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Sakura Wars x Strike Witches: A Magical Mishap! (サクラ大戦 x ストライクウィッチーズ 魔法のような事故!) is an anime series featuring characters from Sakura Wars and Strike Witches.


Rosarita Aries and Subaru Kujo get suddenly transported to the world of Strike Witches and crash-land. However, what they notice from the witches is that they are casually wearing no pants! They'll try to wrap their head around the no-pants attire, while finding ways to return to their old world.


  • Rosarita "Rosita" Aries: A Mexican singer, dancer, and despite her young age, bounty hunter.
  • Subaru Kujo: Enigmatic and androgynous, Subaru was another member of the short-lived European Star Division alongside Ratchet Altair. She is acknowledged as a genius, and said to have never been defeated in any form of competition or combat.