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"Darkness is falling, now its a war" an exempt

Rogue Book( 不正な本 Fuseina hon) Is a Horror Novel written by LingYaoGreed and published on Qutoev current there one book in the writing process, with the first chapter Blood in the streets completed.

Rogue Book takes place in 2303 a.d in Japan, following the rise of corporations and the overthrow of governments by revolutionary movements. After centuries of overpopulation, war, political strife, and famine the world has begun to reverse itself at a slow pace. Three major corporations Titian Co, Maghreb Lift, and Hirohito Inc have arisen in Tokyo, with each controlling the three major districts, the industrial weapons,and technology research district is controlled by Maghreb, the pollution free, and research labs of the Robotic manufacturing Titian Co, and the traditional Hirohito Inc, which maintains a traditional Japaneses look to its district "Old Tokyo".

Whereas the three districts police force, guard the surface, beneath the surface and in the shadows a game of cat and mouse is going on, called Rogue and Hunters, Rogues are criminals, demons, mutants, and serial killers, whereas the Hunters are hired to take down the Rogues.


Chapter One Blood in the Street[]

In chapter one, a man is running from a unknown pursuer, he stops outside the Titain Co's branch Hq, however his purser is using a stealth field to hide her identity, his purser killed John with a unseen firearm.

A little while later, a shadowy figure is walking down a abandon part of Tokyo in a old alleyway, when he gets a phone call from Naomi the agent who killed John, the two are a part of the mysterious, and the massive organization the Ghost Network. The shadowy figure a liaison for Naomi meets then with the infamous Good Job killer Mr. Silent