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FA: Time for Epsiode 1 of School Dog, named New Doggy in Town!

-Opening plays- thumb|300px|right|OP: Wan Wan Oh (Length: 0:00 to 1:26)

-After OP, it shows a girl (Ai) with brownish-red hair in a school uniform outside a giant white school-

Ai: I'm going here?!

-a black haired boy with red earrings runs up-

???: Yo! I'm Tsuki! You're Ai, right?

Ai: -thinks- He knows too much, and he has earrings..

Tsuki: Follow me! -they walk to an average classroom, but students are fighting-

Ai: -looks around- Where's the -almost gets hit by a chair, but dodges it- ...the Teacher (Sensei)?

Tsuki: He's always late! -a blondish-white haired girl walks up-

???: Hello! I'm Hikari! Nice to meet you, Ai-chan!

Ai: -thinks- I got friends already! -grins-

-screen then shows a poodle running across it-

Ai: Ugh...-has trouble concentrating on Narumi-Sensei-

Narumi-Sensei: New Student, Ai! What is the answer to the problem on the board?!

Ai: Uh....-holds head, and thinks- Why am I having trouble? -vision starts to get shakey-

Narumi-Sensei: I'm..WAIT-ING!

Ai: ...-hesitates- Wah! -jumps out window, as everyone stares in shock, besides Tsuki-

-5 Minute Commercial Break-

Ai: -is laying on the grass, panting- Ugh...Ugh.... -starts growing a dog tail, tiny whiskers, and dog ears-

Ai: What the- Wan Wan! -screen switches to different places, one after another, with dog escaping the places-

-all the dogs gather around Ai-

Ai: Eh-Wan Wan?!

-a poodle (with very curly curls) walks up-

???: Hello-Everybody! -speaks in English- How are you, Fine, Thank you

Ai: Why are you talking like that cat dude from Azumanga Daioh? And...HOW ARE YOU TALKING-Wan Wan?!

???: You just understand me..that's all....

Ai: T_T Kill me-Wan Wan!

???: Just get to Mt. Fuji!

Ai: -stops "crying"- Mt. FUJA-Wan Wan?!

???: Not FuJA, FuJI....

Ai: So...Mt. Fuji, Permy?

Permy: You can name me that... ._.

Ai: What do I do-Wan Wan?!

Permy: -tosses her a golden ball- Just go there, now!

Ai: Hmph-Wan Wan! Fine! -runs off on all fours-

-Ending plays- thumb|300px|right|ED: Double Lariat (Length: 0:00 to 1:14)

-End of Episode 1-