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Sakura Girls (サクラガールズ?) (Mostly known as SAKURA Girls: Go for it, girls! or SAKURA Girls), is a Japanese Magical Girl franchise created by Sunrise. The series takes a theme of combining "girls" and "weapons" and revolves around nine teenage girls that attend the fictional school of St. Kazamahara Academy, where they train to become legendary magical girls (dubbed a SAKURA Girl), and to become a master of magical girl training (dubbed a SAKURA Master).

SAKURA Girls Logo
Go for it, girls!
Format ?
Created by Tomoe
Writer(s) Shouji Saeki
Director(s) Kazuma Ikeda
Shin Wakabayashi
No. of episodes 69
No. of chapters 3
Music Yutaka Minobe
Run time ?
Rated PG-13
Animation Studio Sunrise
Network TBS
English Network Crunchyroll
Animax Asia
Starring ?
First aired TBA
Last aired TBA
Previous N/A
Next Downtown Idols

An anime television series adaptation by Shaft started airing in April 2023. It was preceded by ALPHA Force, and its "sequel spin-off series" is SAKURA Force, which spawned many anime adaptations.


A young energetic girl named Yuzuriha Sasazaki is an only child of two owners of a Takoyaki stand; as she decides to change her life by enrolling herself to St. Kazamahara Academy, a training academy for students who wish to become the great SAKURA Master. When Yuzuriha was auditioning to become a SAKURA Girl, she overwhelms herself while performing as one of the judges know, as she is escorted off the stage, resulting in her fainting while going down the stairs. Yuzuriha is taken to a hospital to treat her condition, as a few days later, Nia Isuzu, of the SAKURA Girl audition judges comes in holding a pink note. She gives the note to Yuzuriha, as Yuzuriha slowly opens it. She finds out that she got in as a SAKURA Girl, as Yuzuriha is full of glee. Days later, Yuzuriha is free to go home and she returns to St. Kazamahara, as everyone welcomes her in.

Main Characters[]

Team MAI[]

Mai Kitazume (北爪麻衣?) - The Leader of Team MAI and the youngest SAKURA Girl to become a leader of a team, only being 13 years old. Mai is a kindhearted girl who isn't really good with her studies but tries her best when being a SAKURA Girl, wanting to make her workaholic Mother proud of what she wanted for her own future to be. Mai can be a bit lazy at times and mostly fall asleep, but she is still liked by other SAKURA Girls. Mai is a bit special to other SAKURA Girls. As a SAKURA Girl, Mai can turn things into nothing (via Nothingness Manipulation) by chanting "Creatio ex Nihilo". Her Image Color is Lime Green.

Aina Kudou (工藤愛菜?) - A fellow member of Team MAI.

Inori Mutsuda (睦田いのり?)

Team YUNA[]

Yuzuriha Sasazaki (笹崎楪?)