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This is a list of fictitious technological terminology from the anime series Sengoku Busou: Kabuto.


A giant armored humanoid machine that is named after the samurai helmet and runs on fuel known as Kuro Hōseki. A Kabuto can only be activated by a weapon known as a Key. The Kabuto were created for war during the Heian era and since then, the history of war was changed. During the beginning of Sengoku era, the Kabuto were mass-produced to all samurai lords and eventually to all samurai warriors who serves under a lord. Once Nobunaga Oda had became a warlord, many samurai and warrior monks all over the country had acquired a Kabuto, mostly for protection. Now, there are very few non-ronin samurai who do not have their own Kabuto.


Keys are weapons that are heavily modified to have the ability to activate a certain Kabuto. A Kabuto cannot be activated without a Key, but Keys can be used as weapons without the Kabuto. Keys are mainly swords, there are very few that are not swords since most samurai use katana as their primary weapon. The primary weapon of the Kabuto depends on the weapon type of the Key.

Armor Stable[]

An Armor Stable is the holding station for Kabuto. Some Armor Stables are portable and can be carried by a Kabuto, though Armor Stable bases can launch Kabuto from launch pads instead of dropping them from a carrier. An Armor Stable can recharge and refuel a Kabuto.

Power Source[]

Kuro Hōseki[]

The power source of the Kabuto, meaning Black Jewel. It is named Kuro Hōseki due to its black shining glow and its solid but yet liquid-like substance. The Kuro Hōseki was discovered in the Asuka era but had never found a reason to be used until the beginning Heian era after a scholar named Ujimaru Jidanbō had discovered a hard crystal-like metal that he had named Jidaishi. The Kuro Hōseki has been used as fuel for the Kabuto ever since the first Kabuto had been created.


Jidaishi is named after Ujimaru Jidanbō, combining his family name and the word for "rock". The Jidaishi is the metal that was used to create the Kabuto with the original design being a human-sized beetle, but was changed into being a samurai when the Genpei War had began. After many failures with a normal sized samurai machine, Ujimaru had changed the plan to be a giant pilotable robot, and the first pilot was Yoshitsune Minamoto, and once he had used the Kabuto in war, he had claimed victory over Kiyomori Taira and created the Kamakura shogunate. Jidaishi is a type of black metal that is as hard as diamonds but is created and formed like crystals and can also be easily reformed with the right temperature of heat, making it the perfect material for the Kabuto's armor.

List of Kabuto[]

  • Name: Yatagarasu
Pilot: Magoichi Saika
Key: Sniper Rifle
Type: Rifleman
  • Name: Hyakki Yakō
Pilot: Nobunaga Oda
Key: Double-edged Sword
Type: Swordsman/Rifleman
  • Name: Goku
Pilot: Hideyoshi Toyotomi
Key: Spear
Type: Spearman
  • Name: Kōun
Pilot: Mitsunari Ishida
Key: Bow & Arrow
Type: Archer
  • Name: Tenryū
Pilot: Masamune Date
Key: Katana
Type: Swordsman
  • Name: Fūrinkazan
Pilot: Shingen Takeda
Key: War Fan
Type: Swordsman
  • Name: Bishamonten
Pilot: Kenshin Uesugi
Key: Katana
Type: Swordsman
  • Name: Akai Akuma
Pilot: Naomasa Ii
Key: Naginata
Type: Spearmen
  • Name: Tonbogiri
Pilot: Tadakatsu Honda
Key: Spear
Type: Spearman
  • Name: Nihongo
Pilot: Masanori Fukushima
Key: Spear
Type: Spearman
  • Name: Kagemusha
Pilot: Hanzō Hattori
Key: Ninjatō
Type: Ninja
  • Name: Taiyō
Pilot: Ieyasu Tokugawa
Key: Katana & Rifle
Type: Rifleman
  • Name: Crux
Pilot: Sōrin Ōtomo
Key: Cross
Type: Rifleman/Swordsman
  • Name: Onigashima
Pilot: Motochika Chōsokabe
Key: Anchor
Type: Spearman
  • Name: Yajirushi
Pilot: Motonari Mōri
Key: Bow & Arrow
Type: Archer
  • Name: Shinku Akuma
Pilot: Yuki Sanada
Key: Spear
Type: Spearman