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Sakura 2
Name Sakura Mamirei
Alias' Christina Lux
Romanji Mamirei Sakura
Race Human/Hybrid
Birthday September 9
Age 15
Gender Female
Height 5'0"
Weight 107lbs.
Eyes Green
Hair Brownish Red
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation IRDBH
Occupation High Ranking Officer
Base of Operations IRDBH HQ
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unknown Father
Education High School level
Status Active
Beast Incarnation
Celestial Angel
Basic Abilities
Light Manipulation Power of Flight
Energy Arrows Sheild Projection
Healing Powers
Fun Stuff
Fav. Song Defying Gravity
Fav. Artist Olivia Newton John
Fav. Color Navy Blue

Sakura is a test subject of the Hybrid DNA.

Personality & Mindset[]

Personality wise she's pretty fun,& stern. When she's off duty she loves to find fun anyway she can. Bieng a corporate executive she is extremely good with difficult work. She loves serene,delecate,quiet,&natural things. She enjoys bieng out in the open laying down and listening to nature. Sakura has a pretty odd sense of responsibilty. She is perfectly able to tell when something is her fault or not. But when it is she carries a huge emotional burden. She has a great affection for Blake. She says thatt he's her personal weakness.Back on the terms of intellectual skills she's every bit as skilled as Blake. Though she is arguably smarter than him because of her greater knowledge of the Beast Dna codes. On emtional, though she has an attraction to Blake that's hard for her to resist she is still at a distance because of a past trust that was utterly broken. (See history for details.). (Anime Guy Personal Opinion-She's pretty interesting.)


Her whole history is revolved around IRDBH. Her father & mother were both high up in the organization. As a young girl she was sheltered, especially because of the DNA code implanted at such a young age. Years later when she was 13 she entered an deep and intimate relationship with another test subject name: Damon. Sakura trusted him completly to where she didn't care what he did r wanted her to do, even if she doesn't think it's right. So when he betrayed the institution and tried to get rid of her she gained an emtional boulder, denying her to truly trust someone. Now 2 years later her story will gain new chapters.

Powers & Abilities[]



As a child she was exposed to the same DNA as Blake. She has more control of her powers than Blake, but he does have more energy than her. Reason for that unknown. With the DNA code she takes on a valkary/angel form. This includes armor,wings,a mini cloak, & a sword.

She also has the power of flight. How far up is currently unknown.


Her moves compliment her angelic form. She has the to

  • Creating an araura to enhance her power & reveal weaker darkness.
  • The abiltiy to transform her sword into a bow to fire light arrows with rapid succession.
  • Use her sword to rip open dimmensions of light then fires bolts of light at opponent.
  • Use her wings to shield herself and at least 2 other people.
  • Blind opponents with illuminous glare.

Gallery of Moves[]