is good at, he is also an accomplished florist, gardener and horticulturist. He serves as the main male protagonist of Cillian Darcy the Boy as the Drop of Water's Chapter 5's 2 Parter.

Rito's nature is borderline clumsy

encounters Lala, a troublesome character who at first pretends to show affectionate feelings for Rito at the beginning of the story. But despite his enduring feelings for Haruna, Rito shows signs of developing deeper affection towards Lala. As the story progresses, he starts to show affection for Lala but is unsure if what he feels is actually love. This is shown again when he couldn't help but think about Lala, even though he was naked with Haruna. It is recently revealed that he is in love with Lala, but he is also in love with Haruna. At the end of the series, he confesses to Lala but tells her he also loves another person (Haruna), yet she is happy on both parts. He is confused as polygamy is illegal in Japan, but Lala replied that once he is the king of the universe the laws of Earth no longer apply. Then, she forces him to go tell Haruna (strapping a jet pack to his back). Right before he was about to tell her, she moves out of the way, just like when he confessed to her very early in the series, leading him to state "I love you" to all of the female cast with the exception of Momo, Mikan, Golden Darkness, and Haruna herself.


Rito has golden-brown eyes and orange-brown hair. In the original series the spikes on his hair were sharp and seemingly sticking out, but To-Love-Ru Darkness his hair seems to be a lot more neat and softer.


Rito is humble, caring, and a gentleman (in principle), and is willing to help out almost anyone when they need it, even if they say they don't want or ask for it. He is also courageous and persistent enough to risk his life to protect his friends well being, like when he protected Lala from her strong bodyguards or the hitman Black, saved Haruna from Ghi Bree and stood up to his deceptively monstrous form, and travelled to a dangerous planet to find a cure for Celine when she was sick. For these reasons, Lala stated that he's the most dependable person in the Universe, but lacks dependency towards himself. Rito would also help out those who dislike him, such as Yami, like when she was sick from over-using her powers and he carried her to Mikado's clinic. He has also shown his sympathy for her when he learned of her pasta and expressed anger towards the organization that created and raised her to become a weapon.

Being a normal boy, though, he initially can also easily and somewhat frequently lose his temper and snap at people when annoyed by their actions or words, even when he doesn't mean to. At first, he has shown to be angry and upset with Lala quite often, since he does have to put up with a lot of her hijinks and even punched Ren in the face for thoughtlessly ruining what could have been a moment between him and Haruna.

Through being a humble person, however, Rito can often have low self-esteem about himself as opposed to his common thinking kindly about others. He rarely gives himself credit for his good deeds, tends to dwell on his mistakes more than anything when sad, hardly ever speaks up for or voices himself and, in general, doesn't do anything to truly stand up for himself. 

His personality as a kind and loyal friend makes him quite charismatic, trustful and enables him to sway and befriend other people, particularly girls. He managed to change Yui's belief that all boys are shameless, and helped her open up to a chance for love. He managed to comfort and cheer up Nana when she was deeply upset, which lived up to Lala's positive expectation of him. Girls tend to feel a certain "warmth" when close to him like a hug or so. In the beginning, Rito was quite shy and nervous when it comes to talking to girls, mainly Haruna (even when picturing her in a swimsuit), but being around Lala all the time has helped him overcome this problem and now is to have actual conversation with them but can still get a little nervous around them. And he was able to change the hearts of Yami and Mea, who were both cold and trained killers, and helped them open up to friendship; a trait which Nemesis has taken notice of. He is a very charismatic person, always trying to make people feel better and understand others' points of view and changing it to a more positive outlook.

Rito can be very persuasive, using his words to befriend and comfort others, even those who have a slight resentment towards him. Furthermore, by speaking his mind out about how he feels and standing up for others, he makes them feel touched and happy deep down (mostly to girls). It is because of this ability that Nemesis initially became interested in him.

He also cares for plants and animals, as shown when he was the only one who didn't neglect to care for the school flowers, and when he rescued a cat from a tree, both of which persuaded Haruna and Yui that he is really a kind person. This proves that he cares deeply for all known life, including those that are artificially made like Yami and Mea, and would hate anybody who would abuse them.

Unfortunately, while girls appreciate and cherish his innocent nature, his innocence is arguably one of his worst traits. He rejects sex and pleasure so much that he's arguably scared, or at the very least quite nervous, of them, and he easily loses his composure around even slightly provocative situations. As a result, he has grown to become very clumsy and shy around women, often looking away (if he can) when faced with upfront, erotic situations. His own clumsiness does very little to help him escape perverted situations with other girls and is often to blame for them. For these reasons, he is either regarded by other girls as an innocent boy and suitable love interest or an insolent boy and pervert. There are certain girls who think that he is quite cute when he blushes nervously in front of them, and Momo especially finds a few of his facial expressions cute. However, despite being very disoriented and awkward when sexual content is put in front of him, it's arguable that this makes him a much more empathetic and genuine person. Although Rito is not a 'pervert' and would never do lewd things of his own will, he does tend to (unknowingly) do them when he is asleep next to someone (dreaming about food like marshmallows), most often with Momo and one time with his sister Mikan.

Rito can also be a very warmhearted, wise, sweet, hard-working and sensitive person on his own terms. In the anime, he is seen helping old people cross the street with their groceries, helping people who are injured, accompanying lost children to help find their parents and crying at sad parts in movies in one episode, greatly establishing his basic nature. Generally, Rito is kind, hardworking, reliable, thoughtful and caring, but also immature and innocent to the point that's basically childish, though he makes up for it with his inability to give up on others for good reasons and his continuing will to help others even at the cost of his own well-being, big or small. 


Before Rito met Lala, it was stated that Rito had difficulty talking to girls, which led to his lack of confidence and clumsiness around them. His only friend was Saruyama. However, because of Lala's friendliness, and Rito's growing relationship with Lala, all of Lala's girlfriends became Rito's as well, especially Haruna Sairenji, whom Rito had a crush on and could not even talk to prior to Lala's "descent". 

As a child, Rito would often go out and play football/soccer with other kids, but because his parents weren't always around, which would leave Mikan all alone at home. Feeling bad for her as any good family member would, Rito would stay in to look after her.

Rito has always assisted his father's work as a manga artist and then would take Mikan to a shrine nearby to play. One time, during his fifth grade, while Yui was also at the shrine, Rito climbed a tree to help a cat who was stuck. This was the first time that Yui met Rito, although it was years later during a déjà vu that Yui remembered that the boy was, in fact, Rito. The cat that Rito saved from the tree was the same cat that Yui tried but couldn't save prior to Rito and Mikan's arrival at the shrine. She tried to ask some of the boys from her class to help her,  but they rejected her because they hated Yui's strictness as their class representative, and left to play games instead. Because of that, Yui had the impression that all boys are bad. However, due to Rito's bravery, Yui's perception of boys changed, and she realized that not all of them are bad. Rito isn't aware that Yui was the same girl he met at the shrine.

During Rito's eighth grade, Rito became classmates with Haruna Sairenji. It was stated that this was the last time that Haruna and Rito became classmates (prior to the start of the series). In the anime, Rito has been in love with her when she was the only one who believed he did not vandalize the plants in the school garden. Haruna stated that she first noticed him during a school competition when their class was lagging behind the other classes in a race, and he never gave up, and ended up winning the race for his class and won the trophy. Haruna also noticed Rito's care for the plants in the school and noticed that Rito would always refill the water in the flower vase while no one else cared, and concluded that he must be a kind person.