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FA: ..School Dog, Episode 2....The Dog Power In Me...

-Opening plays-

-After Opening, it shows Ai in front of Mt. Fuji-

Ai: I'm supposed to climb THIS?!

-Screen: 3 Hours Later-

Ai: -is almost at a temple, which has a girl with a dark aura around her- Almost..there...

???: How dare you come here, weakless Japanese girl?! -is speaking English-

Ai: What she say? -almost gets hit by a darkness blast, but dodges-

???: -sighs, and speaks Japanese- I'm...Cindy! I am part of the English Ones!

Ai: Cindy? English Ones? Stupid names..

Cindy: How dare you say that!

Ai: Wan-Wan Power! -transforms into a dog-girl-

Cindy: You are an Animal-Girl! Useless! -blasts a huge dark blast at Ai, but a sword appears, and reflects it back at Cindy-

Ai: What the....?

-4 Minute Commercial Break-

Cindy: ..He-He..Hey!

???: -appears as a black knight, with red earrings, and walks over to pick up the sword, saying nothing-

Ai: -thinks- He looks familiar...

Cindy: You! What do you think you're doing! -blasts a dark blast at ???, but ??? reflects it back-

Cindy: Fine, Fine! I'll leave! -disappears-

???: ...Shouldn't you be at school...?

Ai: ...But...

???: Get to school...-walks away-

Ai: ...-starts "crying" again- But I need help getting down the monutain!!! -de-transforms-

-Screen: 5 Hours 5pm...-

Ai: -is at her house, covered in cuts, bruises, and claw marks- So....hurt....

Permy: -opens the door- Hey! Where have you been?!

Ai: It's called go up Mt. Fuji...and coming back down..

-Ending Starts-

-End of Episode 2-