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Mark Kurai

A snapshot of Ryan.

Ryan Kurai is the main character in Soul of Fate. Another fact that he has a split personality, Leon.


Ryan is often friendly, polite and sometimes confused. But mostly, he can be brave and serious.


He has short brown hair that is down to neck and emerald green eyes. His age is unknown but appears to be 18.


Ryan's casual clothing is black jeans, black jacket, white shoes and a white shirt. Ryan's personal clothing is a black coat with black shoes and gloves.

Inner Ryan (Leon)[]

Kram Kurai

Leon smirking.

As Ryan switches to Leon, he change to black hair and purple eyes. This is his true form, powerful, very serious and prideful. He use to enjoy to kill, even the innocent until Ryan's personality changes Leon.


Leon has a short-tempered and cold-hearted personality, showing a complete difference then Ryan. He shows strength and isn't afraid to be driven of it.

When he doesn't fight, he seems to be calm and caring, He's also very clever, charming, likes to train and usually follows others. However he isn't into relationships yet.

Powers, and Other Abilities[]


Elemental Powers[]

Ryan has the powers to use four of the main elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning and Wind.

Leon however has dark versions of these powers.

Ryan and Leon can also use psychic abilities.


Ryan is mostly seen in battle with an elemental katana, called Raitou, a weapon enchanted with elements.

As for Leon, he is likely to fight with a double-sided axe, Golgotha you may call it, but he mostly prefer punching then kicking or weapons.