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Sayaka Fujimoto


藤元 才加

Other names

Reika Yamazaki (山崎 怜華, Yamazaki Reika)
Sumire-chan (すみれちゃん, Sumire-chan)


6 (as Reika)


175 cm


September 19


No information


Teitan Elementary School student
Detective Boys member
Fruit Salad idol group member (As Sayaka)


Reika-chan (common)
Reika (by Conan)
Yamazaki-kun (by Ai)
Sāya-kun/chan (As Sayaka)

Sayaka Fujimoto is a supporting character in the series called Detective Conan. Once a famous 16-year old Japanese idol; she ingest the APTX-4869 and pushed in the cliff by a member of Black Organization. She was found by her relatives, which few of them were in a police department. She was given an alias Reika Yamazaki


Sayaka Fujimoto was born on Tokyo, Japan and live together with her mother Sakura Fujimoto and father Akio Fujimoto. In the age of three, her parents divorced and she lives with mother mother in the Yamazaki's residence. Her mother work there as a chef.

While transferred in a school, she was displeased and bullied by her fellow classmates, especially Riko, whose her father is the rival of Sayaka's father in terms of business. Masumi Sera, Sayaka and Riko's classmate, stands up for Sayaka and befriends her as well. They are close to each other until Masumi and her family went to America.

After Masumi's departure, Sayaka met Jon Adachi, whose family is from Gunma. They are very close as best friends. At the age of nine, her mother died of cancer. Sayaka still lives on Yamazaki's residence up to present.

Meeting Kaito Kuroba[]

At the age of 16, Sayaka's class has a family presentation and requires a family member for the presentation. Riko poked fun about Sayaka's inconsiderate father and dead mother. Sayaka tries to fight back, but was backfired. Kaito Kuroba, a 2nd High School student, overhears Sayaka's murmuring about "Wanting to go to her Mother's world" which Kaito denies about it.

Kaito made a heist under Yamazaki's residence. While disguise as one of the servants, Kaito overhears other servants talking about Sayaka's mother, who doesn't reveal her cancer until the day she dies. After his heist, Kaito uses his Hang Glider to escape. While flying, Kaito recalls Sayaka's murmur and the servants's chat, which he thinks Sayaka will commit suicide. Kaito, looks back and saw Sayaka on the top of the mansion, removing her shoes and to suicide. Kaito makes a U-turn and catches Sayaka as she falls down. She was carried in Kaito's arms. When they land, Sayaka makes a sprint but it was stopped by Kaito, thinking she will more nonsense suicidal performance. This section is incomplete

Meeting Shuuichi Akai[]

Discovery of Black Organization[]

Being a "Fruit Salad" idol member[]

Intake of APTX-4869[]