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Sailor Moon: Mirror Mirror is an anime movie based on the Sailor Moon anime. In this movie, the original Sailor Soldiers are transported to a savage parallel universe where they are part of an evil empire.


Usagi and her company study for an upcoming final exam. After much pressuring threats from Makoto, Usagi finally passes the test. The five prepare to go for dinner with Mamoru when an ionic storm blasts them. When they wake up, there are in a world with some of their old friends wearing imperial suits. They also find Mamoru with a beard. In this world, assassination of superiors is a common means of advancing in rank, and the Moon Empire is oppressive. Also, they find some of their old enemies are good guys, namely the Witches 5 fighting against the empire. The original Soldiers must find a way to swap back with counterparts in their world.


This is based on a Star Trek episode called Mirror, Mirror.