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Sailor Chibi Moon
No. of episodes 27
Rated TV-Y7-FV
Animation Studio Toei Animation

Sailor Chibi Moon is an OVA spin-off of the popular Sailor Moon franchise.


The series takes place many years after the events of the Sailor Moon series, where Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba are ruling the Moon Kingdom as Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Their daughter, Chibiusa, now a teenager, is eager to follow in her mother's footsteps and protect the Earth as a Sailor Guardian. Chibiusa encounters Mana, Nobu, Yuriha, and Ame, who also possess unique powers and join her as fellow Sailor Guardians. Together, they form a team to defend the Earth from new threats that emerge. A new group of villains, led by a powerful antagonist, emerges with the intention of disrupting the peace established by Neo-Queen Serenity. These villains have their own nefarious agenda, seeking to gain control over the Earth and harness the power of the Silver Crystal.

As the series progresses, the characters' relationships deepen and evolve. Chibiusa not only learns to trust her new allies but also seeks guidance from her parents, who provide wisdom and support. Friendships, rivalries, and romantic subplots also develop among the characters. Throughout the series, Chibiusa and her team confront various challenges and obstacles. These include battles against powerful enemies, personal conflicts within the team, and moral dilemmas that test their resolve and belief in the ideals they fight for.

During her adventures, Chibiusa discovers hidden potential within herself and her powers as Sailor Chibi Moon. She undergoes personal growth, learning to harness her strengths, overcome self-doubt, and embrace her unique destiny as a guardian of love and justice. The series builds up to a climactic showdown between the Sailor Guardians and the main antagonist. This battle decides the fate of the Earth and the future of the Moon Kingdom. Chibiusa's growth and the bonds she has forged with her team are crucial in overcoming this final challenge.

Throughout the series, themes of love, friendship, and the legacy of the Sailor Moon franchise are woven into the narrative. The importance of love and compassion in overcoming adversity, the strength of friendship and teamwork, and the passing down of ideals from one generation to the next are explored.


Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi Moon

Mana Oshiro/Sailor Pulsar

Nobu Kawaguchi/Sailor Kepler

Yuriha Ueno/Sailor Quasar

Ame Nakano/Sailor Nebula

Episode List[]

Episode Number Original air date Summary
A New Beginning


1 February 7, 2001 Chibiusa embraces her destiny as Sailor Chibi Moon and forms a team with Mana, Nobu, Yuriha, and Ame to protect the Earth.
Rise of the Shadows


2 February 14, 2001 The team faces their first encounter with the shadowy minions of the new villain, who seek to disrupt the peace of the future.
The Power Within


3 February 21, 2001 Chibiusa learns to tap into her inner strength and unleashes a new power as the team delves deeper into their mission.
Celestial Convergence


4 February 28, 2001 The Sailor Guardians uncover a plot to harness the power of celestial bodies, leading to a race against time to stop the villains' plan.


5 March 7, 2001 Chibiusa's loyalty is tested when a childhood friend is manipulated by the enemy, putting her determination as a Sailor Guardian to the test.
Starstruck Alliance


6 March 14, 2001 The team encounters a group of celestial beings willing to aid them, forming an alliance to strengthen their fight against evil.
Hidden Truths


7 March 21, 2001 Secrets from the past are unearthed as Chibiusa and her team delve into the history of the Moon Kingdom, uncovering a deeper connection to their mission.
Chaos Unleashed


8 March 28, 2001 The main antagonist reveals their true form, unleashing chaos and endangering the future of the Earth and Moon Kingdom.
The Bonds We Share


9 April 4, 2001 The strength of friendship and love is put to the test as the team faces personal challenges that threaten to tear them apart.
Lunar Luminescence


10 April 11, 2001 Chibiusa journeys to the Moon Kingdom, seeking guidance from her parents and discovering ancient secrets that hold the key to defeating the enemy.
Guardians United


11 April 18, 2001 The Sailor Guardians unite their powers in a climactic battle, showcasing their growth and determination in the face of overwhelming odds.
Echoes of the Past


12 April 25, 2001 Chibiusa encounters a mysterious figure from her mother's past, leading to a revelation that could change the course of their mission.
Cosmic Resonance


13 May 2, 2001 The team embarks on a cosmic adventure, traveling through space to prevent the enemy from harnessing the power of distant galaxies.
Embracing Destiny


14 May 9, 2001 Chibiusa confronts her fears and doubts, fully accepting her role as a leader and embracing her destiny as Sailor Chibi Moon.
Trial of the Crystals


15 May 16, 2001 The team faces a series of trials to prove their worthiness, testing their resolve and unlocking new abilities within their respective Sailor forms.
Shattered Reflections


16 May 23, 2001 A mirror-like villain traps the Sailor Guardians in a twisted reflection of reality, forcing them to confront their deepest fears and insecurities.
Crescent Moon Revealed


17 May 30, 2001 The origin of the Silver Crystal is unveiled, shedding light on its true power and significance to the Sailor Guardians' mission.
Fragments of Hope


18 June 6, 2001 The team sets out to retrieve scattered fragments of a powerful artifact, racing against time to prevent the villains from obtaining it.
Resurgence of Darkness


19 June 13, 2001 The enemy regains strength, launching an all-out assault on the future, prompting the Sailor Guardians to gather their allies for an epic battle.
Threads of Friendship


20 June 20, 2001 Chibiusa and her team strengthen their bonds with each other and their allies, discovering that their unity is their greatest weapon.
Eclipse of Doubt


21 June 27, 2001 Doubts plague the team as they encounter a formidable enemy who exploits their insecurities, forcing them to find the strength to overcome self-doubt.
Celestial Harmony


22 July 4, 2001 The Sailor Guardians unlock the true potential of their powers, achieving a state of celestial harmony that grants them unparalleled strength.
Moonlit Melodies


23 July 11, 2001 Music becomes a conduit for power as the team faces a musical-themed enemy, requiring them to harness the power of melody and rhythm.
The Final Countdown


24 July 18, 2001 The battle reaches its climax as Chibiusa and her team confront the main antagonist in a decisive showdown that will determine the fate of the Earth.
Awakening Light


25 July 22, 2001 The light of hope shines as the Sailor Guardians tap into the power of love and compassion, igniting a beacon of light that dispels the darkness.
Legacy of the Moon


26 July 28, 2001 The team reflects on the legacy of the Moon Kingdom and the sacrifices made by those who came before them, inspiring them to continue fighting for a brighter future.
A New Dawn


27 August 4, 2001 The series concludes with the Sailor Guardians triumphing over the main antagonist, restoring peace to the future, and ushering in a new era of hope and prosperity for the Earth and Moon Kingdom.